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Carpentry Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

emboss, eaves, camber, keeper, wood, jambs, lantern, dry rot, saw, mallet, scribe, window, halving, air dried, fascia, gable

Portable Fire Extinguishers Word Scramble Puzzle

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Tools & Equipment

fully charged, grease, evacuation, fuel, combustibles, ratings, metals, electrical, heat, rescue, fire triangle, portable, oxidation, liquids, blocked …

Tractors Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

combine, cultivate, tool, powerful, pumps, plow, wires, blower, industrial, diesel, planter, traction, pulley, farm, hydraulic, lift

Appliances Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

hair dryer, mixer, freezer, can opener, dishwasher, kettle, vacuum, iron, dryer, toaster, shaver, humidifier, microwave, washer, broiler, blender

Paper Products Word Scramble Puzzle

Paper Products

Tools & Equipment

egg box, napkin, confetti, receipt, flyer, poster, carton, diary, magazine, menu, airplane, money, gift tag, map, newspaper, wrapper, book, bill, bag, …

Refrigerator Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

leftovers, ice cream, peas, cold, apples, light bulb, lemons, poultry, milk, cake, drinks, carrots, cheese, magnets, shelves, eggs

Engine Parts Word Scramble Puzzle

Engine Parts

Tools & Equipment

radiator, injector, fuel, sensor, engine, piston, filter, valve, carburetor, flywheel, exhaust, cylinder, crank, oil pump, shaft, head

Masonry Tools Word Scramble Puzzle

Masonry Tools

Tools & Equipment

brick tongs, mortar hoe, jointer, pails, trigg, brushe, slicker, mortar boards, mason line, mixer, raker, line block, hammer, shovel, trowel, chisel

Accessories Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

joiner, drove, sledge, gimlet, mallet, claw, bit, router, hammer, flatter, anvil, sickle, boater, tack, chisel, drift

Locksmithing Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Locksmithing Terms

Tools & Equipment

chamber, keys, latch, master key, leaver, action, grooves, blade, mechanism, spacer, barrel key, deadlock, follower, release, face plate, cylinder

Carpentry Tools Word Scramble Puzzle

Carpentry Tools

Tools & Equipment

hand saw, level, bevel, utility knife, caliper, screwdriver, sliding, feather, square, chisel, nails, claw hammer, board, tape measure, clamp, layout

Blacksmith Shop Word Scramble Puzzle

Blacksmith Shop

Tools & Equipment

fire, carbon, bundle, workshop, attach, anvil, grinder, alloys, sparks, welding, metallurgy, forge, hammer, molten, repair, article

Classroom Object Word Scramble Puzzle

Classroom Object

Tools & Equipment

sharpener, ruler, pen, eraser, desk, text book, duster, notebook, smart board, scissors, chair, bag, pencil case, pencil, glue

Woodworking Tools Word Scramble Puzzle

Woodworking Tools

Tools & Equipment

caliper, bevel, board, planer, drill, grinder, circular saw, screwdriver, sander, table saw, router, chisel, band saw, level, claw hammer, workbench

Weights and Measurements Word Scramble Puzzle

Weights and Measurements

Tools & Equipment

quart , barrel , gram , degree , ounce , micron , ream , pound , minute , acre , inch , cubit , foot , mole , knot , gallon

Tools Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

jointer, drill, wrench, caliper, plier, sander, knife, grinder, hammer, clamp, vise, band saw, file, chisel, lathe, plane

Measures and Weights Word Scramble Puzzle

Measures and Weights

Tools & Equipment

inch, fathom, hectare, ounce, kilogram, yard, furlong, peck, acre, bushel, quart, centimeter, pint, gallon, meter, foot

Wood Working Word Scramble Puzzle

Wood Working

Tools & Equipment

file card, band saw, drill press, clamp, palm sander, hack saw, bevel, pliers, brace, level, planer, try square, lathe, scissors, wrench, screw …

Metal Tools Word Scramble Puzzle

Metal Tools

Tools & Equipment

scrubber, bench vise, ball pin, mallet, dividers, drill, rivet gun, hacksaw, file, vise grip, buffer, steel rule, hole punch, magna bend, tin snips, …

Handicrafts Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

calligraphy, collage, crochet, decoupage, embroidery, knitting, mosaics, origami, pottery, quilting, scrapbooking, sculpture, sewing, tapestry, …

Hardware Store Word Scramble Puzzle

Hardware Store

Tools & Equipment

drill bits, hammer, nails, spade, buckets, saw, file, bolts, paint, screws, flathead, jig saw, hooks, knives, tool box, glue

Agriculture Mechanics Word Scramble Puzzle

Agriculture Mechanics

Tools & Equipment

mechanic, caliper, hydraulic, scale, gauge, drill, induction, bevel, voltmeter, wedge, hinge, siphon, saw, aerosol, asphalt, welder

Small Engines Word Scramble Puzzle

Small Engines

Tools & Equipment

breaker bar, crankshaft, welding, rotary motion, lubrication, pliers, cylinder, power stroke, air jack, carburetor, pneumatic, friction, vise grip, …

Simple Machines Word Scramble Puzzle

Simple Machines

Tools & Equipment

wheel and axel, lever, pulley, screw driver, lawn mower, base ball bat, wedge, flexible pulley, tweezers, steering wheel, compound machine, movable …