Outdoors Word Search

A collection of outdoors word search puzzles. Choose from the list to play online or add your own words to customize and download.

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Summer Fun Word Scramble Puzzle

Summer Fun


hiking, surfing, water park, baseball, canoeing, camping, golf, grilling, parks, fireworks, gardening, swimming, walking, vacations, boating, beach

Road Trip Word Scramble Puzzle

Road Trip


Word search based on the terms related to travel, vacation or a road trip.

Adventure Word Scramble Puzzle



excursion, occurrence, gamble, event, thrill, journey, quest, voyage, incident, traveling, departure, caper, crusade, venture, chance, passage, …

Hot Air Balloon Word Scramble Puzzle

Hot Air Balloon


adventure, spectators, colors, burner, fun, clouds, landing, sky, quiet, inflate, flying, festival, balloon, descend, basket, passenger

Roller Coasters Word Scramble Puzzle

Roller Coasters


montu , maverick , balder , jupiter , cyclone , bizarro , troy , griffon , diamond back , titan , hades , viper , comet , twister , sheikra , katun

Summer BBQ Word Scramble Puzzle

Summer BBQ


mustard, lemonade, burgers, celebration, hotdogs, barbecue, ketchup, dessert, watermelon, brownies, ice tea, friends, napkins, swimming, pickles, …

Swimming Pools Word Scramble Puzzle

Swimming Pools


water, safety, lifeguard, rules, splash, shallow, towel, float, summer, dive, sunscreen, deep, sunny, swim, wet, jump

A Trip to the Zoo - 3 Word Scramble Puzzle

A Trip to the Zoo - 3


toucan, giraffe, seal, snake, stingray, sloth, swan, se lion, zebra, tortoise, rhino, wolf, shark, tiger, warthog, reindeer

Carnival Word Scramble Puzzle



balloons, admission, carnival, ticket, booth, bumper cars, cotton candy, soda, roller coaster, ferris wheel, fun, security, funnel cake, popcorn, corn …

Picnic Word Scramble Puzzle



baskets, pond, blankets, park, bees, family, desserts, table, napkins, spoons, forks, ants, friends, lemonade, food, grass

On Your Day Out Word Scramble Puzzle

On Your Day Out


farm, art gallery, spa, maze, swimming, festival, beach, museum, ice rink, castle, cinema, zoo, playground, golf, shopping, theme park

Barbeque Word Scramble Puzzle



hot dogs, ribs, relish, grill, charcoal, ketchup, lighter, fish, chips, fire, steak, summer, sauce, chicken, mustard, smoke

A Camping Trip Word Scramble Puzzle

A Camping Trip


firewood, boots, propane, gas stove, bowls, raincoat, blanket, cooler, grill, batteries, food, map, charcoal, flashlight, first aid kit, chairs

Roadways Word Scramble Puzzle



intersection, turnpike, walkway, drive, lane, bridge, grid, street, circle, freeway, route, exit ramp, dirt, access, entrance, road

Scuba Diving Word Scramble Puzzle

Scuba Diving


compressor, water, bubbles, ocean, oxygen, drysuit, weights, coral reef, tank, cylinder, hose, compass, vision, air pressure, mask, booties

Outdoor Fun Word Scramble Puzzle

Outdoor Fun


football, frisbee, canoe, skating, walk, sky dive, sledding, scuba dive, camping, kites, hiking, baseball, kayak, skiing, soccer, net ball

Party Time Word Scramble Puzzle

Party Time


dinner, food, camera, dancing, girls, guests, casual, adults, appetizers, pictures, cookies, balloons, baby, music, boys, cake

Amusement Sites Word Scramble Puzzle

Amusement Sites


arena, beach, aquarium, slides, casino, polo field, club, gym, ranges, tours, arcade, ice rink, bike path, cinema, zoo, parlor

Driving Word Scramble Puzzle



speed, blind spot, clutch, brake, gear, dashboard, road, pass, stop, learner, reverse, hazards, parking, signal, license, mirror

Sunshine Word Scramble Puzzle



swim, sun cream, sand castle, trunks, sunburn, bikini, lemonade, beach, sea, picnic, aeroplane, hat, salads, hot nights, flip flops, laughing

Pool Party Word Scramble Puzzle

Pool Party


friends, wet, food, swim suit, splash, fun, slide, floats, drinks, deep, goggles, dive, music, water, towels, noodles

Amusement Places Word Scramble Puzzle

Amusement Places


cinema, club, ski area, beach, gym, museum, arcade, casino, run, garden, parlor, aquarium, slides, zoo, ice rink, arena

Theme Park Word Scramble Puzzle

Theme Park


Solve the word search puzzle by finding the terms related to theme park and their characters.

At the Beach Word Scramble Puzzle

At the Beach


bucket, sun glasses, speed boat, book, surf board, pebble, ice cream, sand, picnic, bikini, volleyball, lifeguard, trunks, towel, shell, spade