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Jamaican Culture Word Scramble Puzzle

Jamaican Culture


pottery, christianity, ackee, english, britain, rastafarian, jerk, patois, caribbean, dreadlocks, fashion, banana, island, reggae, jamaica, kingston, …

World War II Aircraft Word Scramble Puzzle

World War II Aircraft


List of famous fighter planes and aircraft used in World War II (1940's era) by countries which were at war during that period.

Slave Trade Word Scramble Puzzle

Slave Trade


whips, jamestown, weapons, triangular, tobacco, colonies, africa, ships, england, money, negros, sugar, labor, slave, guns, trade

Texas History Word Scramble Puzzle

Texas History


drought, artifact, climate, republic, citizen, landform, aquifer, location, plateau, century, province, relative, council, judicial, navigate, …

Inventors Word Scramble Puzzle



fleming, gutenberg, thomson, wynne, hill, wallis, shrapnel, bacon, bell, newton, franklin, weston, tesla, flowers, edison, faraday

The Incas Word Scramble Puzzle

The Incas


machu picchu, yucca, argentina, pacha, titicaca, colombia, bolivia, chile, ecuador, loom, peru, auqui, inca, plateau, mummy, terraces

Julius Caesar Word Scramble Puzzle

Julius Caesar


cassius, calpurnia, cicero, cinna, portia, soothsayer, trebonius, casca, antony, octavius, plebeians, rome, pompey, brutus, caesar, philippi

Wright Brothers Word Scramble Puzzle

Wright Brothers


aviation, inventor, flying, pioneer, wilbur, orville, wright, glider, kitty hawk, airplane, bicycle, engine, gliding, kite, brothers, newspapers

Ancient Rome Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient Rome


bridges, skilled, engineers, builders, democracy, patricians, workmen, romans, water, architecture, status, republic, tribunes, city, roads, gladiator

Famous Artists Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Artists


renoir, rivera, vermeer, chagall, basquiat, hopper, raphael, kahlo, klimt, matisse, seurat, cassatt, goya, turner, picasso, munch

Ottoman Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

Ottoman Empire


modernizing, western, reforms, sultan, young turks, secular, empire, ottoman, selim, islam, egypt, debt, young, caliph, mongols, culture

The Spanish Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

The Spanish Empire


caribbean, canonry, spain, galleon, catholic, pirates, viceroy, gold, crown, bourbons, sahara, columbus, inquisition, peru, spanish, lepanto

13 Colonies Word Scramble Puzzle

13 Colonies


new jersey, massachusetts, pennsylvania, connecticut, south carolina, delaware, maryland, north carolina, georgia, new hampshire, rhode island, new …

Roman Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

Roman Empire


tribunes, senators, slaves, mosaic, rome, currency, fresco, caesar, cicero, stoicism, colosseum, remus, legion, census, gladiator, latin

Thomas Becket Word Scramble Puzzle

Thomas Becket


becket, church, saint, thomas, henry, archbishop, king, roman, london, patron, friendship, knight

The Mongolian Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

The Mongolian Empire


immense, huns, persia, india, buddhism, yassa, turkey, marco polo, europe, china, vassals, danube, mongol, horde, antimists, taxes

Italian Innovations Word Scramble Puzzle

Italian Innovations


typewriter, bank, pizza, parachute, school, glasses, watermark, newspaper, violin, calculator, piano, barometer, codex, hydrofoil, microscope, …

The French Revolution Word Scramble Puzzle

The French Revolution


sun king, guild, citizens, liberty, rights, louis xvi, guillotine, danton, feudal, bastille, assembly, code, paris, vassal, marat, terror

Geological Time Scale Word Scramble Puzzle

Geological Time Scale


era , permian , period , cretaceous , cambrian , cenozoic , mesozoic , jurassic , triassic , phanerozic , paleozoic , silurian , devonian , …

Roaring 20s Word Scramble Puzzle

Roaring 20s


earhart, scandal, roaring, immigration, communism, unions, coolidge, prosperity, lindbergh, model t, red scare, babe ruth, harding, flapper, stocks, …

The Aztec Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

The Aztec Empire


calendar, pyramids, texcoco, underworld, commerce, markets, huey, corn, atole, tizoc, acatl, chocolate, aztecs, mexica, emperors, pulque

Tarot Cards Word Scramble Puzzle

Tarot Cards


chariot, tower, star, moon, hermit, lovers, fool, emperor, judgement, devil, empress, death, sun, strength, magician, justice

Orange Shirt Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Orange Shirt Day


communities, indigenous, reconciliation, canada, understanding, awareness, matters, schools, first nations, september, bullying, child, residential, …

Revolutionary War Word Scramble Puzzle

Revolutionary War


minute men, stamp act, president, boston, red coats, king, sugar act, samuel adams, congress, taxation, colonists, indians, independence, england, …