Safety & Prevention Word Search

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Warehouse Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Warehouse Safety

Safety & Prevention

first aid, sprinklers, trash, pallets, tape, code, harness, fork lift, horn, whistle, alarm, back safe, lifting, eye wash, speed, bending

Forklift Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Forklift Safety

Safety & Prevention

forklifts, warehouse, rapid, operator, training, forks, alert, pedestrian, truck, caution, safety, overload, horn, accidents, authorized, licensed

Fire Service Word Scramble Puzzle

Fire Service

Safety & Prevention

hose pipe, fire truck, hot, flaming, deliberate, grass, blazing, burning, smoke, mountain fires, spreading, fire, gazing fire, rescue, flames

Firefighters Word Scramble Puzzle


Safety & Prevention

Firefighters have very tough job as they put their lives to risk when protecting the people and their property. They are usually  exposed to chemicals, hazardous materials like asbestos, smoke, carbon monoxide and big fire flames.

Kitchen Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Safety

Safety & Prevention

first aid, clothing, poisoning, cuts, accidents, stepladders, choking, hair, fires, knives, falls, prevention, safety, electrical, burns

Safe Gaurding Word Scramble Puzzle

Safe Gaurding

Safety & Prevention

health, protection, vulnerable, physical, domestic, cut, emotional, mash, child, well being, support, abuse, disclose, harm, agencies, listen

Fire and Rescue Word Scramble Puzzle

Fire and Rescue

Safety & Prevention

Firefighters do their best in rescuing and protecting the life and property in the event of fire, road collision or other emergencies happening in their area.