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Carnivorous Mammals Word Scramble Puzzle

Carnivorous Mammals


carnassial teeth, feliforms, canidae, incisors, felidae, canines, alpha male, caniforms, sweat glands, carnivores, scent glands, mammals

Rain Forest Creatures Word Scramble Puzzle

Rain Forest Creatures


margay, peccary, gecko, puma, hoatzin, lemur, army ant, okapi, tree frog, hummingbird, leopard, macaw, piranha, mandrill, red panda, fruit bat

Chipmunks Word Scramble Puzzle



Word Search Puzzle with words list related to Chipmunks. This is such a fun and interactive way of getting players to think about chipmunks, movies and friendships.

Female Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Female Animals


vixen, goose, lioness, nanny, queen, sow, jennet, pullet, jill, falcon, peahen, reeve, mare, cow, tigress, hind

Shark Attack Word Scramble Puzzle

Shark Attack


predator, blue, shark teeth, jaws, thresher, whale, shred, mako, goblin, reef, sand, tiger, fin, angel, bull, sandtiger

Male Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Male Animals


boomer, billy, bull, buck, leopard, gander, peacock, lion, drone, drake, brute, boar, ram, rooster, stallion, tiger

A Horse of Course Word Scramble Puzzle

A Horse of Course


endurance, draft, trail, mustang, quarter, gypsy, horse ball, pegging, polo, paint, wild, dressage, barrel, rodeo, pony, jumping

North American Owls Word Scramble Puzzle

North American Owls


mottled, stygian, balsas, hawk, mountain, spotted, cape, snowy, colima, fulvous, long eared, short eared, boreal, pygmy, screech, striped, great gray, …

Toads Word Scramble Puzzle



houston, california, texas, western, green, american, boreal, gulf coast, black, canadian, arroyo, oak, arizona, yosemite, cane, red spotted

African Owls Word Scramble Puzzle

African Owls


spotted, chestnut, eagle, albertine, madagascar, african, fishing, congo bay, frasers, little, white faced, seychelles, grass, marsh, cape, desert, …

Dog Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Dog Activities


A list of activities that the dogs do or you can do with your pet dog like running, swimming etc. for entertainment.

Male Dog Names Word Scramble Puzzle

Male Dog Names


buddy, jake, bruce, prince, milo, rusty, gus, hank, bailey, oreo, ziggy, riley, buster, max, harley, tyson

Small Size Creatures Word Scramble Puzzle

Small Size Creatures


tarsier, spider, rabbit, cat, mouse, chipmunk, guppy, snail, squirrel, bat, weasel, hamster, krill, ant, shrew, ladybug

Horse Parts Word Scramble Puzzle

Horse Parts


poll, heel, gaskin, brisket, muzzle, croup, haunch, tail, loins, barrel, dock, hock, flank, hoof, crest, back

Pony Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Pony Breeds


burmese, timor, caspian, peneia, pindos, galician, tibetan, hunter, garrano, skyros, dartmoor, gotland, dales, boer, gayoe, yakut

G Named Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

'G' Named Animals


giraffe, gerbil, gibbon, grasshopper, gazelle, grouper, goat, grizzly bear, goldfish, groundhog, guinea pig, goose, gecko, gaur, gorilla

Pollinators Word Scramble Puzzle



bear, beetles, lemurs, butterfly, wasp, lizard, fly, birds, honey bee, bat, ant, deer, rodents, moth, mosquito, bee

Carnivores Word Scramble Puzzle



eagle, leopard, panther, cougar, hyena, mongoose, jackal, wolf, bobcat, lion, cheetah, vulture, jaguar, tiger, ferret, alligator

Omnivores Word Scramble Puzzle



fox , badger , rook , mouse , ant , chicken , pig , gibbon , cricket , flamingo , bear , duck , ostrich , shark , rat , swan

Asian Owls Word Scramble Puzzle

Asian Owls


asian barred, collared, pallid scops, himalayan, brown wood, oriental bay, indian eagle, taliabu, boobook, speckled hawk, manus masked, greater sooty, …

The Leatherback Sea Turtle Word Scramble Puzzle

The Leatherback Sea Turtle


flippers, ocean, reptile, pollution, jellyfish, crabs, turtle, species, leatherback, river, carnivore, carapace, swimming, nesting, endangered

Tame Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Tame Animals


A tame animal (domesticated animal) is an animal that is relatively tolerant of human presence. Many people have these animals as pets.

Rhinoceroses Word Scramble Puzzle



mammal, endangered, white, black, herbivore, africa, indian, thick skin, savanna, horns, sumatran, asia, gray, safari, calf, grassland

Wings Word Scramble Puzzle



dove, sparrow, wren, parrot, duck, oriole, peacock, swallow, lark, crow, goose, falcon, bluebird, canary, bald eagle, blue jay