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A collection of occasions word search puzzles. Choose from the list to play online or add your own words to customize and download.

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You are Invited Word Scramble Puzzle

You are Invited


concert, party, affair, banquet, theater, dinner, occasion, shower, gathering, barbecue, dance, celebration, movie, reception, visit, wedding

Tea Party Word Scramble Puzzle

Tea Party


lemon, cookies, cupcakes, teaspoon, milk, napkins, flowers, chai, ladies, teacup, dresses, ginger, sugar, teapot, biscuits, mug

May Day Word Scramble Puzzle

May Day


parade, spring, singing, children, flowers, romans, colors, ancient, rainbow, basket, may day, celebrate, blossom, ribbons, sunshine, festival

Birthday Party Word Scramble Puzzle

Birthday Party


balloons, surprise, presents, music, invitations, cards, flowers, clowns, gifts, candles, ice cream, banner, dinner, bows, games, cake

Love and Marriage Word Scramble Puzzle

Love and Marriage


A fun and engaging word search puzzle for valentine's day of wedding day party. The guests have to find all the hidden words related to love or marriage occasions.

St. Georges Day Word Scramble Puzzle

St. George's Day


cross, flag, knight, church, saint, london, england, national, rose, george, princess, dragon, april, feast, sword, patron

Groundhog Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Groundhog Day


Word Search Puzzle with words list related to Groundhog Day. This is such a fun and interactive way of getting players to think about groundhog, shadow and no shadow.

Candlemas Word Scramble Puzzle



Find all the hidden words related to Candlemas Day, also known as the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus Christ.

Wedding Engagement Word Scramble Puzzle

Wedding Engagement


This word search puzzles is perfect to play at a wedding or an engagement party. Guests try to find the words or terms related to the wedding event.

Bridal Shower Word Scramble Puzzle

Bridal Shower


A fun and engaging bridal shower word search game puzzle with wedding related words. The guests will enjoy playing this puzzle at the wedding party event.

Highland Games Word Scramble Puzzle

Highland Games


stone put, bands, culture, bagpipes, sports, celtic, cowal, weights, dancing, clans, spring, music, events, tradition, scotland, event

Day of the Dead Word Scramble Puzzle

Day of the Dead


skull, graves, bright, dancing, candies, culture, sugar, mexico, flowers, cycle of life, family, holiday, candles, celebrate, love, food, festival, …

Black Friday Word Scramble Puzzle

Black Friday


shopping, christmas, flyer, sold out, black, sales, bargain, thanksgiving, deals, discount, price, friday

Gift Ideas Word Scramble Puzzle

Gift Ideas


diamonds, cell phone, spa day, flowers, watch, book, champagne, car, purse, laptop, video game, clothes, chocolates, jewelry, massage, photograph

Constitution Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Constitution Day


sign, judicial, executive, america, congress, nation, laws, government, rights, elect, debate, amendment, liberty, vote, independence, freedom

A Christmas Carol Word Scramble Puzzle

A Christmas Carol


winter, tiny tim, scrooge, ghosts, chains, wealthy, remorse, nightmare, charles, crippled, future, belle, marley, happiness, doom, dickens

Boxing Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Boxing Day


tree, boxes, presents, sales, holiday, party, shopping, family, deals, games, lights, feast, snow, santa, friends, happiness

Will You Marry Me? Word Scramble Puzzle

Will You Marry Me?


reception, bride, witness, bouquet, wedding, love, agree, dress, anniversary, accept, bond, guests, couple, soulmate, groom, match

Christmas Tree Word Scramble Puzzle

Christmas Tree


pine, star, branches, tradition, december, gifts, green, topper, decorate, trunk, garland, tree, angel, festive, lights, artificial

Christmas Gift Ideas Word Scramble Puzzle

Christmas Gift Ideas


Find all the hidden words based on Christmas gift items from the grid.

Flag Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Flag Day


field, eagle, blue, lower, pledge, symbol, red, stars, wave, stripes, flag, june, salute, fifty, raise, patriotic

Hanukkah Word Scramble Puzzle



Find all the hidden words related to Hanukkah, a Jewish festival of lights.

National Healthcare Quality Week Word Scramble Puzzle

National Healthcare Quality Week


mortality, lactate, antibiotics, respiration, pneumonia, cellulitis, blood, infection, joint, changes, sepsis, pulse, fluids, culture, temperature, …

Armed Forces Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Armed Forces Day


army, flag, peace, soldier, marines, force, salute, national, honor, sailor, pilot, guard, holiday, coast, admiral, ship