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Country Music Artists Word Scramble Puzzle

Country Music Artists


Country is a genre of popular music that takes its roots from various old time music. Word search based on popular country music artists.

Types of Drum Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Drum


bedug, taiko, dhak, bongo, conga, dhol, tenor, chenda, chalice, tabla, madal, bass, tabor, tombak, goblet, timpani

Music Theory Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Theory


opera, diatonic, cadence, canon, sonata, grave, mezzo, adagio, crescendo, major, harmony, accent, symphony, allegro, interval, crotchet

Mariachi Word Scramble Puzzle



measures, armonia, voice, bow, mariachis, la negra, el balaju, grito, ranchera, huapango, guitar, staff, resguiado, violin, harp, strings, bolero, …

Music Everywhere Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Everywhere


country, rock, dance, electronic, big band, blues, punk, classical, hip hop, folk, heavy metal, chamber, swing, barbershop, choral, jazz

Dance Fever Word Scramble Puzzle

Dance Fever


freak, conga, bust stop, salsa, jitterbug, locomotion, jive, one step, chacha, twist, rumba, polka, disco, shuffle, pogo, mambo

Sounds Word Scramble Puzzle



Sound is a vibration that propagates as an acoustic wave through a medium. Word search based on different types, modes and origins of sound.

Lets Dance Word Scramble Puzzle

Let's Dance


push, jazz, arkan, fox trot, ballet, cha cha, disco, barn, hip hop, macarena, limbo, belly, jive, balboa, basque, hula

Song Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Song Terms


verse, melody, treble, acoustic, tempo, bass, title, theme, genre, vocal, solo, chorus, duet, ballad, anthem, beat

Famous Bands Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Bands


Search the words related to top and famous music artists and bands.

John Denver Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

John Denver Songs


bluegrass, for you, fly away, amazon, love again, follow me, autograph, for baby, circus, calypso, the weight, im sorry

David Bowie Word Scramble Puzzle

David Bowie


David Bowie (David Robert Jones OAL) was an English singer, songwriter, actor and one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.

1960s Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

1960's Songs


Solve the word search puzzle by finding all the hidden title songs from 1960s. Download and print or play online.

Keyboard Instruments Word Scramble Puzzle

Keyboard Instruments


celesta, accordion, dulcitone, harmonium, piano, pipe organ, pianette, melodica, synthesizer, virginal, spinet, reed organ

Bagpipes Piping Word Scramble Puzzle

Bagpipes Piping


melody, tassels, squeeze, tune, bag, blow, drone, parade, air, folk, reeds, fingers, pipes, drums, plaid, piper

Rap Word Scramble Puzzle



beyonce , lil kim , waka flocka, tyrese, missy elliot, ja rule, kayne west , chris brown, drake, common, ciara, gangsta , future, ludacris , lil wayne …

1970s Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

1970's Songs


Word search related to 1970s song titles. Download and print or play online.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Word Scramble Puzzle

The Twelve Days of Christmas


ten lords, days, gave to me, dancing, gold rings, pear tree, drummers, seven swans, true love, eight maids, christmas, ladies, ten, six geese, piping, …

Opera Word Scramble Puzzle



opus, symphony, mozart, adagio, verdi, music, callas, duet, mezzo, domingo, passage, voice, sonata, allegro, opera, bass

Bruno Mars Word Scramble Puzzle

Bruno Mars


mirror, singer, dancer, marry you, musician, songwriter, peter, show me, treasure, natalie, american, records, retro, producer, moonshine, gorilla

Hip-Hop Artists Word Scramble Puzzle

Hip-Hop Artists


lauryn, the fugees, wyclef jean, onyx, will smith, killarmy, afrika, muggs, spoonie, fat joe, heavy d, coolio, nature, redman, cormega, kurtis

Sia Kate Isobelle Word Scramble Puzzle

Sia Kate Isobelle


singer, adelaide, buttons, acid jazz, wile ones, alive, aria, little man, indie pop, songwriter, titanium, onlysee, reaper, australian, breath me, …

Opera Singers Word Scramble Puzzle

Opera Singers


gigli, kearns, bocelli, caruso, rinaldi, tebaldi, domingo, callas, flagstad, carreras, damrau, graves, lanza, fleming, ferrani, ancona

Beyonces Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

Beyonce's Songs


freedom, baby boy, partion, be with you, deja vu, halo, flawless, blue, at last, sorry, formation, all night