Ecology, Climate & Environment Word Search

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Weather and Climate Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather and Climate


Weather refers to short-term changes in the atmosphere and climate describes what the weather is like over a long period of time in a specific area. Find the words related to the weather and climate changes.

Environmental Awareness Word Scramble Puzzle

Environmental Awareness


methane, sewage, pollution, toxic, renewable, fuel, garbage, reusable, reserve, poisonous, conserve, ethical, save, wastage, energy, durable

Going Green Word Scramble Puzzle

Going Green


consumption, reuse, ecology, footprint, trees, recycle, energy, emission, eco friendly, efficient, carbon, compost, electricity, environment, nature, …

Ocean Pollution Word Scramble Puzzle

Ocean Pollution


marin debris, ecosystem, garbage, sewage, plastic, ingestion, toxic, extinction, trash, food chain, marine, chemicals, ocean, oil spills, recycling, …

Eco Word Search Word Scramble Puzzle

Eco Word Search


green, compost, trees, earth, recycle, planet, gardening, flowers, growing, oxygen, animals, oceans, environment, plants, reuse, care

In the Pond Word Scramble Puzzle

In the Pond


larva, damselfly, smooth newt, backswimmer, tench, frog, draonfly, caddis fly, water beetle, crane fly, mayfly, duckweed, moorhen, hogweed, pond …

Environmental Science Word Scramble Puzzle

Environmental Science


diversity, cycle, biosphere, pollution, ozone, climate, crust, biomass, drought, delta, acid rain, aerobic, atmosphere, dew point, carbon, ecology

Recycling Word Scramble Puzzle



plastic, newspaper, chemicals, glass, green, reuse, textile, magazines, decompose, bottle, reduce, environment, boxes, batteries, soda cans, separate

Solar Power Word Scramble Puzzle

Solar Power


satellites, solar, mirror, light, roofs, cells, sunlight, heating, expensive, electricity, voltage, pollution, radiation, black, saving, sun

Pollution Word Scramble Puzzle



smoke, acid, poison, chemicals, harmful, oxide, exhaust, smog, air, cars, damage, factory, energy, crude oil, waste, ecology

Interactions and Ecosystems Word Scramble Puzzle

Interactions and Ecosystems


abiotic, herbivore, pesticide, carbon cycle, prey, biotic, ecosystem, producers, evaporation, energy flow, carnivore, decomposers

Arbor Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Arbor Day


willow, ash, spruce, sycamore, eucalyptus, elm, birch, oak, pine, redwood, cypress, maple

Water Cycle Word Scramble Puzzle

Water Cycle


liquid, respiration, animals, gas, consumption, ground water, lake, evaporation, river, plants, glacier, clouds, melt, ocean, excretion, solid, …

Plastic Pollution Word Scramble Puzzle

Plastic Pollution


toxins, bottles, littering, recycling, environment, pollution, bags, life, plastic, effects, ocean, habitats, garbage, landfills, marine, straw

Food Chain Word Scramble Puzzle

Food Chain


omnivore, food chain, habitat, chain, plants, consumer, sun, herbivore, scavenger, carnivore, foods, flowers, ecosystem, decompose, predator, producer

Earth Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth Day


Word Search Puzzle with words list related to Earth Day. For classroom play, this can be a fun and interactive way of getting students think and learn about Earth, planet and recycling.

Ocean Floor Word Scramble Puzzle

Ocean Floor


seamount, abyss, hills, submarine, shore, islands, trench, reef, coral, mounts, slope, continental, canyon, ridge, margin, rift valley

Water World Word Scramble Puzzle

Water World


pool, rain, glacier, irrigation, ocean, flood, lake, frost, puddle, hurricane, erosion, dew, snow, damp, geyser, hail

Wind Word Scramble Puzzle



hurricane, current, typhoon, draft, monsoon, blizzard, breeze, puff, zephyr, cyclone, whirlwind, storm, dust devil, tornado, gale, gust

Rainbow Word Scramble Puzzle



colorful, raindrops, arch, mist, prism, sky, reflection, phenomenon, brilliant, vanishes, display, fades, refraction, circle, after rain, beautiful

The Dust Bowl Word Scramble Puzzle

The Dust Bowl


cattle, boom, galveston, hurricane, farms, history, capital, consequences, sand, bust, plow, drought, great plains, cotton, dust, horse

Plastics Word Scramble Puzzle



solvent, decorating, pulp, blow, rotational, processing, molding, coating, finishers, injections, carving, laminating, casting, compression, polymer, …

Fire Ecology Word Scramble Puzzle

Fire Ecology


cypress, ecosystem, fire scar, regrowth, habitat, low intensity, succession, conifer, adaptations, chaparral, tree rings, drought, landscape, high …

Woodland Word Scramble Puzzle



Word Search Puzzle with words list related to Woodland. For classroom play, this can be a fun and interactive way of getting students think and learn about woodland, safari and nature.