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Stress Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Stress Management

Health & Fitness

memory, journal, hair loss, irritable, fatigue, chest pain, depression , insomnia, anxiety, relaxation, competence, yoga, nausea, nightmares, …

Calming Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Calming Things

Health & Fitness

meditation, reading, sauna, painting, music, spa, sleep, prayer, swimming, ocean, bath, candle, massage, makeover, walk, drawing

Oliver Twist Word Scramble Puzzle

Oliver Twist

Books & Literature

Oliver Twist also knows as The Parish Boy's Progress is a novel by Charles Dickens.

Four Seasons Word Scramble Puzzle

Four Seasons


sunscreen, beach, scarf, winter, windy, cider, pumpkin, gloves, harvest, hot, spring, summer, rain, ice, snowman, fall, flowers, birds, fireworks, …

Christmas Word Scramble Puzzle



A fun and engaging holiday activity puzzle for children and adults or all ages. You can enjoy playing this in a classroom, within a holiday party or in a family.

December Word Scramble Puzzle



christmas, music, december, shovel, peace, tree, card, coal, holly, wreath, hanukkah, gift, family, fireplace, winter, snow

Take a Picture Word Scramble Puzzle

Take a Picture

Arts & Crafts

digital, camera, child, props, pose, smile, album, light, copy, frame, baby, lens, bride, portrait, snap, develop, angle, enlarge, birthday, focus

Painting Colors Word Scramble Puzzle

Painting Colors

Arts & Crafts

Paint is any pigmented liquid, solid or composite. This puzzles is related to the different shades of colors used in drawing or painting.

Christmas Food Word Scramble Puzzle

Christmas Food

Food & Drinks

pecan pie, stuffing, apple cider, candy canes, mince pie, apple pie, champagne, fruit cake, eggnog, short bread, mulled wine, gingerbread

Baby Shower Word Scramble Puzzle

Baby Shower


birth, blanket, boy, girl, love, newborn, nursery, diaper, swing, toys, pacifier, milk, crawl, lullaby, crib, stroller, cuddle

Cold Weather Word Scramble Puzzle

Cold Weather


hot cocoa, ski slopes, icicles, boots, hats, mittens, snowmen, blizzard, shovel, gloves, ice, freezing, sledding, skiing, scarf, snow

Peace Word Scramble Puzzle



truce, pacifism, cessation, love, friendship, amity, repose, tension, accord, concord, care, union, strain, treaty, concern, world

Happy Birthday Word Scramble Puzzle

Happy Birthday


Word Search Puzzle with words list related to Birthday. For classroom play, this can be a fun and interactive way of getting students think fun things and ideas about birthday.

Transition Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Transition Words


thus, in addition, as a result, in fact, however, to conclude, moreover, but, next, furthermore, because, finally, for instance, therefore, lastly, …

Bible Characters Word Scramble Puzzle

Bible Characters

Religion & Belief

adam, ruth, peter, jonah, eve, isaiah, david, noah, abraham, joseph, samuel, jesus, jacob, paul, esther, abigail

Jesus Feeds the 5000 Word Scramble Puzzle

Jesus Feeds the 5000

Religion & Belief

fish, children, god, listened, crowds, people, basket, loaves, hungry, women, jesus, men, story, disciples, pray, five, miracle, lunch, two

Tom Cruise Word Scramble Puzzle

Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise is a popular film actor and producer. Find the words related to his work.

Animal Phyla Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Phyla


echinoderm, cnidaria, bryozoa, rotifers, annelid, arthropod, flatworm, jellies, chordate, sponge, roundworms, mollusca

Police Officer Word Scramble Puzzle

Police Officer

Law & Government

Terms related to the police station activities and police officers job.

3 Letter Words Word Scramble Puzzle

3 Letter Words


Kids can enjoy and enhance their vocabulary by playing this word search puzzle based on the words containing only 3 letters.

Daylight Savings Word Scramble Puzzle

Daylight Savings


morning, daylight, watch, savings, march, after, day, clock, evening, adjust, before, minute, sunrise, sunset, early, hour

Living and Non-living Word Scramble Puzzle

Living and Non-living


fish, fur, amphibian, feathers, nonliving, sort, mammal, stimuli, classify, scales, respond, backbone, reptile, bird, excrete, features, move, …

Beatitudes Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

hated, mourn, spirit, hunger, god, suffering, change, peace, hatred, believe, pray, mercy, paradox, addiction, humility, meek

Criminal Minds TV Show Word Scramble Puzzle

Criminal Minds TV Show


Criminal Minds is a crime drama television series that revolves around a team of FBI members. They are responsible to analyze country's most dangerous criminal minds and try to anticipate their next moves.