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STEM Word Scramble Puzzle



Word search based on STEM, a common abbreviation for four closely connected areas of study: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Marine Biology Word Scramble Puzzle

Marine Biology


dolphin, sea turtle, seaweed, sea lion, shark, snake, coral, fish, sponge, snail, walrus, seal, star fish, algae, stingray, mollusk, ocean, whale, …

Microbiology Word Scramble Puzzle



Words search puzzle based on things related to microbiology.

Earth, Moon and Sun Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth, Moon and Sun


crescent, axis, quarter, eclipse, full moon, tidal bulge, new moon, waxing, revolve, high tide, equinox, rotate, low tide, waning, neap tide, spring

The Brain Word Scramble Puzzle

The Brain


cortex, knowledge, stem, nerves, mentality, brain, addiction, learn, ego, think, biology, psyche, dreams, lobes, intelligence, neurons

Astrology Word Scramble Puzzle



patera, meteor, bolide, billion, corona, scarp, plexus, linea, volatile, silicate, comet, density, lunar, lidar, macula, aurora

Scientific Method Word Scramble Puzzle

Scientific Method


theory, experiment, qualitative, constant, variable, observation, quantitative, evidence, hypothesis, data, graphing, reasoning, claim, conclusion, …

Properties of Matter Word Scramble Puzzle

Properties of Matter


hardness, gas, solid, atom, liquid, motion, length, color, density, matter, volume, toughness, mass, plasma, odor, temperature

Heat Transfer Word Scramble Puzzle

Heat Transfer


freezing, conduction, kinetic, wave, heat, transfer, vibration, convection, radiation, particles, melting, gas, liquid, energy, wasted, solid

Force & Motion Word Scramble Puzzle

Force & Motion


gravity, force, friction, speed, motion, reaction, kinetic, action, newton, momentum, inertia, weight, acceleration, net force, mass, velocity

Human Body Systems Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Body Systems


bronchus, blood, larynx, arteries, trachea, atrium, stomach, tissue, organ, heart, veins, oxygen, cells, tongue, lungs, nose

Forensic Science Word Scramble Puzzle

Forensic Science


crime scene, minutiae, plastic print, latent print, ninhydrin, pigments, composition, visible print, spectroscopy, autopsy, entomology, natural …

DNA & Protein Synthesis Word Scramble Puzzle

DNA & Protein Synthesis


A gene is a functional segment of DNA and Protein synthesis begins with genes. DNA provides the genetic information necessary to build a protein. This word search is based on terms related to DNA and Protein.

Cell Structure Word Scramble Puzzle

Cell Structure


chromatin, lysosomes, theory, cell wall, chloroplasts, cytoplasm, membrane, nucleolus, cells, osmosis, nucleus, biology, ribosomes, chromosomes, …

Big Bang Theory Word Scramble Puzzle

Big Bang Theory


discovery, energy, space, hubble, theory, matter, big bang, increasing, freeze, universe, origin, nobel, dark, nasa, expansion, steady state

Natural Materials Word Scramble Puzzle

Natural Materials


bamboo, bark, clay, cotton, flint, gold, hemp, jute, leather, metal, sand, silver, soil, stone, wood, wool

Branches of Science Word Scramble Puzzle

Branches of Science


zoology, genetics, virology, entomology, physics, cytology, geology, petrology, astronomy, oceanography, herpetology, life science, meteorology, …

Earth Moon Sun Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth Moon Sun


eclipse, crescent, illuminated, lunar eclipse, waning, moon, umbra, orbit, gravity, sun, tide, earth, solar, science, shadow, waxing

Pathology Word Scramble Puzzle



mortality, dilation, hormones, lavage, specimen, biopsy, autopsy, congestion, microbiology, infection, study, amino acids, cytology, artery, …

Circulatory System Word Scramble Puzzle

Circulatory System


beat, liver, blood, heart, cells, cardiac, flow, pressure, pump, pulse, artery, muscle, veins, oxygen, lungs, plasma

Science Careers Word Scramble Puzzle

Science Careers


naturalist, geologist, paramedic, surgeon, scientist, physicist, astronaut, botanist, ecologist, doctor, engineer, pathologist, researcher, zoologist, …

Genetics Word Scramble Puzzle



genotype, homozygous, dna, hereditary, phenotype, hemizygous, alleles, codominance, zygosity, dihybrid, inherited, recessive, cross, genes, …

Chemistry Word Scramble Puzzle



Chemistry is a branch of science for study of elements as well as composition, structure, properties and behavior or chemical compounds. Find the words associated with chemistry or chemical elements.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Word Scramble Puzzle

Electromagnetic Spectrum


red, visible light, wavelength, frequency, blue, orange, amplitude, gamma rays, green, yellow, microwaves, x rays, infrared, purple, ultraviolet