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Book Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Terminology

Books & Literature

author, issue, edge, collate, impression, back stripe, verso, binding, watermark, cover, edition, signature, spine, isbn, sheets, grading

Superman Word Scramble Puzzle


Comics & Animation

cape , red , strength , blue , power , krypton , brave , steel , justice , lane , superhero , icon , flight , xray , planet , lex

Falls Prevention Awareness Word Scramble Puzzle

Falls Prevention Awareness

Health & Fitness

armband, bed alarm, gait belt, elf program, exercise, teamwork, high risk, balance, call light, medication, sleeves, huddle, fall, sitter, red socks, …

Languages Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

spanish, japanese, danish, russian, hindi, greek, hebrew, finnish, latin, mandarin, arab, bengali, english, french, catalan, turkish

Tropical Plants Word Scramble Puzzle

Tropical Plants


cacao, mango, rosewood, nettles, artichoke, guava, jatoba, bitter melon, maca, turmeric, guaco, mimosa, cashew, brazil nut, acai, papaya

Things That You Open Word Scramble Puzzle

Things That You Open


dishwasher, tap, window, curtains, envelope, present, garage, mailbox, purse, box, gate, jar, door, bag, disc drive, book

Beach Word Scramble Puzzle



People love to spend their time on the beach side in summer season or while on vacation in tropical areas. A beach is a land along side the body of water which consists or sand and other loose particle. This puzzle consists of words related to the beach and the activities people do.

Summer Time Word Scramble Puzzle

Summer Time


shorts, playground, bike rides, sunglasses, no school, swimsuits, activities, vacation, baseball, popsicle, flip flops, park, fun, picnics, ice cream, …

Parts of a Computer Word Scramble Puzzle

Parts of a Computer

Computers & IT

mouse, hard drive, monitor, system unit, media, keyboard, system tray, printer, modem, icons, speaker, desk top, flash drive, dictionary, multimedia, …

Types of Businesses Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Businesses


producer, finance, retailer, processor, production, manufacturer, accounting, procurement, management, marketing, wholesaler, intermediary

Safe Gaurding Word Scramble Puzzle

Safe Gaurding

Safety & Prevention

health, protection, vulnerable, physical, domestic, cut, emotional, mash, child, well being, support, abuse, disclose, harm, agencies, listen

Film Directors Word Scramble Puzzle

Film Directors


scott, polanski, ford, hawks, wilder, eastwood, lynch, allen, keaton, kubrick, chaplin, lucas, lee, bergman, coppola, truffaut

Fencing Word Scramble Puzzle



guard, quinte, seconde, parade, octave, prime, backsword, sabre, piste, parry, sixte, feint, quarte, bracer, touch, mask

Accurate Word Scramble Puzzle



correct, exact, faithful, literal, reliable, precise, authentic, right, flawless, fair, factual, real

Punctuation Word Scramble Puzzle



accent, acute, semicolon, hook, solidus, apostrophe, grave, cedilla, umlaut, bracket, period, hyphen, macron, dash, tilde, comma

Mysterious Word Scramble Puzzle


Religion & Belief

exotic, recondite, hidden, concealed, mystical, cryptic, alien, anonymous, uncertain, unclear, covert, disguised, distant, untold, puzzling, strange

Beach Volleyball Word Scramble Puzzle

Beach Volleyball


beach, volleyball, sand, team, net, barefoot, competitive, court, sun, hit, play, match

Hot Air Balloon Word Scramble Puzzle

Hot Air Balloon


adventure, spectators, colors, burner, fun, clouds, landing, sky, quiet, inflate, flying, festival, balloon, descend, basket, passenger

Chess Word Scramble Puzzle



Find all the chess related hidden words from the grid.

Legume Dishes Word Scramble Puzzle

Legume Dishes

Food & Drinks

hummus, fasolada, callos, dalcha, baked beans, lentil soup, farinata, pea soup, garnache, falafel, bean pie, panelle, black peas, bean salad

Thirsty? Word Scramble Puzzle


Food & Drinks

wine, sangria, chocolate, brandy, coffee, whisky, drink, water, punch, alcohol, beverage, beer, espresso, cider, soda, juice

Cooking Tools Word Scramble Puzzle

Cooking Tools

Food & Drinks

knife, ladle, toaster, molds, oven, fork, strainer, bowl, grill, cooker, apron, griddle, shaker, pots, mortar, mixer

Human Bones Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Bones


The human skeleton is the internal framework of the human body. Find words based on many different types of bones found in a human skeleton.

Columbus Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Columbus Day


captain, wind, world, crew, indians, compass, columbus, landfall, gold, ships, map, ocean, spain, discover, spices, america