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Police Word Scramble Puzzle


Law & Government

prisoner, badge, victim, violation, handcuffs, drug, offender, warrant, registration, officer, domestic, wrecker, obstruction, car, pursuit, testify

Reconstruction Word Scramble Puzzle


Law & Government

separate, amendment, republicans, share cropper, segregation, black codes, jim crow laws, radical, south, union, north, freedman, carpetbaggers, …

Florida County Seats Word Scramble Puzzle

Florida County Seats

Law & Government

mayo, ocala, dade city, bonifay, madison, marianna, gainesville, bristol, lake city, bunnell, palatka, jasper, quincy, orlando, stuart, key west

Political Parties Word Scramble Puzzle

Political Parties

Law & Government

taxes, convention, immigration, government, conservative, candidate, healthcare, libertarian, liberal, democrats, opposing, republican, politics, …

Legal Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Legal Terms

Law & Government

criminal, witness, guilty, claim, bail, verdict, jury, equity, arrest, oath, trial, attorney, acquit, court, innocent, appeal

Digital Citizenship Word Scramble Puzzle

Digital Citizenship

Law & Government

pictures, website, threat, block, anger, message, forums, download, online, adult, respect, profile, safety, post, personal, password

Law Enforcement Word Scramble Puzzle

Law Enforcement

Law & Government

inspection, speedy, decision, ethics, trial, check, violation, felony, seizure, warrant, arrest, court, investigation, law, bail, evidence

Prison Word Scramble Puzzle


Law & Government

cell, parole, security, jail, visits, programs, warden, officer, nurse, therapist, medium, education, probation, prisoner, chains, medical

Courtroom Word Scramble Puzzle


Law & Government

attorney, overruled, contempt, objection, evidence, argument, defendant, convicted, bench, prosecutor, jury, testimony, plaintiff, acquittal, witness, …

Police Officer Word Scramble Puzzle

Police Officer

Law & Government

Terms related to the police station activities and police officers job.

The Legal System Word Scramble Puzzle

The Legal System

Law & Government

advice, advocate, claims, division, court, license, barrister, jury, laws, attorney, legal, executive, judge, agent, branch, civil

Voting Word Scramble Puzzle


Law & Government

winner, polls, vote, ballot, counting, choose, democracy, candidate, president, register, mayor, party, election

Legal Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Legal Words

Law & Government

duress, slander, bail, jury, plea, arrest, oath, witness, appeal, justice, caution, accused, court, tribunal, evidence, libel

Judge & Jury Word Scramble Puzzle

Judge & Jury

Law & Government

pardon, civil, argue, judge, books, chambers, capital, appeal, justice, defense, legal, lawyer, code, clerk, rights, court

United Nations Word Scramble Puzzle

United Nations

Law & Government

united nations, peace, security council, soviet union, united kingdom, development, sustainable, united states, human rights, aid, china, france

In Court Word Scramble Puzzle

In Court

Law & Government

laws, judge, order, sustain, bench, jail, attorney, justice, parole, arrest, verdict, guilty, courts, trust, witness, oath

Politics Word Scramble Puzzle


Law & Government

government, vote, election, party, campaign, right, left, power, trade, decision, public, president, law, security, state, tax

Judicial Law Word Scramble Puzzle

Judicial Law

Law & Government

exhibit, fee, contempt, civil, defense, injunction, lease, attorney, motive, witness, panel, oath, facts, verdict, truth, notarize

Intro to Government Word Scramble Puzzle

Intro to Government

Law & Government

political, justice, local, republican, citizenship, democrat, precinct, executive, article, poll, judicial, preamble

Supreme Court Word Scramble Puzzle

Supreme Court

Law & Government

appointments, record, privacy, justices, superior, precedent, constitution, criminal case, justice, segregation, judicial, defendant, jurisdiction, …

Ballets Word Scramble Puzzle


Law & Government

carnaval, carmen, giselle, swan lake, manon, rhapsody, apollo, cotillon, agon, frontier, episodes, serenade, jewels, bagaku, onegin, cinderella

King Charles Word Scramble Puzzle

King Charles

Law & Government

newcastle, linguist, england, duke, prayer, stuart, power, james, religious, henry, king, albany, monarchy, money, parliament

Elections Word Scramble Puzzle


Law & Government

vote, choose, campaign, senator, term, exit poll, elector, election, delegate, tally, ballot, loser, party, democrat, caucus, winner

Presidential Election Word Scramble Puzzle

Presidential Election

Law & Government

conservative, president, november, republican, candidate, liberal, democrat, register, four years, campaign, primary, voting, election