Books & Literature Word Scramble

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Childrens Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Children's Books

Books & Literature

the cat in the hat, no david, llama llama red pajamas, harry potter, chicka chicka boom boom, magic treehouse, curious george, little red riding hood, …

Classic Literature Word Scramble Puzzle

Classic Literature

Books & Literature

lord of the flies, the great gatsby, animal farm, catcher in the rye, to kill a mockingbird, war and peace, little women, frankenstein, the odyssey, …

The Scarlet Letter Word Scramble Puzzle

The Scarlet Letter

Books & Literature

church, forest, roger chillingworth, hester prynne, meteor, prison, husband, bristol, confess, commander, hawthorne, needlework, boston, bellingham, …

Hatchet Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

radio, pilot, mosquitos, shelter, divorce, plane crash, food, drone, hatchet, gary paulsen, airplane, cockpit, secret, hungry, brian, woods, …

Library Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

graphic, learn, genealogy, books, video, biography, paperback, computers, children, audio, new books, kindle, stories, fiction, reference, …

Of Mice and Men Word Scramble Puzzle

Of Mice and Men

Books & Literature

lennie, mice, puppy, curley, american dream, soledad, george, slim, of mice and men, weed, red dress, lonely, racism, candy, crooks, dog, migrant …

Book Genre Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Genre

Books & Literature

fiction, nonfiction, romance, mystery, thriller, humor, horror, western, fantasy, biography, short story, graphic novel, self help, dystopian, science …

Book Genres Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Genres

Books & Literature

biography, plays, fairy tale, poetry, folktales, fantasy, historical, science, legend, fables, informational, realistic, stories, autobiography, …

Classic Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Classic Books

Books & Literature

invisible man, moby dick, count of monte cristo, the great gatsby, don quixote, anna karenina, animal farm, catcher in the rye, to kill a mockingbird, …

Reading Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

characters, words, pictures, books, library, chapters, plot, fun, quiet, page numbers, authors, titles

Figurative Language Word Scramble Puzzle

Figurative Language

Books & Literature

rhythm, internal rhyme, repetition, tone, metaphor, idiom, structure, allusion, hyperbole, mood, analogy, lines, end rhyme, rhyme, simile, stanza, …

Books Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

the very hungary caterpillar, good night moon , where the wild things are, the day the crayons quit , charlottes web, pete the cat, chicka chika boom …

High Frequency Words Word Scramble Puzzle

High Frequency Words

Books & Literature

way, where, our, some, great, these, people, write, call, any, before, right, were

Poetic Techniques Word Scramble Puzzle

Poetic Techniques

Books & Literature

stanza, onomatopoeia, rhyme, irony, symbolism, repetition, metaphor, hyperbole, assonance, alliteration, personification, rule of three, imagery, …

Poetry Devices Word Scramble Puzzle

Poetry Devices

Books & Literature

hyperbole, imagery, rhyme scheme, central message, alliteration, consonance, onomatopoeia, repetition, symbolism, metaphor, enjambment, …

Book Characters Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Characters

Books & Literature

demeter, felicity, hermione granger, persephone, harry potter, watson, constance contraire, sticky washington, reynard muldoon, mags bogdonavich, …

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Word Scramble Puzzle

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Books & Literature

whitewash, cats, cave, pirates, alone, elixirs, trouble, kissing, murder, mississippi, friends, island, comrade, reckon, killing, adventure, treasure, …

Literary Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Literary Terms

Books & Literature

myth, fable, analogy, protagonist, antagonist, free verse, climax, folk tale, speaker, resolution, simile, drama, irony, rhyme, biography, figurative …

Figures of Speech Word Scramble Puzzle

Figures of Speech

Books & Literature

allusion, stanza, euphemism, simile, personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration, rhythm, contrast, sonnet, metaphor, verse, progression, assonance, …

The Raven Word Scramble Puzzle

The Raven

Books & Literature

chamber, visitor, shutter, tapping, darkness, wind, tree branches, lonely, midnight, bleak december, ghostly soul, curtain, raven, perched, whisper, …

Banned Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Banned Books

Books & Literature

grapes of wrath, catcher in the rye, a streetcar named desire, harry potter, moby dick, huck finn, color purple, lord of the rings, great gatsby, …