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Hip-Hop Style Word Scramble Puzzle

Hip-Hop Style

Beauty & Fashion

dance pants, jeans, hoodie, tracksuit, chain, necklace, logos, bucket hat, belt, hot pants, jersey, cap, sunglasses, rings, jacket, bling

Macrame Art Word Scramble Puzzle

Macrame Art

Arts & Crafts

Find the words related to Macrame, a crafting technique that uses knots to create various textiles.

Calligraphy Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

dip pen, arch, stroke, ink brush, quill, hairline, descender, apex, decorative, baseline, fountain pen, ascender, serif, counter, calligram, deboss

Art Class Word Scramble Puzzle

Art Class

Arts & Crafts

paper, color wheel, paint, color, shape, primary, marker, glue, elements, texture, secondary, canvas, sculpture, scissors, artist, space

Elements Of Design Word Scramble Puzzle

Elements Of Design

Arts & Crafts

parallel, curvy, vertical, unity, space, shape, proportion, value, color, broken, variety, balance, texture, horizontal, diagonal, emphasis

Art resources and Equipment Word Scramble Puzzle

Art resources and Equipment

Arts & Crafts

glue, shapes, pencil, tracing, high lighting, brushes, artist board, colors, paper, oils, pallet, models, eraser, glass, ruler, tracing paper, …

Art and Drafting Word Scramble Puzzle

Art and Drafting

Arts & Crafts

chalk, board, blades, drafting, desk, triangle, paints, diagram, ruler, knife, clay, sketch, template, compass, brushes, easel

Scrapbooking Word Scramble Puzzle


Arts & Crafts

paper, family, lifestyle, memories, scrapbook, pictures, mementos, friends, book, precious, glue, create, story, scissors, card stock, timeline, …

Stencil It Word Scramble Puzzle

Stencil It

Arts & Crafts

artistic, holes, arrange, shapes, outline, align, marks, paint, fancy, adorn, trim, cuts, edge, letters, design, border

Invasive Species Word Scramble Puzzle

Invasive Species


pests, invasive, conservation, florida, poison, species, camouflage, starling, wild pig, hatchling, sheepdog, asian carp, paddock, everglades, python, …

Carnivorous Mammals Word Scramble Puzzle

Carnivorous Mammals


carnassial teeth, feliforms, canidae, incisors, felidae, canines, alpha male, caniforms, sweat glands, carnivores, scent glands, mammals

Rain Forest Creatures Word Scramble Puzzle

Rain Forest Creatures


margay, peccary, gecko, puma, hoatzin, lemur, army ant, okapi, tree frog, hummingbird, leopard, macaw, piranha, mandrill, red panda, fruit bat

All About Bears Word Scramble Puzzle

All About Bears


woodland, bear, omnivore, giant, mammal, brown, tundra, hibernation, mountains, den, biology, polar, grizzly, black, fur, caves

Ducks and Geese Word Scramble Puzzle

Ducks and Geese


american, tundra, pochard, swan, brazilian, bufflehead, wigeon, snow goose, brant, comb duck, ruddy duck, surf scoter, canvasback, emperor, canada …

Groups of Birds Word Scramble Puzzle

Groups of Birds


band, skein, gaggle, chattering, flight, company, brood, rafter, bevy, congress, ostentation, exaltation, parliament, colony, covey, congregation

Chipmunks Word Scramble Puzzle



Word Search Puzzle with words list related to Chipmunks. This is such a fun and interactive way of getting players to think about chipmunks, movies and friendships.

Female Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Female Animals


vixen, goose, lioness, nanny, queen, sow, jennet, pullet, jill, falcon, peahen, reeve, mare, cow, tigress, hind

Shark Attack Word Scramble Puzzle

Shark Attack


predator, blue, shark teeth, jaws, thresher, whale, shred, mako, goblin, reef, sand, tiger, fin, angel, bull, sandtiger

Animal Phyla Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Phyla


echinoderm, cnidaria, bryozoa, rotifers, annelid, arthropod, flatworm, jellies, chordate, sponge, roundworms, mollusca

Male Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Male Animals


boomer, billy, bull, buck, leopard, gander, peacock, lion, drone, drake, brute, boar, ram, rooster, stallion, tiger

Fish Species Word Scramble Puzzle

Fish Species


shad, anchovy, bass, carp, dace, eel, gar, halibut, koi, mahimahi, pike, salmon, trout, roughy, wrasse, zebrafish

Bears Word Scramble Puzzle



himalayan, sloth, atlas, hokkaido, giant panda, polar, siberian, kodiak, formosan, american, eurasian, asiatic, cinnamon, kamchatka, grizzly, brown

A Horse of Course Word Scramble Puzzle

A Horse of Course


endurance, draft, trail, mustang, quarter, gypsy, horse ball, pegging, polo, paint, wild, dressage, barrel, rodeo, pony, jumping

Sheep Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Sheep Breeds


icelandic, hampshire, kerry hill, galician, marwari, merino, cameroon, faroe, bond, assaf, africana, galway, dorset, jacob, bizet, altay