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St. Georges Day Word Scramble Puzzle

St. George's Day


cross, flag, knight, church, saint, london, england, national, rose, george, princess, dragon, april, feast, sword, patron

Wedding Word Scramble Puzzle



A fun and entertaining word search activity puzzle to find the words related to a wedding party or event.

Charity Events Word Scramble Puzzle

Charity Events


festival, dance, bake sale, game, bingo, gala, concert, auction, karaoke, party, comedy gig, raffle, disco, art exhibition, fund raiser, donation

Hanukkah Word Scramble Puzzle



Find all the hidden words related to Hanukkah, a Jewish festival of lights.

Flags and Fireworks Word Scramble Puzzle

Flags and Fireworks


cracker, july, crowds, outdoors, laughter, explode, boom, glitter, night, flash, ablaze, fizzle, flags, dazzling, fun, crackle

You are Invited Word Scramble Puzzle

You are Invited


concert, party, affair, banquet, theater, dinner, occasion, shower, gathering, barbecue, dance, celebration, movie, reception, visit, wedding

Tea Party Word Scramble Puzzle

Tea Party


lemon, cookies, cupcakes, teaspoon, milk, napkins, flowers, chai, ladies, teacup, dresses, ginger, sugar, teapot, biscuits, mug

Happy Birthday Word Scramble Puzzle

Happy Birthday


Word Search Puzzle with words list related to Birthday. For classroom play, this can be a fun and interactive way of getting students think fun things and ideas about birthday.

Cinco De Mayo Word Scramble Puzzle

Cinco De Mayo


Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican holiday that is celebrated in North America including United States and Canada. Celebrate the day with Cinco De Mayo Word Search as well as relishing the delicious food at popular Mexican restaurants and by hearing some mariachi music.

May Day Word Scramble Puzzle

May Day


parade, spring, singing, children, flowers, romans, colors, ancient, rainbow, basket, may day, celebrate, blossom, ribbons, sunshine, festival

Bridal Shower Word Scramble Puzzle

Bridal Shower


A fun and engaging bridal shower word search game puzzle with wedding related words. The guests will enjoy playing this puzzle at the wedding party event.

Happy Anniversary Word Scramble Puzzle

Happy Anniversary


gifts, kiss, special, together, forever, lifelong, trust, love, sweet, blessed, marriage, listen, caring, dedicated, partner, honestly, house, …

Wedding Planning Word Scramble Puzzle

Wedding Planning


rehearsal, reception, photos, music, seating, shower, invitations, flowers, food, bridesmaids, groomsmen, venue, vows, first dance, dress, honeymoon

Armed Forces Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Armed Forces Day


army, flag, peace, soldier, marines, force, salute, national, honor, sailor, pilot, guard, holiday, coast, admiral, ship

Veterans Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Veterans Day


Veterans Day is observed annually on November 11 for honoring military veterans who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

Grandparents Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Grandparent's Day


tradition, honor, family, culture, grandchild, appreciate, aging, papa, respect, visit, celebrate, gift, dinner, ancestors, stories, nanny, grandpa, …

Christian Marriage Word Scramble Puzzle

Christian Marriage


ring, hymns, flowers, groom, aisle, church, vows, bible, commitment, marriage, altar, bride, lifelong, confetti, cross, prayers

Housewarming Word Scramble Puzzle



welcome, settled, mortgage, tour, unpacked, visit, neighbor, yard, party, garage, fun, entry, moving, address, house, home

The Wedding Word Scramble Puzzle

The Wedding


priest, pictures, cake, dinner, cruise, guests, bride, garter, vows, altar, band, rsvp, chapel, gown, flowers, video

Retirement Word Scramble Puzzle



Make a special retiree's retirement a little extra special with this Retirement Word Search. This editable Word Search lets you use the puzzle as is, or customize as per your requirements.

Baby Shower Word Scramble Puzzle

Baby Shower


birth, blanket, boy, girl, love, newborn, nursery, diaper, swing, toys, pacifier, milk, crawl, lullaby, crib, stroller, cuddle

Mothers Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Mother's Day


breakfast, card, celebrate, mother, mummy, happy, holidays, love, children, may, sons, daughters, motherhood, affection, family, flowers

Gift Ideas Word Scramble Puzzle

Gift Ideas


diamonds, cell phone, spa day, flowers, watch, book, champagne, car, purse, laptop, video game, clothes, chocolates, jewelry, massage, photograph

Will You Marry Me? Word Scramble Puzzle

Will You Marry Me?


reception, bride, witness, bouquet, wedding, love, agree, dress, anniversary, accept, bond, guests, couple, soulmate, groom, match