Vehicles Word Scramble

A collection of vehicles word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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On the Move Word Scramble Puzzle

On the Move


airplane, ambulance, blimp, bullet train, catamaran, cruise ship, dogsled, golf cart, helicopter, jet ski, jetliner, kayak, motorcycle, mountain bike, …

Car Brands Word Scramble Puzzle

Car Brands


buick, ford, toyota, tesla, jaguar, nissan, mercedes, chevrolet, dodge, jeep, range rover, honda, mazda, subaru, cadillac, hyundai, lexus, audi, …

Car Makers Word Scramble Puzzle

Car Makers


subaru, pontiac, saturn, ford, chrysler, jeep, mercury, mercedes benz, mazda, volkswagen, toyota, volvo, hyundai, honda, lexus, dodge, cadillac, …

Famous Cars Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Cars


impala, deville, woody wagon, aston martin, continental, porsche, corvette, alfa romeo, military jeep, thunderbird, rolls royce, mercedes benz, …

Car Makes and Models Word Scramble Puzzle

Car Makes and Models


volvo, honda, buick, lexus, hyundai, fiat, civic, jeep, acura, mercedes, bmw, jaguar, bentley, audi, dodge, mazda, nissan, porsche, tesla, ford

Transportation Word Scramble Puzzle



taxi, train, bicycle, airplane, segway, tram, car, jet ski, truck, helicopter, cable car, bus, boat, spaceship, ferry, hot air balloon, motorcycle, …

Traffic Management Techniques Word Scramble Puzzle

Traffic Management Techniques


traffic simulation, ridesharing, traffic flow, roadway design, lane closure, road capacity, traffic calming, parking management, toll roads, traffic …

Road Safety Design Word Scramble Puzzle

Road Safety Design


guardrail, barrier, speed limit, crosswalk, yield sign, school zone, traffic cone, speed bump, stop sign, pedestrian, rumble strips, roundabout, …

Boating Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Boating Safety


cell phone, undertow, license, active supervision, flashlight, emergency contact, sunscreen, help huddle, throwing assist, boating plan, blankets, be …

Vehicle Word Scramble Puzzle



snowmobile, jet ski, scooter, car, bulldozer, crane, train, motorcycle, bus, ship, airplane, semi-truck, truck, tractor, boat, submarine, helicopter, …

American Car Companies Word Scramble Puzzle

American Car Companies


saleen, plymouth, chrysler, hummer, duesenberg, studebaker, pontiac, desoto, vector, oldsmobile, hennessey, stutz, packard, chevrolet, mercury, …

Transports Word Scramble Puzzle



elevator, truck, yacht, tram, caravan, motorcycle, car, subway, wagon, plane, bike, train, helicopter, bus, taxi, boat

Popular Cars in the 1960s Word Scramble Puzzle

Popular Cars in the 1960's


chevrolet impala, alfa romeo spider, dodge charger, austin mini cooper s, ford mustang, chevrolet corvette, ferrari 250 swb, ford falcon, camaro, ford …

Bike! Word Scramble Puzzle



tyres, pedals, hub, suspension, frame, gear leavers, spokes, rim, bike, seat, brakes, chain, handle bars

Road Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Road Safety


slow down, red light, green light, look both ways, vehicles, crosswalk, automobile, pay attention, looking, trucks, slippery road, amber, stop sign, …

Boats Word Scramble Puzzle



yacht, flying boat, zille, electric boat, sail boat, fylak, dhow, bass boat, water taxi, coble, garbage scow, waka, express cruiser, wakeboard boat, …

Vehicles & Transportation Word Scramble Puzzle

Vehicles & Transportation


skateboard, forklift, helicopter, jet ski, tractor, train, bulldozer, truck, bus, hovercraft, scooter, airplane, golf cart, segway, snowmobile, …

Safe Driving Word Scramble Puzzle

Safe Driving


tie down, pedestrians, high visibility vest, right of way, cover your brakes, door to door, speed limit, drug free, seatbelt, check your mirrors, …

Airplane Parts Word Scramble Puzzle

Airplane Parts


rudder, landing light, spoiler, vertical stabilizer, fuel tank, door, spinner, flaps, cockpit, aileron, fin, wheel cover, propeller, engine, …

Automobile Makers and Types Word Scramble Puzzle

Automobile Makers and Types


ford , cadillac, general motors, subaru, mercedes benz, chevrolet, toyota, honda, volkswagen, hyundai, nissan, mazda, convertible, coupe, sedan, …

Driver Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Driver Safety


supervisor, accident, speed limit, stop sign, inspection, fire extinguisher, seat belts, warning lights, headlights, first aid kit, overtake, hands …