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Orange Shirt Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Orange Shirt Day


communities, indigenous, reconciliation, canada, understanding, awareness, matters, schools, first nations, september, bullying, child, residential, …

The Mongolian Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

The Mongolian Empire


immense, huns, persia, india, buddhism, yassa, turkey, marco polo, europe, china, vassals, danube, mongol, horde, antimists, taxes

Geological Time Scale Word Scramble Puzzle

Geological Time Scale


era , permian , period , cretaceous , cambrian , cenozoic , mesozoic , jurassic , triassic , phanerozic , paleozoic , silurian , devonian , …

Greek Mythological Figures Word Scramble Puzzle

Greek Mythological Figures


dionysus, apollo, artemis, zeus, demeter, themis, theia, hermes, hestia, hera, styx, hades, ares, chaos, athena, eros

Roman Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

Roman Empire


tribunes, senators, slaves, mosaic, rome, currency, fresco, caesar, cicero, stoicism, colosseum, remus, legion, census, gladiator, latin

Fathers of Confederation Word Scramble Puzzle

Fathers of Confederation


coles, pope, mitchell, fisher, chandler, rex woods, campbell, palmer, howland, henry, carter, mowat, chapais, browne, macdonald

The Middle Age Word Scramble Puzzle

The Middle Age


clergy, columbus, slaves, church, romance, darkness, windsor, lord, feudal, medieval, craftsmen, heretic, pagan, gothic, knight, servant

Revolutionary War Word Scramble Puzzle

Revolutionary War


minute men, stamp act, president, boston, red coats, king, sugar act, samuel adams, congress, taxation, colonists, indians, independence, england, …

Guy Fawkes Word Scramble Puzzle

Guy Fawkes


parliament, plot, catholic, soldier, protestant, november, burn, truth, treason, king james, fawkes, adam hall

The French Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

The French Revolution


sun king, guild, citizens, liberty, rights, louis xvi, guillotine, danton, feudal, bastille, assembly, code, paris, vassal, marat, terror

Post-War Prosperity Word Scramble Puzzle

Post-War Prosperity


containment, domino theory, fair deal, iron curtain, rock and roll, little rock nine, baby boom, cold war, blacklist, levittowns, marshall plan, …

Ancient Egypt Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient Egypt


giza, cleopatra, egypt, temple, kingdom, god, fertile, burial, pyramid, gold, symbol, desert, mummy, dynasty, edict, tomb

The Inquisition Word Scramble Puzzle

The Inquisition


mercy, council, catholics, trial, church, witch, moorish, europe, court, bonfire, spain, torture, stigma, heretic, abolished, america

The Spanish Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

The Spanish Empire


caribbean, canonry, spain, galleon, catholic, pirates, viceroy, gold, crown, bourbons, sahara, columbus, inquisition, peru, spanish, lepanto

Henry VIII Word Scramble Puzzle

Henry VIII


tower of london, beheaded, monarch, windsor castle, royal navy, reformation, protestantism, elizabeth, edward, king, henry, england, tudor, church

Rise to power Word Scramble Puzzle

Rise to power


hitler, nazis, electronics, propaganda, jews, depression, inflation, unemployment, communists, chancellor, munich, berlin, unions, army, austria, …

Egyptian Symbols Word Scramble Puzzle

Egyptian Symbols


khet, imenet, heb, nebu, djew, imsety, naos, ankh, djed, deshret, scarab, atef, menat, hedjet, amenta, nemes

Causes of the American Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

Causes of the American Revolution


paul revere, proclamation, taxes, stamp act, boston massacre, lexington, colonists, parliament, king george, great britain, sugar act, tyranny, tea …

Christopher Columbus Word Scramble Puzzle

Christopher Columbus


ship, atlantic, america, bahamas, navigate, ocean, map, portugal, spain, new world, discovery, land, trader, compass, captain, sail

Bonfire Night Word Scramble Puzzle

Bonfire Night


bonfire, smoke, cold, penny, november, fireworks, sparklers, toffee apple, safety, candy floss, display, remember, soup

World War II Aircraft Word Scramble Puzzle

World War II Aircraft


List of famous fighter planes and aircraft used in World War II (1940's era) by countries which were at war during that period.

Florence Nightingale Word Scramble Puzzle

Florence Nightingale


philosopher, august, british, social reformer, turkey, nurse, hospital, crimean war, soldiers, order of merit, italy, lamp, founder, london, lady, …

American Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

American Revolution


colony, patriot, loyalist, congress, british, england, yorktown, america, boycott, sugar act, tea act, lexington, franklin, concord, liberty, taxation

Pharaohs of Egypt Word Scramble Puzzle

Pharaohs of Egypt


djoser, neheb, sahure, nefaarud, darius, smerdis, djedefra, den, kamose, narmer, khayu, khafra, khufu, raneb, menkaura, hsekiu