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A collection of books word search puzzles. Choose from the list to play online or add your own words to customize and download.

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  • Childrens Books Word Search Puzzle

    Children's Books

    Find hidden words related to popular children's books.

  • Types of Books Word Search Puzzle

    Types of Books

  • Twelfth Night Word Search Puzzle

    Twelfth Night

  • King Midas Word Search Puzzle

    King Midas

    In Greek mythology, Midas, a king of Phrygia, known for his foolishness and greed. A word search puzzle related to the story of King Midas.

  • A Boy and a Bear Word Search Puzzle

    A Boy and a Bear

    Word search puzzle based on the children's relaxation book 'A Boy and a Bear' by Lori Lite.

  • Romeo and Juliet Word Search Puzzle

    Romeo and Juliet

    Word search puzzle related to Romeo and Juliet, one of the most popular play or tragedy written by William Shakespeare about two young star-crossed lovers.

  • Sherlock Holmes Word Search Puzzle

    Sherlock Holmes

  • Tom Sawyer Word Search Puzzle

    Tom Sawyer

    Find words related to the adventures of Tom Sawyer, a character from the Mark Twain novels. He is probably best remembered for the incident in which he gets a number of other boys to whitewash his Aunt Polly's fence.

  • Magazines Word Search Puzzle


  • Romance Novelists Word Search Puzzle

    Romance Novelists

  • Electrical Engineering Word Search Puzzle

    Electrical Engineering

  • Book Terminology Word Search Puzzle

    Book Terminology

  • Library Word Search Puzzle


  • Famous Authors Word Search Puzzle

    Famous Authors

  • Dr. Seuss Books Word Search Puzzle

    Dr. Seuss Books

    Word search based on Dr. Seuss work, that was a popular author of children's books, a cartoonist, animator poet, illustrator, screenwriter and film maker.

  • William Shakespeare Word Search Puzzle

    William Shakespeare

    Find words related to William Shakespeare, a well known poet, playwright, dramatist and an actor. He was regarded as one of the greatest writer in English language.

  • The Jungle Book Word Search Puzzle

    The Jungle Book

    The Jungle Book is a collection of stories. The common characters are Mowgli, an orphaned human boy who is raised in the jungle by his animal guardians, Sher Khan, Bear and Wolves.

  • Three Little Pigs Word Search Puzzle

    Three Little Pigs

    Three Little Pigs is a kids story about three pigs who build three houses of different materials like straws, sticks and bricks and a bad Wolf blows down the two pigs' houses.

  • Agatha Christie Word Search Puzzle

    Agatha Christie

    Find words related to the characters and books of English writer Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, well known for her short stories and detective novels.

  • Top Secret Word Search Puzzle

    Top Secret

    Find words related to book Top Secret from bestselling authors Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy.

  • Charles Dickens Characters Word Search Puzzle

    Charles Dickens Characters

    Charles Dickens was a writer and social critic. This puzzle is based on the well know fictional characters created by him.