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Herbivores Word Scramble Puzzle



buffalo, koala, bull, gorilla, giraffe, bison, tortoise, deer, zebra, elephant, sheep, donkey, goat, panda, cow, horse

Veterinary Root Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Veterinary Root Words


Find the hidden words associated with the work of veterinarians, vets and veterinary practices. The words to find are listed at the bottom of the quiz.

Animal Life Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Life


status, migration, predator, mimicry, species, den, biology, habitat, camouflage, hibernation, kingdom, prey, hunting, survival, nest, family

Animals Without Backbones Word Scramble Puzzle

Animals Without Backbones


bee, snail, spider, crab, mite, scorpion, octopus, dragonfly, lobster, oyster, mussel, starfish, leech, jellyfish, butterfly, clam

Rain Forest Creatures Word Scramble Puzzle

Rain Forest Creatures


margay, peccary, gecko, puma, hoatzin, lemur, army ant, okapi, tree frog, hummingbird, leopard, macaw, piranha, mandrill, red panda, fruit bat

Felines Word Scramble Puzzle



domestic, bobcat, oncilla, sand cat, felines, colocolo, cougar, caracal, puma, fishing, pampas, cheetah, leopard, eurasian, lynx, felis

Aquatic Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Aquatic Animals


shrimp, shark, seahorse, oyster, sea lion, tuna, seal, catfish, clown fish, crab, dolphin, whale, jellyfish, eel, octopus, squid

Types of Snakes Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Snakes


Snakes are legless and carnivorous reptiles ranging from short to very long in length. Find the words related to the different species of snakes.

Carnivorous Mammals Word Scramble Puzzle

Carnivorous Mammals


carnassial teeth, feliforms, canidae, incisors, felidae, canines, alpha male, caniforms, sweat glands, carnivores, scent glands, mammals

Types of Fish Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Fish


Fish were the first vertebrate animals to evolve. Find words related to different kind of fish species.

Types of Bear Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Bear


pizzly, helarctos, tremarctos, cave, black, sloth, asiatic, andean, sun bear, bear, panda, grizzly, polar, siberian, short faced, brown

All About Cats Word Scramble Puzzle

All About Cats


This puzzle contains words related to pet cats and their common behavior.

Animals With Backbones Word Scramble Puzzle

Animals With Backbones


kangaroo, walrus, seal, crocodile, parrot, iguana, tortoise, viper, baboon, monkey, gorilla, salmon, dolphin, turtle, whale, alligator, toad, gecko, …

Carnivores Word Scramble Puzzle



eagle, leopard, panther, cougar, hyena, mongoose, jackal, wolf, bobcat, lion, cheetah, vulture, jaguar, tiger, ferret, alligator

Lives in the Rainforset Word Scramble Puzzle

Lives in the Rainforset


macaw, apes, cockatoo, mosquito, zorro, butterfly, chameleon, crocodile, sloth, cobra, eagle, jaguar, anteater, bongo, monkey, anaconda

Fish Species Word Scramble Puzzle

Fish Species


shad, anchovy, bass, carp, dace, eel, gar, halibut, koi, mahimahi, pike, salmon, trout, roughy, wrasse, zebrafish

Spiders Word Scramble Puzzle



charlotte, arachnid, tarantula, pest control, cocoon, eight legs, spider man, venom, web, spinneret, black widow, jumping, bite, eyesight, climbing, …

Ducks and Geese Word Scramble Puzzle

Ducks and Geese


american, tundra, pochard, swan, brazilian, bufflehead, wigeon, snow goose, brant, comb duck, ruddy duck, surf scoter, canvasback, emperor, canada …

African Owls Word Scramble Puzzle

African Owls


spotted, chestnut, eagle, albertine, madagascar, african, fishing, congo bay, frasers, little, white faced, seychelles, grass, marsh, cape, desert, …

Hibernating Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Hibernating Animals


skunk, hamster, snail, mud turtle, butterfly, bear, toad, lizard, groundhog, badger, mouse, moth, bat, snake, hedgehog, marmot, ladybug, raccoon, …

Horse Parts Word Scramble Puzzle

Horse Parts


poll, heel, gaskin, brisket, muzzle, croup, haunch, tail, loins, barrel, dock, hock, flank, hoof, crest, back

Male Dog Names Word Scramble Puzzle

Male Dog Names


buddy, jake, bruce, prince, milo, rusty, gus, hank, bailey, oreo, ziggy, riley, buster, max, harley, tyson

Animals That Mate for Life Word Scramble Puzzle

Animals That Mate for Life


coyotes, puffins, pigeons, swans, gibbons, bald eagles, vultures, beavers, barn owls, albatrosses, lovebirds, wolves, seahorses, geese, cranes, voles

Fish of the Atlantic Word Scramble Puzzle

Fish of the Atlantic


sawtooth, shrimp, tarpin, eel, ladyfish, spotfin, cod, bonefish, clupeidae, snapper, bonito, blue fin, salmon, anchovy, flounder, conger