General Word Scramble

A collection of general word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Mystery Word Scramble Puzzle



uncertainty, clue, esoteric, quest, cipher, mysterious, riddle, intrigue, ambiguity, suspense, unknown, concealment, surprise, discovery, enigma, …

Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month Word Scramble Puzzle

Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month


evidence, prevention, dressing, process, lifespan, performance, modifications, occupation, treatment, inspire, evaluate, empathy, coping, achievement, …

The Sense of Smell Word Scramble Puzzle

The Sense of Smell


nostril, animals, brain, senses, flowers, septum, coffee, face, sneeze, perfume, odor, smell, food, sniff, breathe, air, cartilage, nose

President s Day Word Scramble Puzzle

President 's Day


carpet, george, address, abraham, theater, war, gettysburg, president, washington, battle, plantation, lincoln, slavery, white house, whitehorse, …

Hobby Word Scramble Puzzle



cooking, woodworking, gaming, singing, fishing, pottery, bird watching, yoga, sculpting, hiking, gardening, cycling, origami, knitting, dancing, …

Trees Word Scramble Puzzle



oak, olive, cedar, walnut, birch, sycamore, maple, magnolia, palm, beech, redwood, spruce, chestnut, juniper, hemlock, lilac, poplar, willow

Oh Baby! Word Scramble Puzzle

Oh Baby!


pacifer, bottle, girl, mommy, daddy, diaper, bassinet, stroller, crib, crying, hungry, nipple, diaper bag, clothes, lotion, socks, onesie, rattle, …

Coal Mining Word Scramble Puzzle

Coal Mining


candle, canary, steam pump, hewers, black spit, gases, sad, davy lamp, cold, long hours, explosion, mine shaft, depressing, flooding, rats, coal …

Living Skills Word Scramble Puzzle

Living Skills


cooking, laundry, soap, teeth, toilet paper, shampoo, cleaning, deodorant , brushing, shower, conditioner, body wash, dishes, lotion, towels, folding, …

Indoor Activity Word Scramble Puzzle

Indoor Activity


take a bubble bath, colour, drawing, cooking, dance, stretches, sewing, poetry writing, paint, watch tv, draw, board games, video games, listening to …

Relaxation Techniques Word Scramble Puzzle

Relaxation Techniques


yoga, reading, meditation, word scrambles, breathing, art, music, tai chi, massage, exercise, aromatherapy, writing, walking, dancing, puzzles, …

Hot Air Balloons Word Scramble Puzzle

Hot Air Balloons


special shapes, dawn patrol, mass ascension, burners, flight, helium, gondola, skirt, fiesta, glow, field, gas, panels, hot air balloon, envelope

Teddy Bear Word Scramble Puzzle

Teddy Bear


koala, bear, teddy, fuzzy, soft, cuddly, snugly, plushie, cute, paws, furry, stuffing

Living Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Living Things


kitten, guinea pig, horse, puppy, tree, human, blue whale, herbs, rose, plant, snake, chicken, bird, turtle, snail, sheep, flowers, spider, bunny, …

Memorial Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Memorial Day


respected, remembrance, fearless, salute, sacrifice, service, ceremonious, courage, gallant, honor, parade, acknowledge, decorated, soldier, brave, …

Baby Banks Word Scramble Puzzle

Baby Banks


prayer, play gym, books, diapers, shrimp, nursing pillow, wipes, grace, rocking chair, dresser, baby swing, miracle, bookshelf, dessert, bible

Creativity Word Scramble Puzzle



creative, crafty, visionary, imaginative, artistic, clever, innovative, unconventional, quirky, novel, pioneering, experimental, resourceful, art, …

Atmosphere of a Haunted House Word Scramble Puzzle

Atmosphere of a Haunted House


mysterious, seance, poltergeist, shadowy, phantom, cobweb, unsettling, supernatural, eerie, whispering, ghost, trapdoor, dreadful, creaking, creepy, …

Energy Word Scramble Puzzle



geothermal, oil, translucent, electricity, heat, luminous, solar, electrical, hydro, petroleum, energy, renewable, matter, coal, mechanical, biomass, …

Words That Go with Black Word Scramble Puzzle

Words That Go with Black


market, widow, spider, hills, list, friday, magic, hearted, matter, russian

The Gothic Word Scramble Puzzle

The Gothic


genre, gloomy, graveyard, atmosphere, castle, dracula, gargoyle, haunted, rebecca, monstrous, demoniac, frankenstein, victorian, vampire, werewolf, …