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Forms of Energy Word Scramble Puzzle

Forms of Energy

Energy & Utilities

chemical, mechanical, radiant, nuclear, light, energy, sound, wave, kinetic, electric, thermal, potential

Fossil Word Scramble Puzzle


Energy & Utilities

remains, millions, billions, years, bones, animals, rock, preserved, plants, dinosaurs, amber, fossil, imprint, mold, cast, sedimentary

Energy Word Scramble Puzzle


Energy & Utilities

rotational, work, heat, scalar, solar, energy, momentum, chemical, kinetic, frequency, velocity, motion, currents, potential, mechanical, elastic

Energy Resources Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy Resources

Energy & Utilities

environment, coal, solar, oil, renewable, hydro, biomass, natural, electricity, nuclear, greenhouse, fossil fuel, thermal, gas, biofuel, wind mills

Crude Oil Word Scramble Puzzle

Crude Oil

Energy & Utilities

crude oil, plastic, refinery, coal tar, thick liquid, paraffin, organic, hydrocarbon, petroleum, alkenes, alkanes, dark color, candles, alkynes, …

Alternative Energy Word Scramble Puzzle

Alternative Energy

Energy & Utilities

Fins all the hidden words from this word search puzzle based on alternative energy resources.

Energy and Waves Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy and Waves

Energy & Utilities

joule, vibration, speed, chemical, work, resonance, reflection, wavelength, crest, power, energy, medium, frequency, diffraction, amplitude, thermal, …

Fuels Word Scramble Puzzle


Energy & Utilities

kerosene, charcoal, whale oil, coalite, biofuel, propane, firewood, hydrogen, white gas, biogas, butane, coke, methane, lpg, oxygenates, peat

Energy Sources Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy Sources

Energy & Utilities

oil, geothermal, ocean, solar, wave, fusion, power, natural gas, tidal, biomass, coal, wind, fuel cell, nuclear, conservation, hydroelectric