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Mental Health Word Scramble Puzzle

Mental Health

Health & Fitness

pain, psychological, isolation, bipolar, anxiety, environment, social, illness, stress, mood, health, symptoms, anorexia, mental, feelings, depression

Recovery Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

support, meditation, bravery, wisdom, relapse, courage, exercise, urge, gratitude, change, trigger, prayer, desperate, hope, treatment, addiction, …

Health and Wellness Word Scramble Puzzle

Health and Wellness

Health & Fitness

body, physical, positivity, diet, challenge, nutrition, healthy, strength, cycling, mind, exercise, lifestyle, yoga, laughter, wellness, spiritual

Health and Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Health and Safety

Health & Fitness

training, energized, legal, team, deserving, alive, safe, nurtured, alert, injuries, ergonomics, happy, healthy, able, fit, hazard

Autism Spectrum Disorder Word Scramble Puzzle

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Health & Fitness

autism, brain, memory, asd, behavior, genetic, health, sensory, social, autistic, spectrum, syndrome, mental, person, asperger, symptoms

Mental / Emotional Health Word Scramble Puzzle

Mental / Emotional Health

Health & Fitness

depression, perception, sympathy, stigma, hostility, anxiety, role model, alienation, mourning, empathy, integrity, stressors, character, self esteem, …

Mental Health Awareness Word Scramble Puzzle

Mental Health Awareness

Health & Fitness

phobia, addiction, anorexia, anxiety, panic attack, insomnia, therapy, psychologist, stigma, bulimia, psychosis, trauma, serotonin, dissociation, …

Mindfulness Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

self care, senses, awareness, present, kind, compassion, feelings, love, accepting, barriers, attitude, lifestyle, well being, value, personal, …

Lab Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Lab Safety

Health & Fitness

breakage, gloves, safety, science, chemistry, flames, goggles, apron, dangerous, spills, poison, corrosive, heating, laboratory, reactions

Hydration Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

dehydration, fatigue, drinking, performance, sweating, lightheaded, hypothermia, fruit, water, thirsty, dizziness, electrolytes, exercise, dry mouth, …

Human Immune System Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Immune System

Health & Fitness

antibiotic, fever, inflammation, antibody, phlegm, antigen, parasite, vaccine, phagocyte, virus, pathogen, disease, hormone, sick, platelets, aids

Grounding Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

touch, feeling, savor scent, surrounding, dissociation, disconnected, five senses, taste, awareness, recall, memory games, anxiety, exercise, sense, …

Coping Skills Word Scramble Puzzle

Coping Skills

Health & Fitness

eat, journal, walk away, meditate, draw, cope, garden, exercise, cook, give a hug, watch tv, pray, stress ball, do a puzzle, be positive, take a bath

Anger Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Anger Management

Health & Fitness

timeout, dance, take bath, draw, meditate, soccer, slime, bubbles, tablet, exercise, walk, count, music, take nap, puzzles, breathe

Calming Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Calming Things

Health & Fitness

meditation, reading, sauna, painting, music, spa, sleep, prayer, swimming, ocean, bath, candle, massage, makeover, walk, drawing

DBT Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

treatment, problem, improve, offer, cons, reinforce, pros, opposite, action, solve, validate, soothing, verbal, wise mind, skills, therapy

Health and Safety at Work Word Scramble Puzzle

Health and Safety at Work

Health & Fitness

responsible, behavior, safety, training, duties, policies, reporting, personal, environment, reduce, workplace, risks, hazard, procedure, first aid, …

Sun Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Sun Safety

Health & Fitness

ozone, cancers, sunlight, sunburn, cover up, ultraviolet, block, dermatitis, safety, clothing, melanin, aging, sunscreen, damaged, lotion, umbrella, …

Physiotherapy Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

body, ligaments, sprain, patient, bad back, joints, posture, injuries, muscles, health, exercise, massage, treatment, movement, therapy, clinic

Stoners Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

smoke, pothead, red eyes, cheech, swedan, mellow, eat, stoned, love, lazy, pot head, high, munchies, peace, weed, chong

Physical Fitness Word Scramble Puzzle

Physical Fitness

Health & Fitness

aerobic, exercise, respiration, health, heart rate, energy, muscle, agility, cardio, activity, balance, strength, endorphins, dehydration, …

Self Care Word Scramble Puzzle

Self Care

Health & Fitness

hygiene, sleep, relaxation, social, self love, eat, bubble bath, comfort, drink water, humble, calm, read, music, breath, shower, draw

The Nervous System Word Scramble Puzzle

The Nervous System

Health & Fitness

motor, energy, signal, hormones, peripheral, network, neurology, cell, circuit, brain, complex, neuron, central, biology, axons, nerves

Outdoor Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Outdoor Activities

Health & Fitness

fishing, football, canoeing, snow skiing, running, swimming, kite flying, sailing, bike riding, surfing, cricket, walking, net ball, gardening, …