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Stranger Danger Word Scramble Puzzle

Stranger Danger

Health & Fitness

danger, safety, police, yell, ranger, alert, tell, strangers, aware, safety alarms, traffic, avoid, hands free, dark, advice, careful, isolated, …

Muscles Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

Word search puzzles related to the body muscles or muscular system.

Cardiovascular System Word Scramble Puzzle

Cardiovascular System

Health & Fitness

pacemaker, carotid, capillary, plasma, tension, blood, jugular, pressure, systole, valve, aorta, red cells, vein, angina, pulse, heart, oxygen, …

Outdoor Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Outdoor Activities

Health & Fitness

fishing, football, canoeing, snow skiing, running, swimming, kite flying, sailing, bike riding, surfing, cricket, walking, net ball, gardening, …

Nursing Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

x-ray, tablet, operation, oxygen, pressure, respiration, bed, ward, diagnosis, patient, cardiac, saline, needle, blood, pulse, temperature

Pain Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

distress, agony, ache, headache, injury, trauma, anguish, nausea, hurting, anxiety, discomfort, grief, ail, wound, torment, afflict

Hospital Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

ultrasound, counselor, paramedic, anesthetist, ambulance, nurse, medication, ward, cafe, shop, oxygen mask, bed, patient, x-ray, doctor, surgeon

Exercise Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

walking, running, gym, fitness, strength, heart, workout, exercise, nutrition, yoga, dance, muscle, weights, hiking, aerobics, warm up

Massage Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

sports, tension, tendon, soothing, synergy, tissue, attunement, kneading, healing, pressure, joints, remedial, lotions, towel, relaxation, ligament

The Human Body Word Scramble Puzzle

The Human Body

Health & Fitness

heart, male, diet, organs, anatomy, cells, face, lungs, female, legs, head, bones, arms, ribs, neck, genes

Patient Empowerment Word Scramble Puzzle

Patient Empowerment

Health & Fitness

education, traveling, professionals, empathy, treatment, self diagnose, anxiety, team, promote, hospital, patient, nurses, students, concern, …

5 Senses Word Scramble Puzzle

5 Senses

Health & Fitness

uvea, sour, senses, sweet, taste, tactile, lobe, brain, umami, bitter, vision, sclera, retina, five, agnosia, touch, smell, salty, otitis, sound

Breathing Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

inhaling, diaphragm, throat, carbon, lung, chest, rib, mouth, oxygen, air, exhaling, aerobic, breathing, artery, vein, dioxide, nose, circulation

Calming Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Calming Things

Health & Fitness

meditation, reading, sauna, painting, music, spa, sleep, prayer, swimming, ocean, bath, candle, massage, makeover, walk, drawing

Healthy Habits Word Scramble Puzzle

Healthy Habits

Health & Fitness

clothing, shower, floss, clean, nails, reuse, hair, soap, reduce, recycle, sanitize, shampoo, brush, dustbin, teeth, gym

Steps to Recovery Word Scramble Puzzle

Steps to Recovery

Health & Fitness

willingness, commitment, admitting, share, awakening, halt, guidance, serenity, choices, hope, gratitude, strength, forgiving, sober, surrender, …

Stoners Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

smoke, pothead, red eyes, cheech, swedan, mellow, eat, stoned, love, lazy, pot head, high, munchies, peace, weed, chong

Keep Warm Word Scramble Puzzle

Keep Warm

Health & Fitness

stove, blanket, lights, hot meal, scarf, sweater, candles, hot bath, insulation, gloves, carpets, bonfire, exercise, snuggle, huddle, hat

Human Immune System Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Immune System

Health & Fitness

antibiotic, fever, inflammation, antibody, phlegm, antigen, parasite, vaccine, phagocyte, virus, pathogen, disease, hormone, sick, platelets, aids

Physical Fitness Word Scramble Puzzle

Physical Fitness

Health & Fitness

aerobic, exercise, respiration, health, heart rate, energy, muscle, agility, cardio, activity, balance, strength, endorphins, dehydration, …

Communicable and Infectious Diseases Word Scramble Puzzle

Communicable and Infectious Diseases

Health & Fitness

transmission, contact, indirect, infectious, direct, airborne, environmental, hand hygiene, droplet, public health, measures, prevention, disease, …

Health and Fitness Word Scramble Puzzle

Health and Fitness

Health & Fitness

motivation, exercise, activity, flexibility, frequency, body fat, progression, intensity, nutrition, strength, coordination, respiration, heart rate, …

Mental / Emotional Health Word Scramble Puzzle

Mental / Emotional Health

Health & Fitness

depression, perception, sympathy, stigma, hostility, anxiety, role model, alienation, mourning, empathy, integrity, stressors, character, self esteem, …

Lymphatic System Word Scramble Puzzle

Lymphatic System

Health & Fitness

blood, cells, spleen, water, tissues, lipids, tonsils, salts, proteins, gland, organs, adenoids