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Cookware & Bakeware Word Scramble Puzzle

Cookware & Bakeware

Food & Drinks

saucepan, cake pan, poacher, pot racks, loaf pan, wok, pie pan, trivet, griddle, skillets, rice pot, saucers, soup pot, broiler, kettle, icing comb

U.S. State Foods Word Scramble Puzzle

U.S. State Foods

Food & Drinks

strawberry, potato, rice, almond, apple, choke cherry, tomato, pecan, cranberry, squash, grits, popcorn, blackberry, pumpkin, avocado, ice cream

Ice Cream and Pizza Parlor Word Scramble Puzzle

Ice Cream and Pizza Parlor

Food & Drinks

crust, prizes, balloons, sundaes, cheese, sausage, games, pineapple, buffet, kids, pizza, sauce, pepperoni, parties, mushrooms, families

Flavor Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

aspect, essence, bitter, spice, infusion, sweet, relish, season, tang, aroma, odor, zest, feeling, nature, character, pungency

Cocktails Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

zombie, paradise, mojito, sazerac, stinger, gimlet, joker, sidecar, four score, margarita, negroni, cuba libre, bijou, bacardi, bronx, vesper

Pour Me a Drink Word Scramble Puzzle

Pour Me a Drink

Food & Drinks

hot toddy, martinez, irish coffee, bloody mary, highball, gin and tonic, pisco sour, jack rose, gimlet, pina colada, negroni, cuba libre, mimisa, …

The Spice of Life Word Scramble Puzzle

The Spice of Life

Food & Drinks

mint, dill, fennel, bay leaf, cumin, onion, paprika, clove, mustard, ginger, nutmeg, anise, oregano, basil, parsley, cilantro

Vegetables Names Word Scramble Puzzle

Vegetables Names

Food & Drinks

How many vegetables can you find in this word search puzzle. A fun way to exercise your brain.

Veggies Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

pea, eggplant, artichoke, squash, lettuce, zucchini, cauliflower, tomato, celery, mushroom, yam, corn, pickle, broccoli, pepper, radish, cucumber, …

The Food Industry Word Scramble Puzzle

The Food Industry

Food & Drinks

machine, cooking, baker, attendant, sales, driver, stock, drying, assembly, service, filtering, poultry, packers, cutting, retail, cleaner

Restaurant Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

customer, waiter, bill, cooks, tables, order, chef, coffee, appetizer, glasses, manager, waitress, drinks, entree, knife, cashier

Cake Decorations Word Scramble Puzzle

Cake Decorations

Food & Drinks

lace, letters, chocolate, buttercream, fondant, flags, tiers, beading, cookies, icing, flowers, glaze, stand, hearts, frosting, bows

Foods Starting with C Word Scramble Puzzle

Foods Starting with 'C'

Food & Drinks

cashew, celery, chard, cucumber, cherry, corn, coconut, carrot, cinnamon, chestnut, chocolate, cranberry, chicory, citron, chickpea, chive

Crops Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

almond, barley, cocoa, oat, coffee, potato, sesame, coconut, corn, lentil, orange, cotton, flax, rye, apple, wheat

Spices Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

nutmeg, salt, cayenne, chili, cumin, pepper, fenugreek, cloves, paprika, coriander, ginger, mustard, cinnamon, turmeric, star anise, garlic

Vegetables Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

potato, green peas, chili pepper, basil, turnip, garlic, celery, ginger, coriander, radish, cauliflower, mushroom, onion, carrot, broccoli, spinach

Everything Sweet Word Scramble Puzzle

Everything Sweet

Food & Drinks

cream, sugar, fruit, pudding, cake, chocolate, taffy, gum, cookies, mint, ice cream, candy bar, sucker, brownies, fudge, pie

Cocktail Drinks Word Scramble Puzzle

Cocktail Drinks

Food & Drinks

daiquiri, caribou, zombie, mai tai, margarita, jack rose, mint julep, paradise, pall mall, pisco sour, gin sour, sidecar, earthquake, gimlet, …

Time for Tea Word Scramble Puzzle

Time for Tea

Food & Drinks

black, fruit, flower, tea bag, herbal, mint, loose, beverage, cups, chai, infusion, milk, leaves, strainer, saucer, green

Food Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

Word Search Puzzle with words list related to food items. For classroom play, this can be a fun and interactive way of getting students think and learn about healthy foods essential to their diets.

Chocolate Bars Word Scramble Puzzle

Chocolate Bars

Food & Drinks

kit kat, aero, snickers, coffee crisp, oh henry, crunchie, reese, twix, bounty, hersey, butterfinger, crunch, skor, milky way, big turk, mars

Soups Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

pumpkin, cucumber, oxtail, spinach, potato, leek, tomato, bacon, carrot, mushroom, okra, chicken, lentil, split peas, taco, fish

Christmas Food Word Scramble Puzzle

Christmas Food

Food & Drinks

pecan pie, stuffing, apple cider, candy canes, mince pie, apple pie, champagne, fruit cake, eggnog, short bread, mulled wine, gingerbread

Italian Food Word Scramble Puzzle

Italian Food

Food & Drinks

pasta, tortellini, antipasti, pesto, risotto, crostini, mozzarella, pizza, bruschetta, chianti, calzone, pepperoni, gelato, marinara, lasagna, …