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US Music Festivals Word Scramble Puzzle

US Music Festivals


buzzfest, burning man, newport pop, decibel, oregon bach, firefly, solid sound, planetfest, sunfest, loufest, la musica, coachella

US Boy Bands Word Scramble Puzzle

US Boy Bands


troop, new edition, plus one, o town, no mercy, jodeci, one step away, n toon, the boys, jonas, midnight red, dru hill, one call, hanson, shai, reel …

Music Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Terminology


solo, tutti, breath mark, measure, whole note, half note, articulation, duet, tie, staff, bar line, slur

Guitar Word Scramble Puzzle



diagram, neck, capo, pluck, guitar, chord, electric, tuning, classical, pegs, acoustic, portable, fret, strings, bridge, amplifier