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Martin Luther King Jr. Word Scramble Puzzle

Martin Luther King Jr.


activist, dream, american, civil rights, courage, liberty, justice, equality, hero, freedom, speech, nobel, january, alabama, minister

Texas History Word Scramble Puzzle

Texas History


drought, artifact, climate, republic, citizen, landform, aquifer, location, plateau, century, province, relative, council, judicial, navigate, …

First Nations Word Scramble Puzzle

First Nations


first nations, creator, culture, european, buffalo, aboriginal, agreement, treaty, crown, indian act, contract, inuit, worldview, covenant, canada, …

Julius Caesar Word Scramble Puzzle

Julius Caesar


cassius, calpurnia, cicero, cinna, portia, soothsayer, trebonius, casca, antony, octavius, plebeians, rome, pompey, brutus, caesar, philippi

Roaring 20s Word Scramble Puzzle

Roaring 20s


earhart, scandal, roaring, immigration, communism, unions, coolidge, prosperity, lindbergh, model t, red scare, babe ruth, harding, flapper, stocks, …

Bonfire Night Word Scramble Puzzle

Bonfire Night


bonfire, smoke, cold, penny, november, fireworks, sparklers, toffee apple, safety, candy floss, display, remember, soup

Frederick Douglass Word Scramble Puzzle

Frederick Douglass


activist, advisor, civil war, narrative, equal rights, freedom, north star, slavery, ambassador, plantation, frederick, douglass, escape, ireland, …

Thomas Becket Word Scramble Puzzle

Thomas Becket


becket, church, saint, thomas, henry, archbishop, king, roman, london, patron, friendship, knight

Black History Month Word Scramble Puzzle

Black History Month


leaders, black, month, slavery, voting, african, rights, american, martin, king, boycott, civil, world, courage, racism

Inventors Word Scramble Puzzle



fleming, gutenberg, thomson, wynne, hill, wallis, shrapnel, bacon, bell, newton, franklin, weston, tesla, flowers, edison, faraday

Womens History Month Word Scramble Puzzle

Women's History Month


maya angelou, ruby bridges, frida kahlo, hedy lamarr, anne frank, megan good, rosa parks, cleopatra, sacagawea, beyonce, rihanna , michelle obama, …

Native American Tribes Word Scramble Puzzle

Native American Tribes


weaving, basket, lakota, navajo, inuit, osage, comanche, apache, antelope, canoe, pottery, bison

Slave Trade Word Scramble Puzzle

Slave Trade


whips, jamestown, weapons, triangular, tobacco, colonies, africa, ships, england, money, negros, sugar, labor, slave, guns, trade

Jamaican Culture Word Scramble Puzzle

Jamaican Culture


pottery, christianity, ackee, english, britain, rastafarian, jerk, patois, caribbean, dreadlocks, fashion, banana, island, reggae, jamaica, kingston, …

Roman Emperors Word Scramble Puzzle

Roman Emperors


vitellius, claudius, nerva, augustus, galba, pertinax, trajan, caracalla, hadrian, tutus, balbinus, nero, caligula, domitian, otho, geta

African American Inventors Word Scramble Puzzle

African American Inventors


alcon, miles, woods, gerals, mary, zang, mccoy, bethune, lewis, henry, boykin, patricia, hannah, julian, james, alexander

Ancient Civilizations Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient Civilizations


incas, mongols, mayans, babylon, china, roman empire, assyria, egypt, japan, persia, akkadia, india, huns, arab empire, indus valley, franks

Byzantine Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

Byzantine Empire


ordeal, czar, clovis, charlemagne, orthodox, abbess, carolingian, pyrenees, monk, bishopric, nun, missionary, manor, monasticism, pope, pepin

World War II Aircraft Word Scramble Puzzle

World War II Aircraft


List of famous fighter planes and aircraft used in World War II (1940's era) by countries which were at war during that period.

Tarot Cards Word Scramble Puzzle

Tarot Cards


chariot, tower, star, moon, hermit, lovers, fool, emperor, judgement, devil, empress, death, sun, strength, magician, justice

World War II Word Scramble Puzzle

World War II


evacuee, blackout, spitfire, gas mask, soldier, germany, blitz, siren, poland, axis powers, dooms day, rationing, nazi, typhoon, hitler, gestapo

Witchcraft 17th Century Word Scramble Puzzle

Witchcraft 17th Century


james i, hopkins, superstition, paranoia, familiar, ducking stool, spell, witch finder, demonology, devil, examination, guy fawkes

September 11, 2001 Word Scramble Puzzle

September 11, 2001


attention, bravery, pilots, september, collapse, president, debris, american, security, twin tower, pentagon, policemen, smoke, courage, strength, new …

13 Colonies Word Scramble Puzzle

13 Colonies


new jersey, massachusetts, pennsylvania, connecticut, south carolina, delaware, maryland, north carolina, georgia, new hampshire, rhode island, new …