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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Scientific Method Word Scramble Puzzle

Scientific Method


hypothesis, graphing, question, constant, scientific method, experiment, data, qualitative, evidence, quantitative, theory, conclusion, reasoning, …

Geometric Figures Word Scramble Puzzle

Geometric Figures


obtuse, trapezium, rectangle, interval, square, geometry, rhombus, angle, equilateral, interior, triangle, midpoint, opposite, right angle, …

Math Word Scramble Puzzle



algebra, decimal, addition, angle, negative, division, degree, equation, geometry, fraction, equal, percentage, subtraction, positive, calculus, …

Educational Word Scramble Puzzle



science, psychology, anthropology, physical, astronomy, mathematics, civics, history, philosophy, geography, social, environmental, technology, …

STEM Word Scramble Puzzle



structural, students, robot, idea, solution, cars, hardware, mechanical, problem, architecture, math, prototype, technology, creating, experiment, …

Back to School Word Scramble Puzzle

Back to School


Word scramble puzzles based on educational or back to school related stuff and terms.

Pi Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Pi Day


radius, measurement, pi day, diameter, number, circle, day, decimal, area, ratio, march, multiply, point, circumference, irrational, squared, math

America 1783-1861 Word Scramble Puzzle

America 1783-1861


electoral college, utopias, strict construction, privateers, amendments, manifest destiny, forty niners, great compromise, war hawks, oregon trail, …

Imperialism Word Scramble Puzzle



trade, imperialism, monroe doctrine, economics, location, annexation, natural resources, world power, geographic factors, manifest destiny

Latin America Word Scramble Puzzle

Latin America


hildalgo, convert, brazil, horse, french, south america, toussaint, spanish, roman catholic, communism, bolivar, agriculture, castro, triangular …

South America Word Scramble Puzzle

South America


salsa, dance, music, caribbean, ecuador, bolivia, samba, south america, africa, carnival, flags, chile, latin, drums, mountains

South American Countries Word Scramble Puzzle

South American Countries


guyana, bolivia, chile, ecuador, colombia, argentina, suriname, brazil, peru, venezuela, paraguay, falkland islands, uruguay, french guiana

Countries in the Caribbean Word Scramble Puzzle

Countries in the Caribbean


saint kitts and nevis, the bahamas, trinidad and tobago, cuba, antigua and barbuda, grenada, dominican republic, st vincent and the grenadines, saint …

African Countries Word Scramble Puzzle

African Countries


central african, equatorial guinea, egypt, eswatini, benin, botswana, cameroon, algeria, gabon, comoros, eritrea, ethiopia, cape verde, congo, gambia, …

Italy Word Scramble Puzzle



venice, gondola, vineyard, colosseum, michael angelo, risotto, nutella, lasagna, volcano, football, gelato, gnocchi, pasta, marco polo, vespa, tower …

Africa Word Scramble Puzzle



kenya, lake tanganyika, arabs, zaire, tropical rain forest, savanna, nigeria, congo river, sudan, egypt, south africa, sahara, kalahari desert, …

Canadas Provinces & Territories Word Scramble Puzzle

Canada's Provinces & Territories


alberta, quebec, manitoba, northwest territories, yukon, ontario, british columbia, newfoundland and labrador, new brunswick, nova scotia, prince …

Python Programming Language Word Scramble Puzzle

Python Programming Language

Computers & IT

print, clear, min, input, dictionary, modulus, extend, abs, pop, continue, index, append, upper, string, join, and, break

Cyber Security Awareness Month Word Scramble Puzzle

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Computers & IT

spyware, phishing, virus, passphrase, password manager, malware, skimmers, internet safety, hacker, data breach, open wifi, identity theft, …

Analogue & Digital Media Word Scramble Puzzle

Analogue & Digital Media

Computers & IT

tape, cd, zip disc, cd player, analogue, radio, film, digital, record, dish tv, hard drive, cartridge, mini disc, vinyl, walkman, cassette, sd card, …

Excel Word Scramble Puzzle


Computers & IT

add new worksheets, formatting, microsoft excel, sum a column of numbers, move a worksheet, cell, range, copying a worksheet, modify column widths, …