Television Shows Word Scramble

A collection of tv shows word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Television Entertainment Word Scramble Puzzle

Television Entertainment

TV Shows

winner, the final, audience, star, judges, remote control, prize, performers, stream, channels, cartoon, Оn demand, stage, studio, record, news, vote …

Netflix Shows Word Scramble Puzzle

Netflix Shows

TV Shows

squid game, cobra kai, on my block, you, 13 reasons why, lost ollie, stranger things, raising dion, atypical, black mirror, ozark, money heist, …

TV Shows of the 70s - Part 2 Word Scramble Puzzle

TV Shows of the 70's - Part 2

TV Shows

charlies angels, baretta, barnaby jones, police woman, hart to hart, six million dollar man, one day at a time, alice, bob newhart, taxi, the …

60s TV Shows Word Scramble Puzzle

60's TV Shows

TV Shows

the flintstones, lassie, gunsmoke, the addams family, i dream of jeannie, star trek, bonanza, batman, gilligan's island, the littlest hobo, the brady …

Criminal Minds TV Show Word Scramble Puzzle

Criminal Minds TV Show

TV Shows

forensics, arsonist, evidence, gideon, victim, angel of death, murder, morgan, penelope, motive, behavioral analysis unit, innocent, delusional, …

80s Morning Throwback Word Scramble Puzzle

80's Morning Throwback

TV Shows

ducktales, thundercats, the simpsons, ninja turtles, transformers, the smurfs, garfield, gijoe, he man, my little pony, fragglerock, super mario bros, …

TV SHOWS OF THE 60s Word Scramble Puzzle


TV Shows

get smart, the addams family, the munsters, father knows best, hogan’s heroes, bewitched, mission impossible, bonanza, gilligan’s island, hawaii …

Star Wars Word Scramble Puzzle

Star Wars

TV Shows

battleships, empire, sith, chewbacca, jedi, rey, kylo ren, galaxy, leia, palpatine, star wars, darth vader, finn, yoda, force, han solo, darth maul, …

Vampire Diaries Word Scramble Puzzle

Vampire Diaries

TV Shows

rebekah, enzo, bonnie, elena, matt, elijah, forbes, alaric, jeremy, caroline, gilbert, tyler, jenna, damon, hybrid, lockwood, klaus, salvatore, …

Greys Anatomy Word Scramble Puzzle

Grey's Anatomy

TV Shows

surgery, death, plane crash, grey, webber, lexie, ellis, george, derek, emotional, yang, izzie, o'malley, zola, car accident, thatcher, meredith, …

TV Shows of the 70s Word Scramble Puzzle

TV Shows of the 70's

TV Shows

dukes of hazzard, facts of life, happy days, good times, threes company, mary tyler moore, maude, odd couple, sanford and son, bionic woman, wonder …

Poirot Word Scramble Puzzle


TV Shows

felicity lemon, drawing room, death on the nile, hastings, detective, david suchet, finale, belgian, mustache, exposure, forgery, james japp, little …

House M.D. Word Scramble Puzzle

House M.D.

TV Shows

examination, differential, gregory house, medical, james wilson, arrogant, aggravation, plasmapheresis, internships, drama, internal medicine, …

TV Shows of the 50s Word Scramble Puzzle

TV Shows of the 50's

TV Shows

dragnet, leave it to beaver, dark shadows, twighlight zone, have gun will travel, big valley, wagon train, ozzie and harriet, the rifleman, i love …

Twin Peaks Word Scramble Puzzle

Twin Peaks

TV Shows

laura palmer, special agent dale cooper, black lodge, damn fine, garmonbozia, cherry pie, ronette pulaski, donna hayward, ghostwood, fire walk with …