Animals Word Scramble

A collection of animals word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Animals that Live in Water Word Scramble Puzzle

Animals that Live in Water


shark, frog, eel, dolphin, seal, crab, alligator, crocodile, tuna, star fish, sting ray, whale, platypus, salmon

Pet Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Pet Animals


lizard, ferret, turtle, rat, rabbit, bird, iguana, dog, cat, ants, mouse, snake, fish, hamster, tarantula, horse, chinchilla

Zoo Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Zoo Animals


panda, chimpanzee, gorilla, sloth, elephant, hippo, otter, flamingo, kangaroo, zebra, rhino, snow leopard, polar bear, emu, camel, giraffe, lion, …

Underwater Marine Life Word Scramble Puzzle

Underwater Marine Life


octopus, crabs, lobsters, jellyfish, turtles, swordfish, corals, stingrays, sharks, squids, tuna, whales, seals, urchins, dolphins, barracudas, eels, …

Sea Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Sea Animals


otter, penguin, sea lion, star fish, dolphin, seahorse, shark, jelly fish, sea turtle, bull shark, seal, manatee, dog

Water Creatures Word Scramble Puzzle

Water Creatures


starfish, alaskan, tuna, turtle, cod, halibut, shark, whale, eel, dolphin, crab, jellyfish, catfish, flounder, tilapia, salmon, lobster, bass, trout, …

Types of Dogs Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Dogs


poodle, cocker spaniel, chihuahua, german shepherd, australian shepherd, pomeranian, rottweiler, shih tzu, hound dog, pit bull, terrier, golden …

Bear Word Scramble Puzzle



elder kinsman, domesticated, soulful, chet-woot, habitat, perimeters, demeanour, enslavement, omnivorous, benevolence, grizzly, mowgli, bearology, …

Animals of the World Word Scramble Puzzle

Animals of the World


octopus, antelope, wolf, fruit bat, cheetah, elephant, kangaroo, hairy nosed wombat, vampire bat, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, humpback whale, rabbit, …

Rainforest Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Rainforest Animals


bats, spider monkeys, tree frogs, pythons, leopards, poison dart frogs, hummingbirds, baboons, lemurs, toucans, crocodiles, gorillas, anacondas, …

Bird Word Scramble Puzzle



duck, vulture, song, pelican, crow, beak, wings, dove, feathers, swan, pigeon, flamingo

Dinosaur Word Scramble Puzzle



roar, tracks, fossil, teeth, discovery, triceratops, dinosaurs, herbivore, carnivore, museum, bones, stegosaurus

Insects Word Scramble Puzzle



mosquito, gnat, atlas moth, butterfly, honeybee, grasshopper, praying mantis, ladybug, horse fly, bumblebee, firefly, cricket, roach, hornet, yellow …

Cats Word Scramble Puzzle



abyssinian, tabby, independent, litter box, meow, calico, purr, whisker fatigue, persian, bengal, kitten, grooming, siamese, playful, domesticated, …

Dog Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Dog Breeds


golden retriever, husky, poodle, labrador retriever, german shepherd, siberian husky, irish setter, rottweiler, basset hound, alaskan malamute, …

Birds Word Scramble Puzzle



albatross, falcon, chicken, peacock, duck, owl, seagull, stork, hummingbird, sparrow, finch, canary, osprey, pigeon, hawk, eagle, pelican, parrot, …

Farm Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Farm Animals


kitten, squirrel, horse, pony, geese, rabbit, ducks, pigs, mouse, rooster, sheep, dog, swan, goats, chickens, birds, cow, hog, puppy

Insect Names Word Scramble Puzzle

Insect Names


cricket, tick, moth, hornet, lice, bug, bee, roach, termite, ant, ladybug, flea, mite, beetle, wasp, fly, praym, gnat, cicada, maggot

Canadian Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Canadian Animals


arctic hare, loon, grey wolf, moose, bison, raccoon, great grey owl, lemming, canada lynx, wolverine, mule deer, prairie dog, canadian goose, polar …

Aquatic Life Word Scramble Puzzle

Aquatic Life


fish, dolphin, shark, jellyfish, octopus, seahorse, turtle, crab, lobster, starfish, coral, whale, penguin, shrimp, oyster, eel

All About Pandas Word Scramble Puzzle

All About Pandas


climb, endangered, habitat, black, bear, paws, cub, forest, mountains, cute, giant, bamboo, solitary, cold, cloudy, fur, adapt, cat bear