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Canada Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Canada Day


Find all of the hidden words related to Canada Day in this word search puzzle grid. Download or play online.

You are Invited Word Scramble Puzzle

You are Invited


concert, party, affair, banquet, theater, dinner, occasion, shower, gathering, barbecue, dance, celebration, movie, reception, visit, wedding

Armed Forces Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Armed Forces Day


army, flag, peace, soldier, marines, force, salute, national, honor, sailor, pilot, guard, holiday, coast, admiral, ship

Day of the Dead Word Scramble Puzzle

Day of the Dead


skull, graves, bright, dancing, candies, culture, sugar, mexico, flowers, cycle of life, family, holiday, candles, celebrate, love, food, festival, …

Bridal Shower Word Scramble Puzzle

Bridal Shower


A fun and engaging bridal shower word search game puzzle with wedding related words. The guests will enjoy playing this puzzle at the wedding party event.

Candlemas Word Scramble Puzzle



Find all the hidden words related to Candlemas Day, also known as the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus Christ.

Birthday Party Word Scramble Puzzle

Birthday Party


balloons, surprise, presents, music, invitations, cards, flowers, clowns, gifts, candles, ice cream, banner, dinner, bows, games, cake

Kachina Dolls Word Scramble Puzzle

Kachina Dolls


Find the hidden words related to Hopi kachina dolls that are ceremonial objects with religious meaning.

Wedding Planning Word Scramble Puzzle

Wedding Planning


rehearsal, reception, photos, music, seating, shower, invitations, flowers, food, bridesmaids, groomsmen, venue, vows, first dance, dress, honeymoon

Memorial Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Memorial Day


memorial, anthem, salute, war, patriotic, flags, freedom, veterans, observance, flowers, ceremony, honor, heros, american, decoration, grave

On Your Calendar Word Scramble Puzzle

On Your Calendar


numbers, planning, time, anniversary, banquets, pictures, weekends, parties, days, months, year, appointments, holidays, events, games, birthday

Cinco De Mayo Word Scramble Puzzle

Cinco De Mayo


Cinco De Mayo is a Mexican holiday that is celebrated in North America including United States and Canada. Celebrate the day with Cinco De Mayo Word Search as well as relishing the delicious food at popular Mexican restaurants and by hearing some mariachi music.

St. Patricks Day Word Scramble Puzzle

St. Patrick's Day


dance, patrick, coins, clover, parade, rainbow, green, march, gold, shamrock, tradition, ireland, luck, charm

Mothers Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Mother's Day


breakfast, card, celebrate, mother, mummy, happy, holidays, love, children, may, sons, daughters, motherhood, affection, family, flowers

May Day Word Scramble Puzzle

May Day


parade, spring, singing, children, flowers, romans, colors, ancient, rainbow, basket, may day, celebrate, blossom, ribbons, sunshine, festival

Pi Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Pi Day


ratio, geometry, greek alphabet, diameter, radius, irrational, archimedes, circles, egyptians, william jones, circumference, pumpkin, leonard euler, …

Victoria Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Victoria Day


china, empress, louise, albert, leopold, queen, may, england, alfred, alice, arthur, helena, ireland, india, monday, canada

Happy Mothers Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Happy Mothers Day


cooking, candy, chocolates, hugs, flowers, presents, sweets, kisses, kids, card, baking, cupcakes, children, love, happy, together

Here Comes the Bride Word Scramble Puzzle

Here Comes the Bride


This is a simple yet engaging word search game where guests try to solve this puzzle by finding all the hidden words associated with wedding.

Constitution Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Constitution Day


sign, judicial, executive, america, congress, nation, laws, government, rights, elect, debate, amendment, liberty, vote, independence, freedom

National Healthcare Quality Week Word Scramble Puzzle

National Healthcare Quality Week


mortality, lactate, antibiotics, respiration, pneumonia, cellulitis, blood, infection, joint, changes, sepsis, pulse, fluids, culture, temperature, …

Valentines Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Valentine's Day


Word Search Puzzle with words list related to Valentine's Day. This is such a fun and interactive way of getting students to think and learn about Valentine, love and kindness.

Will You Marry Me? Word Scramble Puzzle

Will You Marry Me?


reception, bride, witness, bouquet, wedding, love, agree, dress, anniversary, accept, bond, guests, couple, soulmate, groom, match

Grandparents Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Grandparent's Day


tradition, honor, family, culture, grandchild, appreciate, aging, papa, respect, visit, celebrate, gift, dinner, ancestors, stories, nanny, grandpa, …