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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Winter Word Scramble Puzzle



gingerbread, january, hockey, frozen, socks, december, icicle, snow, boots, wood, skate, coat, mittens, fireplace, ice, cold

Sports Word Scramble Puzzle



hockey, diving, swimming, fencing, tennis, basketball, archery, golf, boxing, wrestling, rugby, karate, soccer, football, cricket, softball, baseball

Cruise Word Scramble Puzzle


Travel & Tourism

fun ship, buffet, party, luggage, ocean, formal, passport, food, dancing, carnival, waves, elevator, pools, cruise, music, vacation

Picnic Word Scramble Puzzle


Travel & Tourism

potato salad, lemonade, salsa, watermelon, barbeque, summer time, ketchup, cookout, hot dog, pickles, potato chips, grilling, swimming, mustard, …

Orange Shirt Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Orange Shirt Day


first nations, williams lake, bullying, residential schools, every child matters, survivors, reconciliation, indigenous, awareness, orange shirt, …

Safe Driving Word Scramble Puzzle

Safe Driving


tie down, pedestrians, high visibility vest, right of way, cover your brakes, door to door, speed limit, drug free, seatbelt, check your mirrors, …

Marvel Word Scramble Puzzle



bucky barnes, pepper potts, nebula, captain marvel, hercules, peggy carter, thor, infinity stones, star lord, spider man, cosmic cube, rocket, ant …

Retirement Word Scramble Puzzle



grand children , rest , senior discounts , pension , oldster , happiness , no work , elder , read , extended vacation , babysit , freedom , tropical …

Countries in Europe Word Scramble Puzzle

Countries in Europe


ukraine, greece, italy, belgium, belarus, portugal, bulgaria, romania, sweden, denmark, switzerland, united kingdom, spain, austria, germany, france, …

Junk Food Word Scramble Puzzle

Junk Food

Food & Drinks

chocolate, cinnamon rolls, chips, mashed potato, milkshakes, mac & cheese, soda, oreo, cupcake, doughnuts, candy, cakes, snacks cakes, kfc, jelly …

Halloween Word Scramble Puzzle



Word scramble puzzle based on the Halloween terms and other scary stuff.

TV Shows of the 70s - Part 2 Word Scramble Puzzle

TV Shows of the 70's - Part 2

TV Shows

charlies angels, baretta, barnaby jones, police woman, hart to hart, six million dollar man, one day at a time, alice, bob newhart, taxi, the …

Autumn Word Scramble Puzzle



leaves, hayride, cozy, halloween, apple cider, pumpkin, denim, hot chocolate, candy, daylight savings, football, thanksgiving, apple pie, trick or …

Tools & Equipments - 2 Word Scramble Puzzle

Tools & Equipments - 2

Tools & Equipment

lawnmower, trowel, blower, handsaw, welding, soldering iron, caulking gun, washer, putty knife, scroll saw, compressor, hand plane, trimmer, chainsaw, …

Holidays & Event Days Word Scramble Puzzle

Holidays & Event Days


independence, friendship, workers, earth day, labor day, memorial, fathers, black friday, st patricks day, remembrance, valentines, halloween, …

The Fabulous 50s! Word Scramble Puzzle

The Fabulous 50's!


hula hoop, happy days, beehive, hotrod, elvis, diner, sock hop, grease, burn rubber, pink cadillac, saddle shoe, buddy holly, drive in movies, rock n …

Occupations Word Scramble Puzzle



barber , farmer , photographer , chef , baker , locksmith , doctor , teacher , painter , pilot , gardner , mechanic , florist , plumber , tailor , …

TV Shows of the 70s Word Scramble Puzzle

TV Shows of the 70's

TV Shows

dukes of hazzard, facts of life, happy days, good times, threes company, mary tyler moore, maude, odd couple, sanford and son, bionic woman, wonder …

Paul Revere Word Scramble Puzzle

Paul Revere


boston, revolution, ride, tax, harbor, revere, liberty, horse, silversmith, midnight, militia, boycott, king, patriot, independence, war, teaparty, …

Summer Time Word Scramble Puzzle

Summer Time


vacation, sunscreen, goggles, blueberries, float, bucket, beach, campfire, canoe, ice cream, camping, towel, flip flops, shovel, fireworks, sand …

Bible Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

isaiah, hope, jacob, frankincense, isaac, jeremiah, apostle peter, cross, miracles, disciple, apostle paul, judas iscariot, burning bush, ten …