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Ecosystem Word Scramble Puzzle



Ecosystem is a community or the geographic area that surrounds plants, animals and other organisms as well as non-living things like weather, landscape etc.

Examination Word Scramble Puzzle



examiner, answer, pass, question, essay, mistake, revision, cheat, grade, degree, calculator, hall, test, course, fail, topic

Probability Word Scramble Puzzle



favorable, event, probability, certain, coins, dice, impossible, unlikely, random, outcomes, chance, percent, likely, spinners, ratio, fraction

Study Skills Word Scramble Puzzle

Study Skills


flash cards, prepare, supplies, reading, agenda, breathe, summarize, focus, underline, plan, evaluate, concentrate, memorize, gym, writing, organize, …

Week Days and Months Word Scramble Puzzle

Week Days and Months


august, friday, october, may, february, november, tuesday, sunday, march, monday, january, september, april, thursday, july, saturday, june, december, …

The Raven Word Scramble Puzzle

The Raven


wind , soul , black , dreams , shadow , croaking , beak , darkness , midnight , raven , horror , mortal , grim , feather , angels , bird

Transformation Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Transformation Vocabulary


rotation, multiply, transformation, positive, mirror, dilation, reflection, enlarge, axis, counter, origin, scale, clockwise, image, reduce, similar

Engineering Word Scramble Puzzle



Engineering is a study of math and science to solve problems as well as to apply scientific principles in designing and building machines or structures. Find the words related to different branches of engineering.

Graduation Word Scramble Puzzle



address, alumni, gown, cap, class, college, degree, diploma, farewells, friends, hopes, invocation, parties, rank, pride, students

Days and Months Word Scramble Puzzle

Days and Months


Solve this Days and Months word search puzzle by finding all the hidden words related to the names of months and weekdays.

Types of Variable Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Variable


quantitative, controlled, manipulative, measured, nominal, independent, dummy, explanatory, dependent, continuous, qualitative, responding, discrete, …

Irish Mythology Word Scramble Puzzle

Irish Mythology


banshee, badb, carman, literature, myth, cycles, anu, lugh, ogma, tailtiu, fianna, macha, heroes, dagda, druids, brigid

Money Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Money Management


Money management is basically referred to the process of budgeting, expenses, savings and investing with the finances. Check out this puzzle with the words related to budgeting and money management.

Stars and Galaxies Word Scramble Puzzle

Stars and Galaxies


galaxy, giant, light year, bright, far away, stars, cluster, nebula, red giant, white dwarf, neutron star, black hole, super giant, universe, big …

Digital Literacy Word Scramble Puzzle

Digital Literacy


save, email, cpu, phishing, edit, hardware, virus, database, internet, usb, software, monitor, firewall, online, charts, format, output, modem, …

US Presidents Word Scramble Puzzle

US Presidents


Find out the hidden names of people that were once the president of the United States. The words are hidden in the grid and check out how quickly you can find all those words.

Algebra Word Scramble Puzzle



factor, constant, term, exponent, equation, absolute, sequence, variable, operation, additive, negative, function, solve, positive, simplify, inverse, …

Coordinate Geometry Word Scramble Puzzle

Coordinate Geometry


vertical, horizontal, origin, positive, quadrants, lines, graphs, coordinates, cartesian, shape, negative, dimensions, abscissa, axis, ordinate, plane

Social Studies Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Studies


liberty, tenement, revolution, amendment, civil rights, justice, patriots, monopoly, posterity, federal, new deal, assembly, economics, constitution, …

Zodiac Signs Word Scramble Puzzle

Zodiac Signs


List of 12 zodiac signs or star signs that are related to the position and path of the sun moon and other planets at specific period of time and their affects on our lives.

Parts of Speech Word Scramble Puzzle

Parts of Speech


determiner, noun, pronoun, conjunction, interjection, verb, adverb, preposition, adjective

Education and Training Word Scramble Puzzle

Education and Training


discipline, language, vocational, counselor, scout, guidance, stations, science, elementary, trainer, elective, coach, career, educator, nutritionist, …

Global Warming Word Scramble Puzzle

Global Warming


fuels, atmosphere, argon, warming, climate, temperature, gases, emissions, greenhouse, weather, dioxide, methane, carbon, sea level, glaciers, fossil

Shapes Word Scramble Puzzle



heptagon, diamond, cuboid, decagon, trapezoid, rhombus, star, rectangle, circle, pentagon, hexagon, rhomboid, polygon, octagon, square, triangle