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Outdoor Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Outdoor Activities

Health & Fitness

fishing, football, canoeing, snow skiing, running, swimming, kite flying, sailing, bike riding, surfing, cricket, walking, net ball, gardening, …

Healthcare Systems Word Scramble Puzzle

Healthcare Systems

Health & Fitness

workers, fda, therapy, hospitals, hospice, medical, facilities, nursing, dental, premium, clinics, health care, departments, rehabilitation, centers, …

Mental / Emotional Health Word Scramble Puzzle

Mental / Emotional Health

Health & Fitness

depression, perception, sympathy, stigma, hostility, anxiety, role model, alienation, mourning, empathy, integrity, stressors, character, self esteem, …

Clinical Laboratory Word Scramble Puzzle

Clinical Laboratory

Health & Fitness

test tubes, pregnancy, blood, test, laboratory, autoclave, analysis, fertility, urinalysis, biopsy, quality, microscope, incubator, sample, …

Stress Managment Word Scramble Puzzle

Stress Managment

Health & Fitness

family, coloring, video games, breathe, friends, stay positive, leisure, have fun, pets, meditate, shower, eat, sleep, exercise, draw, screaming, …

Coping Skills Word Scramble Puzzle

Coping Skills

Health & Fitness

eat, journal, walk away, meditate, draw, cope, garden, exercise, cook, give a hug, watch tv, pray, stress ball, do a puzzle, be positive, take a bath

Calming Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Calming Things

Health & Fitness

meditation, reading, sauna, painting, music, spa, sleep, prayer, swimming, ocean, bath, candle, massage, makeover, walk, drawing

Mindfulness Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

self care, senses, awareness, present, kind, compassion, feelings, love, accepting, barriers, attitude, lifestyle, well being, value, personal, …

Self Care Word Scramble Puzzle

Self Care

Health & Fitness

hygiene, sleep, relaxation, social, self love, eat, bubble bath, comfort, drink water, humble, calm, read, music, breath, shower, draw

Recovery Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

support, meditation, bravery, wisdom, relapse, courage, exercise, urge, gratitude, change, trigger, prayer, desperate, hope, treatment, addiction, …

Health and Safety at Work Word Scramble Puzzle

Health and Safety at Work

Health & Fitness

responsible, behavior, safety, training, duties, policies, reporting, personal, environment, reduce, workplace, risks, hazard, procedure, first aid, …

Health and Fitness Word Scramble Puzzle

Health and Fitness

Health & Fitness

motivation, exercise, activity, flexibility, frequency, body fat, progression, intensity, nutrition, strength, coordination, respiration, heart rate, …

DBT Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

treatment, problem, improve, offer, cons, reinforce, pros, opposite, action, solve, validate, soothing, verbal, wise mind, skills, therapy

Health and Wellness Word Scramble Puzzle

Health and Wellness

Health & Fitness

body, physical, positivity, diet, challenge, nutrition, healthy, strength, cycling, mind, exercise, lifestyle, yoga, laughter, wellness, spiritual

Respiratory and Digestive System Word Scramble Puzzle

Respiratory and Digestive System

Health & Fitness

trachea, capillaries, blood, stomach, rectum, pancreas, throat, gallbladder, oxygen, esophagus, system, colon, carbon dioxide, liver, blood cells, …

Personal Health and Wellness Word Scramble Puzzle

Personal Health and Wellness

Health & Fitness

personal, health, self efficacy, introverts, lifestyle, personality, treatment, physical, subjective, control, behavior, wellness, well being, …

The Nervous System Word Scramble Puzzle

The Nervous System

Health & Fitness

motor, energy, signal, hormones, peripheral, network, neurology, cell, circuit, brain, complex, neuron, central, biology, axons, nerves

Lab Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Lab Safety

Health & Fitness

breakage, gloves, safety, science, chemistry, flames, goggles, apron, dangerous, spills, poison, corrosive, heating, laboratory, reactions

Visions and Eyes Word Scramble Puzzle

Visions and Eyes

Health & Fitness

stare, pupil, peer, eyelash, iris, sight, focus, cornea, retina, cones, blink, lens, squint, tears, myopia, hazel

Patient Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Patient Safety

Health & Fitness

safety, prevention, assessment, confirm, question, thinking, review, act, detail, behavior, repeat, situation, encourage, communicate, background, …

Immunizations Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

dtap, pevnar, measles, rotavirus, gardasil, menveo, tdap, rubella, hib, shingles, pneumovax, polio, flu, varicella, mumps, menactra

Skin Diseases and Disorders Word Scramble Puzzle

Skin Diseases and Disorders

Health & Fitness

vesicle, nevus, papule, eczema, eschar, cyst, abrasion, ulcer, macule, wheal, acne, lesion, pustule, fissure, verruca, albinism

Exercise Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

walking, running, gym, fitness, strength, heart, workout, exercise, nutrition, yoga, dance, muscle, weights, hiking, aerobics, warm up

Relapse Prevention Word Scramble Puzzle

Relapse Prevention

Health & Fitness

structure, sobriety, expectations, attitude, mood change, identify, setbacks, coping skills, addiction, clean sober, recovery, meetings, cravings, …