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BTS - Bangtan Boys Word Scramble Puzzle

BTS - Bangtan Boys


BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band that was formed in 2010 and debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment.

The Phantom of Opera Word Scramble Puzzle

The Phantom of Opera


paris, stilgoe, christine, karimloo, musical, meg giry, lloyd, carlotta, novel, webber, crawford, brightman, broadway, theater, phantom, raoul

Bob Dylan Word Scramble Puzzle

Bob Dylan


patti smith, neil young, johnny cash, elvis costello, tom petty, norah jones, roy orbison, dave mattews, bruce spingsteen, paul simon, aimee mann, …

Percussion Word Scramble Puzzle



Word search related to a percussion instrument, a musical instrument that is sounded by being struck or scraped by a beater.

1980s Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

1980's Songs


jeopardy, desire, sara, rosanna, suddenly, urgent, allentown, nasty, fire lake, love bites, alone, heart light, you are, kiss, rapture, cherish

Richard Wagner Word Scramble Puzzle

Richard Wagner


plays, outspoken, stage, german, sonata, symphony, exiled, aria, overture, harmony, conductor, fugue, opera, libretto, composer, music

1950s Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

1950's Songs


django, donna, everyday, tequila, honky tonk, red hot, rave on, la bamba, rumble, night train, misty, speedo, fever, hound dog, only you

Dances Word Scramble Puzzle



rumba, swing, slow, disco, waltz, tango, polka, zydeco, mambo, hula, ballet, belly, hip hop, break, limbo, foxtrot

Music Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Vocabulary


jazz, notes, piano, harmony, treble, verse, voice, rhythm, tune, melody, tempo, pop, music, alto, beats, lyrics, bass, play, sound, pitch

Rappers Word Scramble Puzzle



Rapping is a musical form of vocal delivery which is performed in a variety of ways over a background music beat. Find terms related to Rappers or Rap Singers.

The Beatles Word Scramble Puzzle

The Beatles


Find the words related to The Beatles, an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960.

Garth Brooks Word Scramble Puzzle

Garth Brooks


Troyal Garth Brooks is an American country music singer and songwriter.

Grammys Award Winning Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

Grammys Award Winning Songs


gravity, cry, elevation, fast car, really love, beat it, moon river, smooth, get lucky, earned it, again, desire, tequila, beautiful, hey baby, i try

Bryan Adams Word Scramble Puzzle

Bryan Adams


canada, after all, producer, photographer, songwriter, flying, room service, albums, here i am, singer, composer, guitarist, record, kingston, open …

Dance Crazes Word Scramble Puzzle

Dance Crazes


tango, da dip, foxtrot, limbo, thriller, hip hop, salsa, modern, mambo, calypso, bollywood, disco, ballroom, zumba, moonwalk, rumba

Nickelback Word Scramble Puzzle



here and now, animals, dark horse, grunge, the state, canadian, heavy metal, band, lullaby, hard rock, vocalist, pop rock, guitarist, alberta, curb, …

Classic Rock! Word Scramble Puzzle

Classic Rock!


have a cigar, alive, dyer maker, money, time, immigrant song, tom sawyer, us and them, hey you, kashmir, ramble on, last kiss, all my love, brain …

Piano Parts Word Scramble Puzzle

Piano Parts


pin block, bridge, flange, agraffe, regulation, hammer, belly, key frame, sound board, capstan, action, wire, ivory, pedal, tuning, damper

Folk Dances Word Scramble Puzzle

Folk Dances


samba, zaouli, mambo, hula, bhangra, haka, lambada, hora, dabke, waltz, polka, yangge, cumbia, mazurka, odissi, sirtaki

Elvis Presley Word Scramble Puzzle

Elvis Presley


army, comeback, actor, presley, musician, singer, elvis, the king, american, gold record, drummer, tupelo, sun records, hysteria, teddy bear, gyrate

Music Instruments Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Instruments


drum , trumpet , violin , keyboard , banjo , fiddle , saxophone , rattle , bongo , guitar , panpipe , flute , xylophone , ukulele , bell , mandolin

Music Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Terms


tempo, pedals, acoustic, bass clef, rhythm, composer, strings, ebony, pitch, strike, damper, measure, felt, piano, bar line, staff, lyrics, hammer, …

The Wiggles Word Scramble Puzzle

The Wiggles


simon, album, emma, the wiggles, anthony, music, murry, yummy, octopus, jeff, captain, guitarist, concert, band, henry, sydney

Country Music Artists Word Scramble Puzzle

Country Music Artists


Country is a genre of popular music that takes its roots from various old time music. Word search based on popular country music artists.