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The French Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

The French Revolution


sun king, guild, citizens, liberty, rights, louis xvi, guillotine, danton, feudal, bastille, assembly, code, paris, vassal, marat, terror

Geological Time Scale Word Scramble Puzzle

Geological Time Scale


era , permian , period , cretaceous , cambrian , cenozoic , mesozoic , jurassic , triassic , phanerozic , paleozoic , silurian , devonian , …

Roaring 20s Word Scramble Puzzle

Roaring 20s


earhart, scandal, roaring, immigration, communism, unions, coolidge, prosperity, lindbergh, model t, red scare, babe ruth, harding, flapper, stocks, …

The Aztec Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

The Aztec Empire


calendar, pyramids, texcoco, underworld, commerce, markets, huey, corn, atole, tizoc, acatl, chocolate, aztecs, mexica, emperors, pulque

Tarot Cards Word Scramble Puzzle

Tarot Cards


chariot, tower, star, moon, hermit, lovers, fool, emperor, judgement, devil, empress, death, sun, strength, magician, justice

Orange Shirt Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Orange Shirt Day


communities, indigenous, reconciliation, canada, understanding, awareness, matters, schools, first nations, september, bullying, child, residential, …

Gold Rush Word Scramble Puzzle

Gold Rush


fields, equipment, nuggets, map, claim, ounce, hard work, panning, supplies, mining, cradle, luck, diggings, river, success, rich

Byzantine Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

Byzantine Empire


ordeal, czar, clovis, charlemagne, orthodox, abbess, carolingian, pyrenees, monk, bishopric, nun, missionary, manor, monasticism, pope, pepin

Dinosaurs Word Scramble Puzzle



Dinosaurs are a diverse group of reptiles, that ruled the earth millions of years ago in Jurassic and Triassic period. Find the word related to the classification of dinosaurs and their behavior.

Ancient Civilisations Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient Civilisations


mesopotamia, pyramids, pharaohs, dynasty, civilization, damascus, hieroglyphics, geometry, sumerians, archeology, greek, ancient egypt, statues, …

Post-War Prosperity Word Scramble Puzzle

Post-War Prosperity


containment, domino theory, fair deal, iron curtain, rock and roll, little rock nine, baby boom, cold war, blacklist, levittowns, marshall plan, …

Ancient Australia Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient Australia


civilization, excavation, artifacts, perspectives, source, evidence, indigenous, interpretation, ancient, common era, credibility, primary, secondary, …

Age of Exploration Word Scramble Puzzle

Age of Exploration


cartography, exploration, spices, compass, astrolabe, gold, weather, asia, slave, europe, columbus, map, trade routes, scurvy, spain, renaissance

Life in the Medievil Period Word Scramble Puzzle

Life in the Medievil Period


relic, pope, freeman, saints, heaven, pole tax, monks, wat tyler, knights, church, rebellions, hell, tithes, land, keep, monarchy, crusades, king …

Greek Mythological Figures Word Scramble Puzzle

Greek Mythological Figures


dionysus, apollo, artemis, zeus, demeter, themis, theia, hermes, hestia, hera, styx, hades, ares, chaos, athena, eros

Native American Tribes Word Scramble Puzzle

Native American Tribes


weaving, basket, lakota, navajo, inuit, osage, comanche, apache, antelope, canoe, pottery, bison

Michelangelo Word Scramble Puzzle



Word search based on Michelangelo, who was an Italian sculptor, architect, painter and poet of the High Renaissance.

Witchcraft 17th Century Word Scramble Puzzle

Witchcraft 17th Century


james i, hopkins, superstition, paranoia, familiar, ducking stool, spell, witch finder, demonology, devil, examination, guy fawkes

Napoleon Bonaparte Word Scramble Puzzle

Napoleon Bonaparte


great army, emperor, france, wagram, consul, napoleon, waterloo, bonaparte, europe, wellington, grouchy, leader, revolution, italy, general, elba

Famous U.S. Generals Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous U.S. Generals


somervell, kenney, ridgway, bliss, sherman, hines, devers, truscott, sheridan, craig, grant, march, patch, pershing, krueger, stilwell

Discoverer Word Scramble Puzzle



balboa, mendel, kepler, curie, einstein, columbus, newton, hubble, cortes, harvey, cabral, priestley, avery, galileo, pizarro, thompson

African Generals Word Scramble Puzzle

African Generals


hannibal, tariq, ramses, cabral, tubman, amilcar, taharaka, yusuf, zulu, harriet, toussaint, nzingha

Pharaohs of Egypt Word Scramble Puzzle

Pharaohs of Egypt


djoser, neheb, sahure, nefaarud, darius, smerdis, djedefra, den, kamose, narmer, khayu, khafra, khufu, raneb, menkaura, hsekiu

Egyptian Symbols Word Scramble Puzzle

Egyptian Symbols


khet, imenet, heb, nebu, djew, imsety, naos, ankh, djed, deshret, scarab, atef, menat, hedjet, amenta, nemes