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Yearbook Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

candid, body copy, bleed, ladder, spine, serif, cover, justify, page, theme, closing, scenario, copy block, opening, gutter, headline, spread, …

A Boy and a Bear Word Scramble Puzzle

A Boy and a Bear

Books & Literature

Word search puzzle based on the children's relaxation book 'A Boy and a Bear' by Lori Lite.

Writing a Book Word Scramble Puzzle

Writing a Book

Books & Literature

goals, revising, write, plan, idea, remove, publish, replace, grammar, prewrite, writer, structure, edit, rearrange, add, final, book, words, draft, …

Narratives Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

action, place, end, story, narrative, hear, middle, character, setting, punctuation, dialogue, smell, sight, beginning, time, entertain

Romance Novelists Word Scramble Puzzle

Romance Novelists

Books & Literature

dailey, steel, macomber, cole, garwood, howard, lindsey, sparks, feehan, quinn, roberts, spencer, austen, balogh, day, mitchell

Language Features Word Scramble Puzzle

Language Features

Books & Literature

rhetorical, pronouns, pathetic fallacy, emotive, personification, sensory, imagery, alliteration, onomatopoeia, repetition, hyperbole, oxymoron, …

Spelling Bee Word Scramble Puzzle

Spelling Bee

Books & Literature

glinting, pirate, button, cattle, oval, liberty, nutmeg, marsh, muster, vanish, roar, rodents, zone, wailing, escape, lukewarm, excellent, speak, …

In a Journal Word Scramble Puzzle

In a Journal

Books & Literature

calendar, handwriting, phone numbers, moon phases, contacts, notes, feelings, month, record, year planner, thoughts, date, addresses, week, entries, …

Tom Sawyer Word Scramble Puzzle

Tom Sawyer

Books & Literature

Find words related to the adventures of Tom Sawyer, a character from the Mark Twain novels. He is probably best remembered for the incident in which he gets a number of other boys to whitewash his Aunt Polly's fence.

Poems Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

persuade, mood, speaker, poem, poetry, topic, rhyme, devices, entertain, inform, imagery, tone, author, symbolism, frozen, explain

Public Library Word Scramble Puzzle

Public Library

Books & Literature

tables, librarian, biography, catalog, branch, newspaper, computers, renew, arts, books, magazines, read, internet, chairs, novels, shelves

Cookbooks Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

appetizer, grilling, breads, pies, soups, candies, poultry, beverages, ethnic, salads, desserts, fruits, cakes, cookies, pasta, eggs

Hatchet Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

nature, fire, trees, secret, lake, hatchet, brian, shelter, plants, birds, wood, moose, plane, wolf, fish, rabbit

Prefixes Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

unicycle, nonsense, income, nonviolent, uniform, prefix, inside, unique, insert, indoors, tricycle, trilogy, triangle, prepare, bicentenary

Tom Saywer Word Scramble Puzzle

Tom Saywer

Books & Literature

muffpotter, treasure, tom, lost, graveyard, trick, auntpolly, murder, rich, door knob, mississippi, huck, white wash, knife, injun joe, raft

The Giver Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

The Giver Vocabulary

Books & Literature

fleeting, aptitude, integral, buoyancy, palpable, droning, jaunty, benign, chastise, wielded, chortled, prodded

Charles Dickens Characters Word Scramble Puzzle

Charles Dickens Characters

Books & Literature

Charles Dickens was a writer and social critic. This puzzle is based on the well know fictional characters created by him.

Book Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

story, address, cooking, picture, coupon, pocket, sketch, record, log, coloring, phone, account, library, school, note, prayer

Percy Jacksn Word Scramble Puzzle

Percy Jacksn

Books & Literature

artemis, underworld, grover, hermes, hades, lightning, border, hurcules, mr case, sally, warrior, bianca, olympian, riptide, poseidon, cyclops, …

Book Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Terminology

Books & Literature

author, issue, edge, collate, impression, back stripe, verso, binding, watermark, cover, edition, signature, spine, isbn, sheets, grading

Red Kayak Word Scramble Puzzle

Red Kayak

Books & Literature

mustard, butter, advance, problem, admire, petals, shuttle, distance, regular, enjoy, comedy, method, channel, drummer, perhaps, figure

Dependent & Independent Clauses Word Scramble Puzzle

Dependent & Independent Clauses

Books & Literature

dependent, finite verb, adjectival, simple, restrictive, compound, sentence, independent, relative, main clause, adverbial, complex, subordinate

Childrens Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Children's Books

Books & Literature

Find hidden words related to popular children's books.

Latin Script Languages Word Scramble Puzzle

Latin Script Languages

Books & Literature

dutch, danish, welsh, hawaiian, english, albanian, cornish, swedish, breton, basque, catalan, finnish, french, corsican, estonian, norwegian