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Bodies of Water Word Scramble Puzzle

Bodies of Water


gulf , delta , marsh , lake , river , bay , lagoon , ocean , swamp , pond , creek , waterfall , sea , channel , brook , cove

Cities in Alberta Word Scramble Puzzle

Cities in Alberta


medicine hat, chestermere, red deer, spruce grove, camrose, cold lake, edmonton, st albert, leduce, calgary, brooks, lacombe, airdrie, lethbridge

Landscapes Word Scramble Puzzle



landscape, forest, desert, erosion, beach, dormant, marina, fields, road, landforms, drought, mountain, valley, flat, evaders, slope

Plate Tectonics Word Scramble Puzzle

Plate Tectonics


megma, transform, convergent, boundary, plate, subduction, tectonics, rift valley, continental, ridge, drift, divergent, fossil, seafloor, fault, …

Natural Disasters Word Scramble Puzzle

Natural Disasters


Word search related to the types of natural disasters and other major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth.

Rivers Word Scramble Puzzle



laramie, thames, missouri, hudson, tombigbee, tennessee, nile, potomac, minnesota, wabash, amazon, colorado, delaware, wisconsin, rio bravo, smoky …

Earthquakes and Volcanoes Word Scramble Puzzle

Earthquakes and Volcanoes


crust, plates, magma, nazca, magnitude, lava, tectonic, constructive, boundaries, mantle, eurasian, ash, erupt, fault, earth, conservative, …

Rocks and Minerals Word Scramble Puzzle

Rocks and Minerals


earth, limestone, quartz, rock, igneous, stalactite, geologist, volcano, stalagmite, mineral, mantle, metamorphic, core, crust, sedimentary, calcite

Layers of the Atmosphere Word Scramble Puzzle

Layers of the Atmosphere


ozone layer, ionosphere, exosphere, oxygen, temperature, troposphere, altitude , mesosphere, thermosphere, stratosphere, observations, nitrogen

The Dynamic Earth Word Scramble Puzzle

The Dynamic Earth


stratosphere, crust, earth, mantle, erosion, conduction, atmosphere, geosphere, tectonic plate, lithosphere, troposphere, radiation, convection, core, …

Save the Planet Word Scramble Puzzle

Save the Planet


drought, climate, smoke, recycle, global warming, flood, storm, preserve, pollution, save the planet, nature, hurricane, greenhouse, environment, …

Tides Word Scramble Puzzle



earth, equator, falling, forces, gravity, height, hurricane, moon, ocean, rising, rotation, sea levels, sun, tides, water, waves

Rocks K-S Word Scramble Puzzle

Rocks K-S


norite, shale, marble, rhyolite, siltstone, marl, latite, obsidian, picrite, limestone, mylonite, quartzite, mudstone, slate, ophiolite, pumice

Earth Structure Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth Structure


core, lithosphere, tectonic plate, continental, mantle, atmosphere, crust, earthquake, geology, hydrosphere, volcano, earth

Indian States Word Scramble Puzzle

Indian States


Word search based on the state names in India.

Pacific Islands Word Scramble Puzzle

Pacific Islands


maui, cook, easter, bora bora, rotuma, futuna, baker, maiji, anatom, midway, nassau, samoa, tahiti, tupai, rota, guam

Chauvet Cave Word Scramble Puzzle

Chauvet Cave


charcoal, ancient, footprints, bones, paw prints, art, bison, etchings, fossils, bears, france, outlines, hyenas, extinct, rhinos, lions

Canadian Islands Word Scramble Puzzle

Canadian Islands


dover, adams, hecla, castle, devils, oak, george, spider, spirit, bell, fleming, wolfe, fogo, moore, beaver, sandy

Rocks, Erosion and Soil Word Scramble Puzzle

Rocks, Erosion and Soil


sediment, erosion, earth, shape, landslide, runoff, weathering, glacier, sand dune, plateau, rocks, gravity, mass, delta, mountains, soil

The World Around Us Word Scramble Puzzle

The World Around Us


lakes, smog, forest, planet, oasis, acid rain, oceans, woodland, maps, ecology, tundra, ozone, mountains, recycle, latitude, frost, sky, green, …

Worlds Tallest Mountains Word Scramble Puzzle

Worlds Tallest Mountains


kilimanjaro, mauna kea, rainier, kinabalu, yushan, chimborazo, orizaba, damavand, nanga parbat, everest, logan, elbrus, aconcagua, mont blanc, denali, …

Weather Word Scramble Puzzle



tornado, thunder, breeze, cloudy, drought, overcast, warn, wind, typhoon, frost, fog, sun, snow, mist, hail, drizzle

Biomes Word Scramble Puzzle



forest, climate, tundra, savanna, grass, desert, deer, skunks, equator, grassland, cactus, hemlocks, biome, rain, cones, caribou, tropical, taiga, …

In the Desert Word Scramble Puzzle

In the Desert


spider, blazing, mesa, arroyo, hot, snake, dry, sand storm, scorpion, mountain, coyote, vulture, cactus, blowout, wind, dunes