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Hurricanes Word Scramble Puzzle



cindy, nate, tomas, alberto, nicole, irene, debby, tammy, harvey, don, vince, chris, gert, jose, emily, paula

Earths Layers Word Scramble Puzzle

Earths Layers


solid, igneous, mineral, crust, oceanic, rock, mantle, nickel, density, core, metal, iron, earth, seismic, liquid, planet

Arabian Peninsula Word Scramble Puzzle

Arabian Peninsula


halal, pilgrim, burqa, sunni, mosque, hot, desert, dirham, dinar, dunes, black stone, emirates, sheikh, kaftan, gulf, date, riyal, burj khalifa, …

Grows in the Rainforest Word Scramble Puzzle

Grows in the Rainforest


jambu, bamboo, curare, durian, coconuts, orchids, jackfruit, kapok tree, hibiscus, rubber tree, ferns, cassava, bananas, lianas, guava, pineapples

Windy Weather Word Scramble Puzzle

Windy Weather


waft, force, tornado, gust, blast, hurricane, whirlwind, breeze, bluster, monsoon, zephyr, blow, cyclone, high, breath, gale

Hawaiian Volcanoes Word Scramble Puzzle

Hawaiian Volcanoes


abbott, colahan, jingu, kammu, kimmei, kohala, koko, laysan, mauna kea, ojin, suiko, yomei

Weather Report Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather Report


tonight, bunny, sunny, degrade, comfy, snow, forecast, cold, rain, crazy, cloudy, careful, storm, bright, weather, degrees

Rainforest Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Rainforest Animals


Rainforests are vibrant forests found in tropical regions and are populated with insects, spiders, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. List of animals that are common to rain-forests.

African Jungle Word Scramble Puzzle

African Jungle


lions, africa, baboon, woodland, snakes, jungle, buffalo, hyenas, fruit bat, elephant, zebra, crocodile, wild dogs, ostrich, wildebeest, forest

Climate Zones Word Scramble Puzzle

Climate Zones


fronts, air pressure, climate, convection cell, cloud, hurricane, doppler radar, wind, weather, cold front, air masses, season, humidity, satellite …

Weather Terms A-F Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather Terms A-F


forecast, cloudy, blizzard, dust, frost, air quality, cirrus, flood, fog, atmosphere, advisory, dew point, air mass, climate, barometer, absorption

Louvre Museum Word Scramble Puzzle

Louvre Museum


documents, murals, books, statues, tour, guide, gems, drawings, mosaic, paris, court, portrait, pyramid, collection, exhibit, pavilion

Carnivorous Plants Word Scramble Puzzle

Carnivorous Plants


hungry, pitcher plant, venus fly trap, trigger hairs, root, cobra lily, closing time, butterwort, poisonous, traps, sundew plant, insects

Gulfs Word Scramble Puzzle



bothnia, exmouth, corinth, alaska, panama, tonkin, roses, oman, riga, aden, finland, sidra, kutch, mannar, odessa, aqaba

Cities of California Word Scramble Puzzle

Cities of California


eureka, elk grove, concord, visalia, oakland, fremont, hayward, fresno, sacramento, san jose, berkeley, santa rosa, modesto, chico, redding, sunnyvale

Around Alabama Word Scramble Puzzle

Around Alabama


moulton, abbeville, adamsville, athens, brewton, anniston, vernon, rockford, wedowee, butler, ashland, birmingham

Coal Mining Word Scramble Puzzle

Coal Mining


miner, carbon, fossil, shuttle car, underground, drag line, coke, export, reserves, conveyor, rescuer, scrubber, gases, fuels, coal, dioxide

On the Mountains Word Scramble Puzzle

On the Mountains


bear, beaver, hikers, lizard, bobcat, fox, sheep, trails, chipmunk, coyote, snow, climbers, lion, deer, eagle, hawk

Mining Word Scramble Puzzle



deep, miner, stones, coal, deposit, methane, access, diamond, wagon, danger, well, iron, copper, gold, entry, gases

Gems and Minerals Word Scramble Puzzle

Gems and Minerals


alumina, colors, shiny, carnelian, glossy, expensive, jasper, rock, amethyst, moss, rounded, opal, polished, gems, clouded, silica

Hot Springs Word Scramble Puzzle

Hot Springs


tolovana, keough, miracle, ouray, sol duc, murrieta, esalen, wilbur, slates, grover, manley, radium, harbin, chena, circle, umpqua

Ecosystems Word Scramble Puzzle



instinct, organism, community, ecosystem, hibernate, desert, cactus, saltwater, grassland, migrate, resources, tundra, habitat, adaptation, …

Yellowstone Geysers Word Scramble Puzzle

Yellowstone Geysers


echinus, beehive, sawmill, grand, anemone, cliff, castle, riverside, steamboat, daisy, comet, aurum, fountain, bijou, grotto, big cub

Landforms Word Scramble Puzzle



dune, fjord, valley, summit, oasis, hill, dome, island, cove, cliff, gully, knoll, marsh, mountain, geyser, volcano