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World War I Word Scramble Puzzle

World War I


Word search puzzle related to Word War One (WWI) terms and events.

Industrial Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

Industrial Revolution


cloths, shield, weaving, printing, machines, atomic, observation, power, transport, water, bridge, factory, spindle, education, energy, designs

The Middle Age Word Scramble Puzzle

The Middle Age


clergy, columbus, slaves, church, romance, darkness, windsor, lord, feudal, medieval, craftsmen, heretic, pagan, gothic, knight, servant

Bonfire Night Word Scramble Puzzle

Bonfire Night


bonfire, smoke, cold, penny, november, fireworks, sparklers, toffee apple, safety, candy floss, display, remember, soup

Ancient Egypt Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient Egypt


giza, cleopatra, egypt, temple, kingdom, god, fertile, burial, pyramid, gold, symbol, desert, mummy, dynasty, edict, tomb

World War II Word Scramble Puzzle

World War II


evacuee, blackout, spitfire, gas mask, soldier, germany, blitz, siren, poland, axis powers, dooms day, rationing, nazi, typhoon, hitler, gestapo

Guy Fawkes Word Scramble Puzzle

Guy Fawkes


parliament, plot, catholic, soldier, protestant, november, burn, truth, treason, king james, fawkes, adam hall

Luther King Jr. Word Scramble Puzzle

Luther King Jr.


leader, unity, respect, liberty, peace, honor, atlanta, alabama, civil right, nobel, buses, justice, speech, boycott, dream, baptist

Egyptian Gods Word Scramble Puzzle

Egyptian Gods


khonsu, geb, anubis, seth, thoth, ptah, heket, babi, nephthys, hapi, khepri, ammit, wadjet, menhit, osiris, sobek

Evidence of Evolution Word Scramble Puzzle

Evidence of Evolution


matter, order, fossil record, accuracy, genus, kingdom, classify, family, phylum, extinction, evolution, class, fossil, fitness, budding, adaption

Florence Nightingale Word Scramble Puzzle

Florence Nightingale


philosopher, august, british, social reformer, turkey, nurse, hospital, crimean war, soldiers, order of merit, italy, lamp, founder, london, lady, …

Causes of the American Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

Causes of the American Revolution


paul revere, proclamation, taxes, stamp act, boston massacre, lexington, colonists, parliament, king george, great britain, sugar act, tyranny, tea …

Hitler and the Nazis Word Scramble Puzzle

Hitler and the Nazi's


berlin, dictatorship, president, hitler, munich, jews, business, nazis, unions, chancellor, electronics, depression, propaganda, communists, treaty, …

The British Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

The British Empire


pirates, india, anglicans, crown, english, trains, commerce, cook, mining, australia, canada, britain, empire, waterloo, colonies, henry viii

The Cold War Word Scramble Puzzle

The Cold War


The Cold War was a period of political and economic tension between the Soviet Union (USSR) and the United States (USA) and their respective allies. Word search related to the cold war terms and the countries involved.

The PreHistory Word Scramble Puzzle

The PreHistory


fire, ancient, dolmen, arrow, iron, stone, rituals, farmer, copper, nomadic, homo, ceramics, evolution, glaciers, java man, wheel

The Great Depression Word Scramble Puzzle

The Great Depression


banks, war, poor, economy, credit, stocks, hoover, roosevelt, drought, government, foreclosure, depression, money, income, poverty, crash

The American Civil War Word Scramble Puzzle

The American Civil War


lincoln, davis, north, grant, south, missouri, france, alabama, cotton, potomac, colt, submarines, slaves, unionists, federals, anaconda

Ancient Civilizations Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient Civilizations


incas, mongols, mayans, babylon, china, roman empire, assyria, egypt, japan, persia, akkadia, india, huns, arab empire, indus valley, franks

Womens History Month Word Scramble Puzzle

Women's History Month


maya angelou, ruby bridges, frida kahlo, hedy lamarr, anne frank, megan good, rosa parks, cleopatra, sacagawea, beyonce, rihanna , michelle obama, …

Henry VIII Word Scramble Puzzle

Henry VIII


tower of london, beheaded, monarch, windsor castle, royal navy, reformation, protestantism, elizabeth, edward, king, henry, england, tudor, church

First Nations Word Scramble Puzzle

First Nations


first nations, creator, culture, european, buffalo, aboriginal, agreement, treaty, crown, indian act, contract, inuit, worldview, covenant, canada, …

American Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

American Revolution


colony, patriot, loyalist, congress, british, england, yorktown, america, boycott, sugar act, tea act, lexington, franklin, concord, liberty, taxation

Rise to power Word Scramble Puzzle

Rise to power


hitler, nazis, electronics, propaganda, jews, depression, inflation, unemployment, communists, chancellor, munich, berlin, unions, army, austria, …