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King Midas Word Scramble Puzzle

King Midas

Books & Literature

In Greek mythology, Midas, a king of Phrygia, known for his foolishness and greed. A word search puzzle related to the story of King Midas.

Poets Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

dove, jess, bacon, wilbur, snyder, strand, frost, aiken, lowell, dugan, tate, wright, dillon, pardlo, kooser, justice

Books Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

don quixote, jane eyre, ulysses, black beauty, the secret, jaws, herzog, scoop, little women, emma, sybil, vanity fair

Dr. Seuss Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Dr. Seuss Books

Books & Literature

Word search based on Dr. Seuss work, that was a popular author of children's books, a cartoonist, animator poet, illustrator, screenwriter and film maker.

Dr. Seuss Word Scramble Puzzle

Dr. Seuss

Books & Literature

children, springfield, poet, cartoonist, filmmaker, yertle, horton, illustrator, the grinch, author, animator, writer, the lorax, whoville, theodor, …

Top Secret Word Scramble Puzzle

Top Secret

Books & Literature

Find words related to book Top Secret from bestselling authors Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy.

Cookbooks Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

appetizer, grilling, breads, pies, soups, candies, poultry, beverages, ethnic, salads, desserts, fruits, cakes, cookies, pasta, eggs

Nonfiction Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Nonfiction Terms

Books & Literature

chart, heading, sidebar, diagram, bold print, graph, glossary, italics, subheading, label, nonfiction, photograph, caption, timeline, index, map

Poems Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

persuade, mood, speaker, poem, poetry, topic, rhyme, devices, entertain, inform, imagery, tone, author, symbolism, frozen, explain

Romance Novelists Word Scramble Puzzle

Romance Novelists

Books & Literature

dailey, steel, macomber, cole, garwood, howard, lindsey, sparks, feehan, quinn, roberts, spencer, austen, balogh, day, mitchell

Writing a Book Word Scramble Puzzle

Writing a Book

Books & Literature

goals, revising, write, plan, idea, remove, publish, replace, grammar, prewrite, writer, structure, edit, rearrange, add, final, book, words, draft, …

Agatha Christie Word Scramble Puzzle

Agatha Christie

Books & Literature

Find words related to the characters and books of English writer Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, well known for her short stories and detective novels.

Narratives Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

action, place, end, story, narrative, hear, middle, character, setting, punctuation, dialogue, smell, sight, beginning, time, entertain

Frankenstein Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

monster, tragedy, companion, blind, storm, novel, revenge, felix, cottage, bride, body parts, geneva, captain, demon, agathe, darwin

Animals With Horns Word Scramble Puzzle

Animals With Horns


goat, reindeer, wildebeest, antelope, sheep, deer, bison, impala, moose, caribou, bighorn, rhinoceros, buffalo, giraffe, musk ox, gazelle

Safari Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Safari Animals


Safari animals are animals that thrive in grasslands. Here is a list of exciting safari animals to search from the random words grid.

Animal Parts Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Parts


claw, shell, hoof, trunk, fang, gill, fur, hump, talon, horn, antler, tail, wing, paw, beak, fin

Mountain Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Mountain Animals


bobcat, owl, badger, eagle, elk, coyote, chipmunk, gazelle, fox, deer, wolf, squirrel, beaver, rabbit, leopard, bison

Omnivores Word Scramble Puzzle



fox , badger , rook , mouse , ant , chicken , pig , gibbon , cricket , flamingo , bear , duck , ostrich , shark , rat , swan

Pollinators Word Scramble Puzzle



bear, beetles, lemurs, butterfly, wasp, lizard, fly, birds, honey bee, bat, ant, deer, rodents, moth, mosquito, bee

Toads Word Scramble Puzzle



houston, california, texas, western, green, american, boreal, gulf coast, black, canadian, arroyo, oak, arizona, yosemite, cane, red spotted

Male Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Male Animals


boomer, billy, bull, buck, leopard, gander, peacock, lion, drone, drake, brute, boar, ram, rooster, stallion, tiger

Female Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Female Animals


vixen, goose, lioness, nanny, queen, sow, jennet, pullet, jill, falcon, peahen, reeve, mare, cow, tigress, hind

All about Alpacas Word Scramble Puzzle

All about Alpacas


Word search puzzles based on the alpaca, a species of South American camelid mammal.