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Jamaican Culture Word Scramble Puzzle

Jamaican Culture


pottery, christianity, ackee, english, britain, rastafarian, jerk, patois, caribbean, dreadlocks, fashion, banana, island, reggae, jamaica, kingston, …

Orange Shirt Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Orange Shirt Day


communities, indigenous, reconciliation, canada, understanding, awareness, matters, schools, first nations, september, bullying, child, residential, …

Abraham Lincoln Word Scramble Puzzle

Abraham Lincoln


whig, honest abe, five dollar, peace, patriot, douglas, memorial, illinois, lawyer, debates, speech, union, slaves, log cabin, civil war, booth

Age of Exploration Word Scramble Puzzle

Age of Exploration


cartography, exploration, spices, compass, astrolabe, gold, weather, asia, slave, europe, columbus, map, trade routes, scurvy, spain, renaissance

Inventors Word Scramble Puzzle



fleming, gutenberg, thomson, wynne, hill, wallis, shrapnel, bacon, bell, newton, franklin, weston, tesla, flowers, edison, faraday

Ancient Egypt Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient Egypt


giza, cleopatra, egypt, temple, kingdom, god, fertile, burial, pyramid, gold, symbol, desert, mummy, dynasty, edict, tomb

Stone Age Word Scramble Puzzle

Stone Age


stone, cavemen, wheel, creation, stew, dinosaurs, extinct, cooking, club, hunt, cave, carvings, birds, ancient, barefoot, spears

The Great Depression Word Scramble Puzzle

The Great Depression


banks, war, poor, economy, credit, stocks, hoover, roosevelt, drought, government, foreclosure, depression, money, income, poverty, crash

13 Colonies Word Scramble Puzzle

13 Colonies


new jersey, massachusetts, pennsylvania, connecticut, south carolina, delaware, maryland, north carolina, georgia, new hampshire, rhode island, new …

Industrial Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

Industrial Revolution


cloths, shield, weaving, printing, machines, atomic, observation, power, transport, water, bridge, factory, spindle, education, energy, designs

The British Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

The British Empire


pirates, india, anglicans, crown, english, trains, commerce, cook, mining, australia, canada, britain, empire, waterloo, colonies, henry viii

The PreHistory Word Scramble Puzzle

The PreHistory


fire, ancient, dolmen, arrow, iron, stone, rituals, farmer, copper, nomadic, homo, ceramics, evolution, glaciers, java man, wheel

Ancient Civilizations Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient Civilizations


incas, mongols, mayans, babylon, china, roman empire, assyria, egypt, japan, persia, akkadia, india, huns, arab empire, indus valley, franks

The Middle Age Word Scramble Puzzle

The Middle Age


clergy, columbus, slaves, church, romance, darkness, windsor, lord, feudal, medieval, craftsmen, heretic, pagan, gothic, knight, servant

Julius Caesar Word Scramble Puzzle

Julius Caesar


cassius, calpurnia, cicero, cinna, portia, soothsayer, trebonius, casca, antony, octavius, plebeians, rome, pompey, brutus, caesar, philippi

Dinosaurs Word Scramble Puzzle



Dinosaurs are a diverse group of reptiles, that ruled the earth millions of years ago in Jurassic and Triassic period. Find the word related to the classification of dinosaurs and their behavior.

Frederick Douglass Word Scramble Puzzle

Frederick Douglass


activist, advisor, civil war, narrative, equal rights, freedom, north star, slavery, ambassador, plantation, frederick, douglass, escape, ireland, …

American Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

American Revolution


colony, patriot, loyalist, congress, british, england, yorktown, america, boycott, sugar act, tea act, lexington, franklin, concord, liberty, taxation

Henry VIII Word Scramble Puzzle

Henry VIII


tower of london, beheaded, monarch, windsor castle, royal navy, reformation, protestantism, elizabeth, edward, king, henry, england, tudor, church

The Inquisition Word Scramble Puzzle

The Inquisition


mercy, council, catholics, trial, church, witch, moorish, europe, court, bonfire, spain, torture, stigma, heretic, abolished, america

The Romans Word Scramble Puzzle

The Romans


The Roman Empire, founded in 27 B.C was the post-Republican period of ancient Rome. This word search puzzle contains the words related to the Roman culture and heritage.

First Nations Word Scramble Puzzle

First Nations


first nations, creator, culture, european, buffalo, aboriginal, agreement, treaty, crown, indian act, contract, inuit, worldview, covenant, canada, …

World War I Word Scramble Puzzle

World War I


Word search puzzle related to Word War One (WWI) terms and events.

Byzantine Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

Byzantine Empire


ordeal, czar, clovis, charlemagne, orthodox, abbess, carolingian, pyrenees, monk, bishopric, nun, missionary, manor, monasticism, pope, pepin