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Types of Dolphins Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Dolphins


dusky, bottlenose, white beaked, rissos, chilean, peales, hectors, irrawaddy, clymene, striped, spinner, frasiers

Mountain Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Mountain Animals


bobcat, owl, badger, eagle, elk, coyote, chipmunk, gazelle, fox, deer, wolf, squirrel, beaver, rabbit, leopard, bison

Dog Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Dog Breeds


dalmatian, pomeranian, bulldog, sheepdog, doberman, airdale, spitz, basenji, boxer, alsheshan, collie, dachshund, corgi, hound, poodle, pointer

Ants Word Scramble Puzzle



fire, honey pot, pharaoh, big head, thief, crazy, winged, bullet, wasp, gliding, carpenter, soldier, bulldog, flying, farmer, weaver

Big Cats - Wild Cats Word Scramble Puzzle

Big Cats - Wild Cats


Find the words associated with wild cat breeds or different species of wild cats.

Young Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Young Animals


infant, pinkie, fawn, chick, calf, foal, puppy, joey, piglet, hatchling, nymph, duckling, owlet, bunny, eaglet, kitten

All About Bears Word Scramble Puzzle

All About Bears


woodland, bear, omnivore, giant, mammal, brown, tundra, hibernation, mountains, den, biology, polar, grizzly, black, fur, caves

Woodland Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Woodland Animals


raccoon, skunk, wild boar, chipmunks, badger, moles, stoat, dormouse, deer, moose, grouse, vole, hawk, squirrel, bat, redwing

Horse Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Horse Breeds


appaloosa, mustang, jutland, friesian, gidran, boerperd, quarab, morgan, shire, lipizzan, noriker, holsteinder, arabian, clydesdale, kabarda, …

Horsing Word Scramble Puzzle



racing, stable, colt, canter, jumping, oats, saddle, horse, mare, stallion, helmet, breed, arab, paddock, gallop, polo

Animal Digestion Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Digestion


absomasum, digestion, monogastric, storage, waste, cecum, stomach, esophagus, intestin, absorption, reticulum, food, mouth, rumen, omasum

Types Of Cattle Word Scramble Puzzle

Types Of Cattle


braford, ayrshire, chianina, balancer, butana, danish red, jersey, angus, hereford, red angus, holstein, angeln, highland, brahman, brangus, kerry

Small Size Creatures Word Scramble Puzzle

Small Size Creatures


tarsier, spider, rabbit, cat, mouse, chipmunk, guppy, snail, squirrel, bat, weasel, hamster, krill, ant, shrew, ladybug

Polar Bears Word Scramble Puzzle

Polar Bears


cubs, marine, alaska, insulation, russia, seals, swimming, furry, carnivore, north pole, arctic, canada, mammal, paws, curious, white

Animals Without Backbones Word Scramble Puzzle

Animals Without Backbones


bee, snail, spider, crab, mite, scorpion, octopus, dragonfly, lobster, oyster, mussel, starfish, leech, jellyfish, butterfly, clam

Birds of New Zealand Word Scramble Puzzle

Birds of New Zealand


fantail, saddleback, kokako, weka, wrybill, pipit, bellbird, morepork, tui, rifleman, kakapo, kiwi, pukeko, dabchick, kea, albatross

Sheep Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Sheep Breeds


icelandic, hampshire, kerry hill, galician, marwari, merino, cameroon, faroe, bond, assaf, africana, galway, dorset, jacob, bizet, altay

Types of Cats Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Cats


Search the words in this puzzles related to the popular types of Cat breeds.

Animal Life Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Life


status, migration, predator, mimicry, species, den, biology, habitat, camouflage, hibernation, kingdom, prey, hunting, survival, nest, family

Dragons Word Scramble Puzzle



fire, horns, big, medieval, folklore, china, creature, boat, asia, fortune, kite, serpentine, fantasy, dance, wings, legendary

Big Size Creatures Word Scramble Puzzle

Big Size Creatures


camel, whale, elephant, giraffe, hippo, moose, ostrich, rhino, elk, shark, oarfish, dragon, giant squid, anaconda, polar bear, gorilla

Groups of Birds Word Scramble Puzzle

Groups of Birds


band, skein, gaggle, chattering, flight, company, brood, rafter, bevy, congress, ostentation, exaltation, parliament, colony, covey, congregation

Donkey Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Donkey Breeds


dezhou, ezel, spotted, caninde, masai, mannar, kulan, masri, asin, biyang, black, benderi, hassawi, hamadan, etbai, bulgaro

Veterinary Root Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Veterinary Root Words


Find the hidden words associated with the work of veterinarians, vets and veterinary practices. The words to find are listed at the bottom of the quiz.