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Twelfth Night Word Scramble Puzzle

Twelfth Night

Books & Literature

romantic, comedy, william, shakespeare, play, disguise, illyria, maria, olivia, orsino, viola, twins, sir toby, musical, shipwreck, story

Figurative Language Word Scramble Puzzle

Figurative Language

Books & Literature

lines, repetition, onomatopoeia, elegy, simile, epic, lyric, allusion, limerick, haiku, oxymoron, acrostic, narrative, rhyme, stanzas, idiom, …

Dr. Seuss Word Scramble Puzzle

Dr. Seuss

Books & Literature

children, springfield, poet, cartoonist, filmmaker, yertle, horton, illustrator, the grinch, author, animator, writer, the lorax, whoville, theodor, …

Macbeth Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

betrayal, noble, greed, king, ross, duncan, macbeth, evil, bravery, witches, visions, power, fate, tragedy, death, traitor, scotland, novel, dagger, …

In a Journal Word Scramble Puzzle

In a Journal

Books & Literature

calendar, handwriting, phone numbers, moon phases, contacts, notes, feelings, month, record, year planner, thoughts, date, addresses, week, entries, …

Famous Authors Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Authors

Books & Literature

orwell, joyce, tolstoy, austen, christie, woolf, dr seuss, lewis, carroll, jules, kafka, dickens, harper, oscar, rowling, dahl

Elements of a Story Word Scramble Puzzle

Elements of a Story

Books & Literature

climax, protagonist, short story, rising action, fiction, theme, introduction, plot, narrator, conflict, antagonist, resolution, characters, …

World Book Day Word Scramble Puzzle

World Book Day

Books & Literature

thriller, reading, author, comics, character, fiction, chapter, illustrator, library, books, horror, hero, manga, villain, setting, plot

The Book Club Word Scramble Puzzle

The Book Club

Books & Literature

member, shipping, catalog, novel, discount, newsletter, update, plan, club, bulletin, sale, genre, choice, join, account, order

The Gruffalo Word Scramble Puzzle

The Gruffalo

Books & Literature

ice cream, julia, snake, log pile, walk, axel, stroll, woods, treetop, tusks, owl, tea, feast, claws, pie, fox

Storytelling Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

story, audio book, words, book, imagination, library, bear hunt, phonics, peter rabbit, attention, story sacks, dear zoo, listening, voice, goldilocks

An Inspector Calls Word Scramble Puzzle

An Inspector Calls

Books & Literature

socialism, engagement, gerald, titanic, inspector, sheila, taylor, priestley, responsibility, eva smith, suicide, birling, croft, renton, edna

Charles Dickens Characters Word Scramble Puzzle

Charles Dickens Characters

Books & Literature

Charles Dickens was a writer and social critic. This puzzle is based on the well know fictional characters created by him.

The Giver Word Scramble Puzzle

The Giver

Books & Literature

receiver, lily, ceremony, lois lowry, asher, bicycle, community, memory, father, job, release, twelve, jonas, mother, career, gabriel

Sherlock Holmes Word Scramble Puzzle

Sherlock Holmes

Books & Literature

baker street, deduction, london, adventure, irene, novels, detective, observation, police, logic, forensics, crime

Language Features Word Scramble Puzzle

Language Features

Books & Literature

rhetorical, pronouns, pathetic fallacy, emotive, personification, sensory, imagery, alliteration, onomatopoeia, repetition, hyperbole, oxymoron, …

Electrical Engineering Word Scramble Puzzle

Electrical Engineering

Books & Literature

bulb, capacitor, power, resistor, inductor, system, voltmeter, radio, circuit, signal, electricity, connection, cable, wires, computer, conductor

Dr. Suess Word Scramble Puzzle

Dr. Suess

Books & Literature

foot, grinch, horton, book, suess, gerald, green eggs, ham, fish, mulberry, sneetches, thidwick, whoville, rhymes, lorax, yertile

Cookbooks Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

appetizer, grilling, breads, pies, soups, candies, poultry, beverages, ethnic, salads, desserts, fruits, cakes, cookies, pasta, eggs

Magazines Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

sunset, cosmo, glamour, time, money, self, more, home, people, elle, golf digest, maxim, health, lucky, handy, gourmet

Book Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

story, address, cooking, picture, coupon, pocket, sketch, record, log, coloring, phone, account, library, school, note, prayer

Poems Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

persuade, mood, speaker, poem, poetry, topic, rhyme, devices, entertain, inform, imagery, tone, author, symbolism, frozen, explain

Creative Writing Word Scramble Puzzle

Creative Writing

Books & Literature

simile, adjectives, metaphor, commas, punctuation, paragraphs, pronouns, show not tell, nouns, adverbs, speech marks, speech, superlatives, verbs, …

Literary Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Literary Terms

Books & Literature

imagery, fable, symbol, flashback, myth, mood, theme, folk tale, stanza, irony, climax, simile, drama, speaker, metaphor, setting, analogy, dialect, …