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Adjectives Word Scramble Puzzle



Adjectives based word search puzzle. An adjective is a word that modifies a noun or pronoun in the sentence.

A Names Word Scramble Puzzle

'A' Names


amelia, adele, aimee, aaron, anders, alyson, alice, angus, andrew, alan, adlai, alvin, abraham, anita, adam, albert

Begins with Letter S Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter S


salute, situation, should, short, sales, shark, still, saddle, safe, singular, shallow, salmon, salt, satisfy, sacrifice, single

Lonely Word Scramble Puzzle



unloved, unwanted, solitary, apart, reclusive, left out, forsaken, outcast, isolated, detached, homeless, by oneself, friendless, single, rejected, …

Words starting with SP Word Scramble Puzzle

Words starting with 'SP'


spill, sponsor, splash, split, spear, spree, spirit, sphere, speed, spin, sprinkle, spoken, spectrum, special, splendor, spare

Adverbs Word Scramble Puzzle



An adverb is a word that modifies verb, adjective or whole sentence. Check out this adverbs based word search puzzle. Kids can enhance their vocabulary while playing this.

Begins with Letter J Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter J


jasmine, jetliner, jigsaw, jackpot, jewelry, jalopy, journey, judge, jingle, judicial, journal, jazzy, jubilee, joint, job, junction

Prepositions Word Scramble Puzzle



before, opposite, above, near, except, aboard, save, past, across, about, inside, round, despite, under, than, minus

Rigid Transformation Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Rigid Transformation Vocabulary


point, congruence, figure, rotation, line, image, center, transformation, composition, geometric, mapping, reflection, angle, isometry, segment, …

Progressive Era Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Progressive Era Vocabulary


urbanization, trustbuster, tenements, squaredeal, referendum, trust, laborunion, muckrakers, recall, populists, initiative, monopoly

One Syllable Words Word Scramble Puzzle

One Syllable Words


run, date, peek, rain, climb, see, you, boat, love, make, out, life, chair, day, friend, tie

M to E Word Scramble Puzzle

'M' to 'E'


mare, mode, make, movie, migrate, mince, marine, mouse, magazine, medicine, mingle, mistake, measure, memorize, mime, maple

Split Digraphs Word Scramble Puzzle

Split Digraphs


Digraphs are collections of two letters that make one sound. A split digraph is a Digraph that is split by a consonant. There could be beginning digraph, ending digraph, and combined.

Begins with Letter N Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter N


negative, numeral, nearly, natural, nerve, nanny, never, none, necessary, national, narrow, needful, nephew, namely, nasal, number

Five Letter Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Five Letter Words


field, crate, react, later, stale, abide, alone, quack, dodge, smile, great, treat, month, stain, loath, stunt

Figures of Speech Word Scramble Puzzle

Figures of Speech


A figure of speech is a word or phrase that has other meaning than its normal definition.

One Vowel Words Word Scramble Puzzle

One Vowel Words


blend, block, fork, black, first, empty, ghost, spend, drink, storm, depth, lift, hybrid, clown, bright, spray

Begins with Letter F Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter F


fairly, familiar, fast, fantasy, facial, feasible, fire, favorite, factor, facet, fearful, faculty, fabricate, fabulous, feminine, fruit

Latin Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Latin Words


axis, orbis, leo, camera, ignis, libra, vox, genus, lens, aquila, mars, campus, liber, glacies, bucca, auris

Palindromes Word Scramble Puzzle



radar, stats, minim, level, deed, ewe, bob, bib, wow, eye, kayak, civic, gig, noon, pop, peep

Begins with Letter Y Word Scramble Puzzle

Begins with Letter Y


yellow, young, yogurt, yarn, youth, yearly, yard, yonker, yolk, yield, yesterday, yoga, yuppie, yourself, yawn, yeast

Reversible Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Reversible Words


stink, strap, keep, slap, raw, live, snug, recap, flow, sleep, star, pat, pets, dog, regal, golf, top, paws, snap, gas

TE Words Word Scramble Puzzle

'TE' Words


team, testimony, teak, teenage, teeter, terror, terrific, template, teleology, tennis, tense, tease, tentacle, tender, tedium, tempest

Spanish Numbers Word Scramble Puzzle

Spanish Numbers


ocho, diez, seis, doce, catorce, viente, nueve, tres, dos, cinco, once, siete, cuatro, quince, uno, trece