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Transformation Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Transformation Vocabulary


rotation, multiply, transformation, positive, mirror, dilation, reflection, enlarge, axis, counter, origin, scale, clockwise, image, reduce, similar

Camouflaged Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Camouflaged Animals


frog, beetle, antelope, tiger, crocodile, fern, leopard, wild cat, octopus, shark, wild dog, zebra, arctic fox, flounder, bongo, polar bear

Trick-or-Treat Word Scramble Puzzle



In some parts of the word, Trick-or-treating is a traditional Halloween practice for children and adults. In this, the children wearing costumes go from door to door in a neighborhood saying "trick or treat". When the door is opened, they ask for treats with the implied threat of playing tricks on those who refuse.

Healthy Relationships Word Scramble Puzzle

Healthy Relationships

People & Society

boundaries, equality, lifelong, content, happy, caring, commitment, unique, humor, respect, loyalty, sharing, mutual, friends, love, trust, …

In the Pond Word Scramble Puzzle

In the Pond


larva, damselfly, smooth newt, backswimmer, tench, frog, draonfly, caddis fly, water beetle, crane fly, mayfly, duckweed, moorhen, hogweed, pond …

Study Skills Word Scramble Puzzle

Study Skills


flash cards, prepare, supplies, reading, agenda, breathe, summarize, focus, underline, plan, evaluate, concentrate, memorize, gym, writing, organize, …

School Supplies Word Scramble Puzzle

School Supplies


List of word to find that relate to common school supplies and school life.

Mental / Emotional Health Word Scramble Puzzle

Mental / Emotional Health

Health & Fitness

depression, perception, sympathy, stigma, hostility, anxiety, role model, alienation, mourning, empathy, integrity, stressors, character, self esteem, …

United States of America Word Scramble Puzzle

United States of America

Travel & Tourism

california, alabama, texas, michigan, ohio, virginia, oregon, florida, illinois, hawaii, new york, idaho, nevada, vermont, utah, iowa

Wild Life Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Wild Life Animals


lion, cheetah, bear, kangaroo, snake, crocodile, leopard, penguin, monkey, bobcat, ostrich, panther, wolf, zebra, moose, warthog, tiger, giraffe, …

Peace Word Scramble Puzzle



truce, pacifism, cessation, love, friendship, amity, repose, tension, accord, concord, care, union, strain, treaty, concern, world

Fashion Word Scramble Puzzle


Beauty & Fashion

glamorous, classic, model, clothing, media, trend, cosmetics, chic, denim, style, designer, footwear, accessories, costume, catwalk, popular

Countries of Africa Word Scramble Puzzle

Countries of Africa

Travel & Tourism

There are more that 50 countries in Africa today. This words search puzzle is related to some of the popular African countries.

Clothes Word Scramble Puzzle


Beauty & Fashion

jeans, underwear, coat, blouse, jacket, boxers, socks, boots, sweater, cardigan, skirt, shirt, pajamas, knickers, shoes, medium, tights, trousers, …

Social Studies Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Studies


liberty, tenement, revolution, amendment, civil rights, justice, patriots, monopoly, posterity, federal, new deal, assembly, economics, constitution, …

Beauty Salon Word Scramble Puzzle

Beauty Salon

Beauty & Fashion

scissors, manicure, rinse, clipper, chair, wash, mirror, curl, perm, brush, comb, pedicure, colorist, gel, dye, towel, trim, shampoo, hairdryer, …

Spanish Greetings Word Scramble Puzzle

Spanish Greetings


usted, hola, ellas, que tal, este es, adios, chao, igual, yo soy, senor, esta es, senora, ellos, senorita, nosotros, ustedes

Customer Service Word Scramble Puzzle

Customer Service


sincere, solution, options, help desk, attitude, language, communicate, service, questions, knowledge, customers, understand, anticipate, acknowledge, …

October Word Scramble Puzzle



frost, costume, crops, october, tenth, leaves, treat, trick, harvest, rain, pumpkin, halloween, ship, habitat, sea, windy

Wedding Word Scramble Puzzle



A fun and entertaining word search activity puzzle to find the words related to a wedding party or event.

Stress Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Stress Management

Health & Fitness

memory, journal, hair loss, irritable, fatigue, chest pain, depression , insomnia, anxiety, relaxation, competence, yoga, nausea, nightmares, …

Transition Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Transition Words


thus, in addition, as a result, in fact, however, to conclude, moreover, but, next, furthermore, because, finally, for instance, therefore, lastly, …

Career Exploration Word Scramble Puzzle

Career Exploration


job, skill, job market, arts, ability, full time, values, occupation, goods, economy, career, lifestyle, trend, services, research, internship, team, …

Fishing Word Scramble Puzzle



net, line, pole, hook, salmon, catfish, worm, fish, boat, trout, catch, lake, bass, bait, spinner, tackle