Books Word Scramble

A collection of books word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Childrens Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Children's Books


the cat in the hat, no david, llama llama red pajamas, harry potter, chicka chicka boom boom, magic treehouse, curious george, little red riding hood, …

Figurative Language Word Scramble Puzzle

Figurative Language


rhythm, internal rhyme, repetition, tone, metaphor, idiom, structure, allusion, hyperbole, mood, analogy, lines, end rhyme, rhyme, simile, stanza, …

Book Genres Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Genres


biography, plays, fairy tale, poetry, folktales, fantasy, historical, science, legend, fables, informational, realistic, stories, autobiography, …

Literary Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Literary Terms


myth, fable, analogy, protagonist, antagonist, free verse, climax, folk tale, speaker, resolution, simile, drama, irony, rhyme, biography, figurative …

Figures of Speech Word Scramble Puzzle

Figures of Speech


allusion, stanza, euphemism, simile, personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration, rhythm, contrast, sonnet, metaphor, verse, progression, assonance, …

Library Word Scramble Puzzle



graphic, learn, genealogy, books, video, biography, paperback, computers, children, audio, new books, kindle, stories, fiction, reference, …

Classic Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Classic Books


invisible man, moby dick, count of monte cristo, the great gatsby, don quixote, anna karenina, animal farm, catcher in the rye, to kill a mockingbird, …

Book Genre Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Genre


fiction, nonfiction, romance, mystery, thriller, humor, horror, western, fantasy, biography, short story, graphic novel, self help, dystopian, science …

Poetic Techniques Word Scramble Puzzle

Poetic Techniques


stanza, onomatopoeia, rhyme, irony, symbolism, repetition, metaphor, hyperbole, assonance, alliteration, personification, rule of three, imagery, …

Of Mice and Men Word Scramble Puzzle

Of Mice and Men


lennie, mice, puppy, curley, american dream, soledad, george, slim, of mice and men, weed, red dress, lonely, racism, candy, crooks, dog, migrant …

The Scarlet Letter Word Scramble Puzzle

The Scarlet Letter


church, forest, roger chillingworth, hester prynne, meteor, prison, husband, bristol, confess, commander, hawthorne, needlework, boston, bellingham, …

Reading Word Scramble Puzzle



characters, words, pictures, books, library, chapters, plot, fun, quiet, page numbers, authors, titles

Rangers Apprentice Word Scramble Puzzle

Ranger's Apprentice


bravery, arald, araluen, kindness, gorlan, bow, will, arrow, ranger, archer, apprentice, castle, redmont, gilan, friendship, halt, horace

The Raven Word Scramble Puzzle

The Raven


chamber, visitor, shutter, tapping, darkness, wind, tree branches, lonely, midnight, bleak december, ghostly soul, curtain, raven, perched, whisper, …

High Frequency Words Word Scramble Puzzle

High Frequency Words


way, where, our, some, great, these, people, write, call, any, before, right, were

Book Characters Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Characters


demeter, felicity, hermione granger, persephone, harry potter, watson, constance contraire, sticky washington, reynard muldoon, mags bogdonavich, …

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Word Scramble Puzzle

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


whitewash, cats, cave, pirates, alone, elixirs, trouble, kissing, murder, mississippi, friends, island, comrade, reckon, killing, adventure, treasure, …

Literary Device Word Scramble Puzzle

Literary Device


repetition, metaphor, idiom, allusion, hyperbole, personification, oxymoron, pun, rhyme, simile, stanza, alliteration, symbolism, imagery, …

Book Character Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Character


dogman, captain underpants, spot, bin chicken, fly guy, grug, wally, bad guys, geronimo stilton, franklin, angelina, hairy maclary, macca, pig the …