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RED Words Word Scramble Puzzle

RED Words


bettered, cared, adored, hatred, eared, mired, marred, glared, aired, captured, hired, accredit, bared, ignored, adhered, geared

Happy Synonyms Word Scramble Puzzle

Happy Synonyms


delighted, ebullient, mirthful, overjoyed, exultant, grinning, euphoric, carefree, jubilant, ecstatic, gratified, blissful, rapturous, cheerful, …

Words that Contain ER Word Scramble Puzzle

Words that Contain 'ER'


river, berry, aerial, literal, merry, farmer, order, derby, clever, here, error, flower, were, user, zero, paper

Miraculous Synonyms Word Scramble Puzzle

Miraculous Synonyms


awesome, fabulous, far out, magical, wondrous, incredible, strange, unreal, freakish, marvelous, amazing, too much

USA Presidents Word Scramble Puzzle

USA Presidents


obama, fillmore, hayes, bush, grant, reagan, pierce, wilson, trump, taylor, nixon, madison, ford, washington, jefferson, lincoln

Pronouns Word Scramble Puzzle



these, mine, she, that, many, both, some, them, this, her, none, few, you, they, him, most

Punctuation Marks Word Scramble Puzzle

Punctuation Marks


asterisk, semicolon, apostrophe, bracket, slash, paragraph, period, accent, dash, caret, comma, brace, colon, hyphen, ampersand, tilde

Onomatopoeic Word Scramble Puzzle



Onomatopoeia, is the process of creating a word that phonetically imitates, resembles, or suggests the sound that it describes.

Faulty Word Scramble Puzzle



deficient, awry, broken, kaput, weak, cracked, defective, leaky, flawed, useless, bust, unsound, damaged, distorted, unusable, tainted

G Words Word Scramble Puzzle

'G' Words


gross, glacier, guilty, glass, galaxy, gamble, gold, gorge, ginger, gloss, globe, great, generous, gale, genial, goggles

Homonyms Word Scramble Puzzle



Homonyms are two or more words that have the same pronunciation or spelling but different meanings. Try and figure out how many homonyms can you find in this word search puzzle.

Progressive Era Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Progressive Era Vocabulary


urbanization, trustbuster, tenements, squaredeal, referendum, trust, laborunion, muckrakers, recall, populists, initiative, monopoly

Words Starting with LO Word Scramble Puzzle

Words Starting with LO


love, loose, lobster, local, loud, lookout, lotion, load, lounge, location, lord, lowly, london, lodge, logical, longer

Reversible Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Reversible Words


stink, strap, keep, slap, raw, live, snug, recap, flow, sleep, star, pat, pets, dog, regal, golf, top, paws, snap, gas

Rigid Transformation Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Rigid Transformation Vocabulary


point, congruence, figure, rotation, line, image, center, transformation, composition, geometric, mapping, reflection, angle, isometry, segment, …

Begins with Letter H Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter H


harass, hillside, heart, handy, health, hazard, humid, hasty, hairy, habit, hammer, hurting, hope, horse, helpful, haunch

Begins with Letter G Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter G


garnish, gauge, grizzly, gear, genetic, geometric, gallery, greed, great, generous, goat, gain, gate, gelatin, grudge, gesture

Spanish Numbers Word Scramble Puzzle

Spanish Numbers


ocho, diez, seis, doce, catorce, viente, nueve, tres, dos, cinco, once, siete, cuatro, quince, uno, trece

Canadian Slang Word Scramble Puzzle

Canadian Slang


Word search based on the common Canadian slang words you need to know if you are visiting Canada.

M Words Word Scramble Puzzle

'M' Words


majesty, motor, machine, mayhem, menace, mixture, minimum, maternal, maxim, metaphor, matrix, marble, monster, marriage, marvel, molecule

Regular Verbs Word Scramble Puzzle

Regular Verbs


earn, face, land, join, call, excite, file, guard, hug, amuse, pause, accept, deliver, guide, dress, lock

Begins with Letter I Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter I


illegal, image, ignore, identify, immune, illusive, illicit, illuminate, immortal, idle, idiotic, iguana, idol, ideal, imagine, illness

B Words Word Scramble Puzzle

B Words


brake, blueberry, baton, bishop, biography, brave, balcony, biosphere, bicycle, babble, behind, bedtime, boost, brain, border, butane

Phonetic Alphabet Word Scramble Puzzle

Phonetic Alphabet


juliet, yankee, oscar, romeo, golf, uniform, zulu, mike, alpha, papa, lima, bravo, hotel, kilo, echo, delta