History Word Scramble

A collection of history word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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The Titanic Word Scramble Puzzle

The Titanic


engines, new york, disaster, life boats, atlantic ocean, passengers, maiden voyage, first class, luxury, southampton, three hours, white star line, …

Veterans Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Veterans Day


honoring, america, sailor, hero, war, marines, veterans, us army, november, freedom, services, nation, forces, salute, military, soldier, navy, flag, …

Women in History Word Scramble Puzzle

Women in History


helen keller, pocahontas, susan b anthony, abigail adams, clara barton, betty friedan, margaret thatcher, eleanor roosevelt, anne frank, oprah …

Revolutionary War Word Scramble Puzzle

Revolutionary War


king george, stamp act, president, independence, congress, boston, colonists, minute men, samuel adams, king, george washington, paul revere, france, …

Paul Revere Word Scramble Puzzle

Paul Revere


boston, revolution, ride, tax, harbor, revere, liberty, horse, silversmith, midnight, militia, boycott, king, patriot, independence, war, teaparty, …

War Word Scramble Puzzle



war, soldier, battle, weapon, army, victory, defeat, strategy, peace, uniform, refugee, fort, alliance, resistance, reconnaissance, propaganda

History Word Scramble Puzzle



empire, revolution, holocaust, kingdoms, apartheid, colonialism, imperialism, communism, discovery, ancient, civil war, renaissance, enlightenment, …

Early Civilizations Word Scramble Puzzle

Early Civilizations


government, persia, egypt, harappa, art, dynasty, indus, mesopotamia, sumerian, olmec, settlement, maya, technology, society, fertile, valley

Roaring Twenties Word Scramble Puzzle

Roaring Twenties


teapot dome, harlem, fundamentalism, palmer raids, suffrage, jazz age, gangsters, great gatsby, prohibition, jazz singer, volstead act, scopes trial, …

Slave Trade Word Scramble Puzzle

Slave Trade


shackled, capture, punishment, africa, plantation life, cornbread, overboard, transportation, house slave, abolition, homeward passage, economic, …

Periods in History Word Scramble Puzzle

Periods in History


paleocene, eoarchean, oligocene, silurian, cambrian, ordovician, eocene, neoarchean, mesoarchean, jurassic, pleistocene, permian, cretaceous, miocene, …

Flappers Word Scramble Puzzle



lipstick, sequins, bob, gilda gray, bebe daniels, rouge, shimmy, hip flasks, charleston, corsets, coco chanel, pantaloons, eton, shingle, modern …

1990s Word Scramble Puzzle



dr kevorkian, slackers, nirvana, word wide web, gulf war, pearl jam, princess diana, dot com bubble, hip hop, minnesota wild, harry potter, cellular …

Jamestown Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Jamestown Vocabulary


disease, indentured servant, sugar & rice, landowner, freezing, lumber & fish, narrow channel, contract, the starving time, house of …

Henry V and the Conquest of France Word Scramble Puzzle

Henry V and the Conquest of France


france, thomas walshing, agincourt, thomas beaufort, normandy, river touques, armagnac group, burgundian group, bernard, dauphin charles, john the …

Fall of Roman Empire Word Scramble Puzzle

Fall of Roman Empire


germanic, looted, paxromana, empire, constantine, corruption, civil war, loyalty, caligula, mediterranean, constantinople, nero, bribes, taxes, …

4 Humours Word Scramble Puzzle

4 Humours


phlegmatic, cold and moist, greek, summer, winter, phlegm, black bile, blood, choleric, spring, yellow bile, liquids, autumn, balanced, air, earth, …

Genghis Khan Word Scramble Puzzle

Genghis Khan


genghis, asia, jamuka, temujin, andas, mongols, borte, khan, merkid, mongolia

Edward VI Word Scramble Puzzle

Edward VI


ireland, england, succession, king, tuberculosis, latin, edward, realm, throne, protestant, henry, monarch, catholic, jane seymour, reign

Navajo Word Scramble Puzzle



wind, yellow wind, buckskin, yellow body, yellow eagle, white body, white car, eagle feathers, blue body, yellow ear, mirage people, grains, first …

Early Settlers Word Scramble Puzzle

Early Settlers


journal , early , travel , ireland , settlers , canada , lakes , boat , forest , land , scotland , mountains , journey , rivers , firstnations , poor …