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Begins with Letter H Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter H


harass, hillside, heart, handy, health, hazard, humid, hasty, hairy, habit, hammer, hurting, hope, horse, helpful, haunch

Words with a Long U Word Scramble Puzzle

Words with a Long U


Find the words that have long U sounds when they are pronounced.

Begins with Letter I Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter I


illegal, image, ignore, identify, immune, illusive, illicit, illuminate, immortal, idle, idiotic, iguana, idol, ideal, imagine, illness

Descriptive Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Descriptive Words


hollow, simple, short, lazy, kind, bright, colorful, distinct, rotten, neat, foolish, boring, eager, fine, calm, false

Comparative and Superlatives Word Scramble Puzzle

Comparative and Superlatives


best, happiest, smallest, smaller, better, largest, busiest, littlest, busier, happier, sunniest, coldest, littler, earliest, earlier, larger

TE Words Word Scramble Puzzle

'TE' Words


team, testimony, teak, teenage, teeter, terror, terrific, template, teleology, tennis, tense, tease, tentacle, tender, tedium, tempest

Challenging Word Scramble Puzzle



laborious, tricky, stiff, severe, rigid, uphill, problematic, toilsome, tough, strenuous, onerous, immense, intricate, difficult, trying, prohibitive

Figures of Speech Word Scramble Puzzle

Figures of Speech


A figure of speech is a word or phrase that has other meaning than its normal definition.

Begins with Letter L Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter L


label, lady, landmark, longer, lawyer, lamb, learn, lagoon, lake, labor, laminate, leap, lacquer, landlord, ladle, little

Words Starting with Ant Word Scramble Puzzle

Words Starting with Ant


antacid, anthem, antique, antagonist, antelope, antenna, antidote, antimony, antibiotic, antiseptic, antonym, ants

Begins with Letter N Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter N


negative, numeral, nearly, natural, nerve, nanny, never, none, necessary, national, narrow, needful, nephew, namely, nasal, number

Begins with Letter Y Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter Y


yellow, young, yogurt, yarn, youth, yearly, yard, yonker, yolk, yield, yesterday, yoga, yuppie, yourself, yawn, yeast

Words starting with SP Word Scramble Puzzle

Words starting with 'SP'


spill, sponsor, splash, split, spear, spree, spirit, sphere, speed, spin, sprinkle, spoken, spectrum, special, splendor, spare

Reversible Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Reversible Words


stink, strap, keep, slap, raw, live, snug, recap, flow, sleep, star, pat, pets, dog, regal, golf, top, paws, snap, gas

Words Containing HER Word Scramble Puzzle

Words Containing HER


leather, herbs, fishermen, heron, heroic, rather, cherry, coherent, hertz, other, washer, wisher, heather, herd

Adjectives Starting with Letter J Word Scramble Puzzle

Adjectives Starting with Letter J


jazzy, jarring, judicious, juicy, jolly, jittery, jumbo, jinxed, jointed, jubilant, jesting, jovial, jeering, jagged, joyous, jealous

Common Word Scramble Puzzle



average, plain, routine, usual, typical, recurrent, hackneyed, humdrum, standard, everyday, stock, ordinary, familiar, conventional, normal, probable

Faulty Word Scramble Puzzle



deficient, awry, broken, kaput, weak, cracked, defective, leaky, flawed, useless, bust, unsound, damaged, distorted, unusable, tainted

Pirate Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Pirate Vocabulary


treasure, plank, chantey, yo ho ho, aye aye, ahoy, landlubber, galley, doubloon, hearties, cutlass, mutiny, arr, plunder, avast, jolly roger

Words Containing CAT Word Scramble Puzzle

Words Containing CAT


placate, allocate, indicate, application, caters, relocate, medicate, catapult, truncate, vacation, dedicate, copycat, syndicate, altercation, …

Long a Sound Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Long 'a' Sound Words


skate, escape, plane, vein, brake, weight, hey, tail, rail, afraid, rain, take, veil, play, break, train

USA Presidents Word Scramble Puzzle

USA Presidents


obama, fillmore, hayes, bush, grant, reagan, pierce, wilson, trump, taylor, nixon, madison, ford, washington, jefferson, lincoln

Canadian Slang Word Scramble Puzzle

Canadian Slang


Word search based on the common Canadian slang words you need to know if you are visiting Canada.

A Names Word Scramble Puzzle

'A' Names


amelia, adele, aimee, aaron, anders, alyson, alice, angus, andrew, alan, adlai, alvin, abraham, anita, adam, albert