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A collection of movies word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Hocus Pocus Word Scramble Puzzle

Hocus Pocus


trick, max, treat, candle, spell, magic, hocus, halloween, allison, binx, cat, thackery, salem, candy, brew, pocus, cauldron, dani, potion, sanderson

Twilight Word Scramble Puzzle



sasha, marcus, phil dwyer, irina, demetri, esme cullen, jessica stanley, alec, isabella swan, billy black, jane, caius, santiago, mike newton, edward …

Films - Part 1 Word Scramble Puzzle

Films - Part 1


mary poppins, to kill a mockingbird, the pink panther, the graduate, my fair lady, the king and i, walk the line, shine, spartacus, the parent trap, …

Hollywood Word Scramble Puzzle



box office, cinema, lights, camera, screenplay, entertainment, action, actor, genre, character, idol, stardom, movie, hollywood, fortune, oscar, …

The Lord of the Rings Word Scramble Puzzle

The Lord of the Rings


legolas, merry, gondor, aragorn, fantasy, hobbit, saruman, elrond, lord, dwarf, gimli, sam, gandalf, baggins, bilbo, rings, elves, frodo, wizard, …

Film Word Scramble Puzzle



dialogue, close-up, props, voice over, long shot, shot, costume, wide shot, high-key lighting, low angle shot, makeup, cinematography, zoom, tracking …

Movie Night Word Scramble Puzzle

Movie Night


definitely maybe, cinderella man, burn after reading, butterfly effect, step brothers, super troopers, avengers end game, departed, indiana jones, …

StarWars Word Scramble Puzzle



count dooku, the force, hansolo, luke skywalker, resistance, yoda, clonewars, kyloren, wookie, starwars, light saber, anewhope, jedi master, darth …

Science Fiction Word Scramble Puzzle

Science Fiction


parallel universe, alien, martian, dystopia, futuristic, teleportation, apocalyptic, george lucas, time machine, frankenstein, robot, cyberspace, …

Theatre Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Theatre Terms


concentration, tragedy, actor, critique, blocking, lights, costume, improvisation, drama, projection, dialogue, comedy, sound, props, monologue, …

One-Word Movies Word Scramble Puzzle

One-Word Movies


braveheart, goodfellas, vertigo, casablanca, intersteller, unforgiven, platoon, invincible, psycho, gladiator, limelight, maleficent, suddenly, …

Monster Movies Word Scramble Puzzle

Monster Movies


dracula untold, gremlins, godzilla, arcadian, the black demon, barbarian, antlers, the ritual, pans labyrinth, slender man, van helsing, the babadook, …

Horror Movies Word Scramble Puzzle

Horror Movies


the exorcist , day of the dead , the mist , witch , crystal lake, bone collector , walking dead , the purge, dracula , skeleton key, zombie , scream …

Halloween Movies Word Scramble Puzzle

Halloween Movies


the witches, beetlejuice, the addams family, casper, the haunted mansion, goosebumps, hocus pocus, young frankenstein, spooky buddies, monster squad, …

The Nightmare Before Christmas Word Scramble Puzzle

The Nightmare Before Christmas


pumpkin, graveyard, skellington, spiral hill, treehouse, santa claus, shock, harlequin, witches, holiday, barrel, christmas, halloween, sally, zero, …

Films - Part 2 Word Scramble Puzzle

Films - Part 2


the addams family, annie, the wizard of oz, grease, driving miss daisy, mamma mia, groundhog day, singing in the rain, some like it hot, mrs …

Chamber of Secrets Word Scramble Puzzle

Chamber of Secrets


hermione, portal, snake, tom riddle, diary, train, dobby, petrified, freed, girls bathroom, car, harry potter, moaning myrtle, ginny, potions, sorting …

Films Word Scramble Puzzle



shawshank redemption, finding nemo, spiderman, suicide squad, toy story, happy gilmour, die hard, casino royale, the godfather, pinocchio, inside man, …

Actors Word Scramble Puzzle



jim carrey, liam neeson, forest whitaker, eddie murphy, leonardo dicaprio, jason statham, michael b. jordan, keanu reeves, adam sandler, matt damon, …

Wedding Movies Word Scramble Puzzle

Wedding Movies


my big fat greek wedding, mamma mia, bride wars, father of the bride, crazy rich asians, steel magnolias, four weddings and a funeral, twilight …

Movies of the 60s Word Scramble Puzzle

Movies of the 60s


the hustler, goldfinger, doctor strangelove, my fair lady, doctor zhivago, harakiri, cold hand luke, spartacus, for a few dollars more, night of the …