Outdoors Word Scramble

A collection of outdoors word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Picnic Word Scramble Puzzle



potato salad, lemonade, salsa, watermelon, barbeque, summer time, ketchup, cookout, hot dog, pickles, potato chips, grilling, swimming, mustard, …

Circus Word Scramble Puzzle



clown, magic, games, popcorn, ringmaster, tight rope, cotton candy, merry go round, circus, audience, parade, tiger, juggler, ponies, fun house, …

Fishing Word Scramble Puzzle



blue fish, bass, trout, boat, fishing rod, dolphin, lady fish, bait, catfish, lizard fish, motor, manatee, net, codfish, shrimp, crab

A Day at the Beach Word Scramble Puzzle

A Day at the Beach


starfish, beach blanket, beach combing, beach umbrella, sand dollar, beach ball, kite, seashells, sandcastle, seagulls, bucket and shovel, clams, …

Camping Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Camping Activities


pitch a tent, put in the pegs, compass, rucksack, cover our heads, tent, first aid kit, keep out the rain, lay out the bed, sleeping bag, read a …

Beach Word Scramble Puzzle



scuba, relax, beach, boat, gull, hat, cooler, towel, dune, island, shore, dock, kayak, dive, shark

Camping Word Scramble Puzzle



map, nature, animals, knapsack, gorp, adventure, sunscreen, lake, backpack, flashlight, tent, kayak, forest, equipment, fishing, gear, mountain, …

Casino Night Word Scramble Puzzle

Casino Night


dice, bingo, twenty one, lucky seven, craps, doubles, roulette, casino, jackpot, tables, black jack, bust, poker, baccarat, slots

Swimming Pools Word Scramble Puzzle

Swimming Pools


dive, safety, sunny, pool, water, summer, bathing suit, jump, waves, deep, shallow, towel, sunscreen, swim, wet, play, float, splash, lifeguard, flip …

Amusement Park Word Scramble Puzzle

Amusement Park


tilt a whirl, log flume, scary rides, train, carousel, scrambler, thrill rides, roller coaster, pirate ship swing, bumper cars, tumble bug, ferris …

Camp Word Scramble Puzzle



nervous, laughter, games, rock climbing, bunks, harness, sunshine, swimming, surfing, activities, beach, sunscreen, friends, caving, outdoors, …

At the Pumpkin Patch Word Scramble Puzzle

At the Pumpkin Patch


orange, field, harvest, halloween, basket, gourd, tractor, leaves, seeds, donuts, weigh, autumn, pumpkin, apples, corn maze, picking, sweater, wagon …

Leisure Interests Word Scramble Puzzle

Leisure Interests


games, cook, collect, read, travel, dance, swim, volunteer, museums, camp, garden, shopping, sports, paint, photography, music, crochet, pottery, …