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Carpentry Tools Word Scramble Puzzle

Carpentry Tools

Tools & Equipment

hand saw, level, bevel, utility knife, caliper, screwdriver, sliding, feather, square, chisel, nails, claw hammer, board, tape measure, clamp, layout

Accessories Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

joiner, drove, sledge, gimlet, mallet, claw, bit, router, hammer, flatter, anvil, sickle, boater, tack, chisel, drift

Tools Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

jointer, drill, wrench, caliper, plier, sander, knife, grinder, hammer, clamp, vise, band saw, file, chisel, lathe, plane

Carpentry Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

emboss, eaves, camber, keeper, wood, jambs, lantern, dry rot, saw, mallet, scribe, window, halving, air dried, fascia, gable

Woodworking Tools Word Scramble Puzzle

Woodworking Tools

Tools & Equipment

caliper, bevel, board, planer, drill, grinder, circular saw, screwdriver, sander, table saw, router, chisel, band saw, level, claw hammer, workbench

Agriculture Mechanics Word Scramble Puzzle

Agriculture Mechanics

Tools & Equipment

mechanic, caliper, hydraulic, scale, gauge, drill, induction, bevel, voltmeter, wedge, hinge, siphon, saw, aerosol, asphalt, welder

Handicrafts Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

calligraphy, collage, crochet, decoupage, embroidery, knitting, mosaics, origami, pottery, quilting, scrapbooking, sculpture, sewing, tapestry, …

Metal Tools Word Scramble Puzzle

Metal Tools

Tools & Equipment

scrubber, bench vise, ball pin, mallet, dividers, drill, rivet gun, hacksaw, file, vise grip, buffer, steel rule, hole punch, magna bend, tin snips, …

Plastic Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Plastic Things

Tools & Equipment

boxes, button, lid, pen, keyboard, cup, jar, switch, cd case, pipe, straw, bottle, toys, cases, bucket, hose

Refrigerator Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

leftovers, ice cream, peas, cold, apples, light bulb, lemons, poultry, milk, cake, drinks, carrots, cheese, magnets, shelves, eggs

Appliances Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

hair dryer, mixer, freezer, can opener, dishwasher, kettle, vacuum, iron, dryer, toaster, shaver, humidifier, microwave, washer, broiler, blender

Tractors Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

combine, cultivate, tool, powerful, pumps, plow, wires, blower, industrial, diesel, planter, traction, pulley, farm, hydraulic, lift

Made of Metal Word Scramble Puzzle

Made of Metal

Tools & Equipment

car, airplane, zip, bicycle, nails, foil, coin, jewelry, bridge, hammer, knife, ship, spoon, wires, magnet, fork

Weights and Measurements Word Scramble Puzzle

Weights and Measurements

Tools & Equipment

quart , barrel , gram , degree , ounce , micron , ream , pound , minute , acre , inch , cubit , foot , mole , knot , gallon

Simple Machines Word Scramble Puzzle

Simple Machines

Tools & Equipment

wheel and axel, lever, pulley, screw driver, lawn mower, base ball bat, wedge, flexible pulley, tweezers, steering wheel, compound machine, movable …

Spray Can Word Scramble Puzzle

Spray Can

Tools & Equipment

oils, ozone, package, mist, cloud, shake, paint, nozzle, cold, aerosol, chemical, caps, gases, spray, foam, solution

Types of Knife Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Knife

Tools & Equipment

coring, kirpan, combat, bread, ballistic, carving, bayonet, chefs, fighting, pocket, hunting, cleaver, table, electric, kitchen, boning

Locksmithing Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Locksmithing Terms

Tools & Equipment

chamber, keys, latch, master key, leaver, action, grooves, blade, mechanism, spacer, barrel key, deadlock, follower, release, face plate, cylinder

Masonry Tools Word Scramble Puzzle

Masonry Tools

Tools & Equipment

brick tongs, mortar hoe, jointer, pails, trigg, brushe, slicker, mortar boards, mason line, mixer, raker, line block, hammer, shovel, trowel, chisel

Blacksmith Shop Word Scramble Puzzle

Blacksmith Shop

Tools & Equipment

fire, carbon, bundle, workshop, attach, anvil, grinder, alloys, sparks, welding, metallurgy, forge, hammer, molten, repair, article

Making Belts Word Scramble Puzzle

Making Belts

Tools & Equipment

buckle, canvas, fashion, felt, bars, handmade, trimming, finish, design, embroidery, material, ribbon, leather, craft, cord, holes

Measures and Weights Word Scramble Puzzle

Measures and Weights

Tools & Equipment

inch, fathom, hectare, ounce, kilogram, yard, furlong, peck, acre, bushel, quart, centimeter, pint, gallon, meter, foot

Wood Working Word Scramble Puzzle

Wood Working

Tools & Equipment

file card, band saw, drill press, clamp, palm sander, hack saw, bevel, pliers, brace, level, planer, try square, lathe, scissors, wrench, screw …

Knots Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

fiador, davy, granny, diamond, thief, nail, jamming, savoy, arbor, reef, millers, slip, hoxton, bowline, thumb, pratt