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Donkey Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Donkey Breeds


dezhou, ezel, spotted, caninde, masai, mannar, kulan, masri, asin, biyang, black, benderi, hassawi, hamadan, etbai, bulgaro

Julia Roberts Word Scramble Puzzle

Julia Roberts


duplicity, notting hill, pretty woman, flatliners, eat pray love, friends, hook, mary reilly, darby shaw, mystic pizza, vivian ward, money monster, …

Veterinary Root Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Veterinary Root Words


Find the hidden words associated with the work of veterinarians, vets and veterinary practices. The words to find are listed at the bottom of the quiz.

Summer BBQ Word Scramble Puzzle

Summer BBQ


mustard, lemonade, burgers, celebration, hotdogs, barbecue, ketchup, dessert, watermelon, brownies, ice tea, friends, napkins, swimming, pickles, …

Skydiving Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Skydiving Terms


series, pilot chute, static line, cork, exit, gps, bag lock, downwind, hybrid, harness, rigger, flare, delay, kill line, skysurfing, swoop

Grows in the Rainforest Word Scramble Puzzle

Grows in the Rainforest


jambu, bamboo, curare, durian, coconuts, orchids, jackfruit, kapok tree, hibiscus, rubber tree, ferns, cassava, bananas, lianas, guava, pineapples

A Boy and a Bear Word Scramble Puzzle

A Boy and a Bear

Books & Literature

Word search puzzle based on the children's relaxation book 'A Boy and a Bear' by Lori Lite.

Journey to the Unknown Word Scramble Puzzle

Journey to the Unknown


Journey to the Unknown is a British anthology television series that aired in UK during 1969.

Female Dog Names Word Scramble Puzzle

Female Dog Names


penny, sasha, belle, lola, daisy, roxy, pepper, coco, lacey, abby, dixie, ruby, honey, maya, annie, sandy

Angels and Fairies Word Scramble Puzzle

Angels and Fairies

Religion & Belief

jophiel, wanda, jareth, adriel, tamani, raphael, titania, lucifer, ariel, muriel, nuala, zephon

Weights and Measurements Word Scramble Puzzle

Weights and Measurements

Tools & Equipment

quart , barrel , gram , degree , ounce , micron , ream , pound , minute , acre , inch , cubit , foot , mole , knot , gallon

Intelligent Word Scramble Puzzle



sharp, wise, creative, profound, clever, astute, capable, ingenious, bright, sapient, alert, brilliant

Spritual Home Word Scramble Puzzle

Spritual Home

Religion & Belief

work, happy, bible, convention, meetings, household, broadcast, growth, young, association, studies, brotherly, balance, love, proud, assembly, serve, …

Movies Set in Space Word Scramble Puzzle

Movies Set in Space


dune, galaxy quest, barbarella, life, serenity, interstellar, flash gordon, star wars, first man, total recall, krull, passengers, alien, gravity, …

Beyonces Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

Beyonce's Songs


freedom, baby boy, partion, be with you, deja vu, halo, flawless, blue, at last, sorry, formation, all night

Quiet Word Scramble Puzzle



hushed, lulled, sedate, restful, composed, calm, silent, serene, taciturn, placid, muted, still

Aladdin Animation Movie Word Scramble Puzzle

Aladdin Animation Movie

Comics & Animation

carpet, aladdin, jasmine, sultan, jafar, abu, prince, magic, lamp, three wishes, agrabah, iago, genie, snake, cave, animation

Election Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Election Day

Law & Government

ballot, campaign, debate, constituent, congress, candidate, nominee, primary, independent, vote, democracy, party, election, represent

Blacksmith Shop Word Scramble Puzzle

Blacksmith Shop

Tools & Equipment

fire, carbon, bundle, workshop, attach, anvil, grinder, alloys, sparks, welding, metallurgy, forge, hammer, molten, repair, article

The Black Cat Word Scramble Puzzle

The Black Cat

Books & Literature

black, revenge, officers, petted, heart, fireplace, deadly, cold blood, mysterious, stick, knife, cellar, drink, innkeeper, cries, stones

Hair Conditioning Word Scramble Puzzle

Hair Conditioning

Beauty & Fashion

cortex, acid, massage, alkaline, effleurage, medulla, petrissage, penetrating, gown, cuticle, towel, shining, shampoo, conditioner, rotary, friction

Spray Can Word Scramble Puzzle

Spray Can

Tools & Equipment

oils, ozone, package, mist, cloud, shake, paint, nozzle, cold, aerosol, chemical, caps, gases, spray, foam, solution

Inside the Body Word Scramble Puzzle

Inside the Body

Health & Fitness

appendix, spine, diaphragm, artery, heart, stomach, organs, brain, liver, bladder, fat, lung, colon, blood, kidney, intestine

Jordan Word Scramble Puzzle



zarqa, monarchy, petra, jerash, irbid, gadara, wadi rum, russeifa, mansaf, amman, aqaba, asia, dead sea, arabic, dinar, middle east