Music Word Scramble

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Music Instrument Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Instrument


violin, guitar, saxophone, piano, harmonica, cello, flute, trombone, clarinet, accordion, bassoon, xylophone, recorder, trumpet, maracas, microphone

80s POP Music Artists Word Scramble Puzzle

80's POP Music Artists


hall and oates, men at work, the police, simple minds, survivor, madness, duran duran, guns and roses, spandau ballet, george michael, phil colins, …

Bands from the 60s, 70s, & 80s Word Scramble Puzzle

Bands from the 60s, 70s, & 80s


the beatles, the rolling stones, the doors, the beach boys, fleetwood mac, the monkees, lynyrd skynyrd, simon & garfunkel, grateful dead, the …

Famous Singers and Musicians 1940s-1960s Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Singers and Musicians 1940's-1960's


billie holiday, benny goodman, perry como, nat king cole, harry james, patsy cline, glenn miller, judy garland, tommy dorsey, elvis presley, johnny …

Taylor Swift Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

Taylor Swift Songs


dorothea, daylight, lavender haze, the way i love you, i bet you think about me, london boy, bejeweled, the archer, marjorie, blank space, mastermind, …

Famous Musicians Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Musicians


olivia rodrigo, charlie puth, the weeknd, meghan trainor, ariana grande, shawn mendes, doja cat, kendrick lamar, justin bieber, harry styles, fall out …

Music Artists Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Artists


bruno mars, drake, elvis presley, taylor swift, paul mccartney, aretha franklin, adele, ed sheeran, jennifer lopez, kanye west, britney spears, selena …

Music Word Scramble Puzzle



ariana grande, justin bieber, olivia rodrigo, the weeknd, beyonce, lady gaga, billie eilish, harry styles, rihanna, sam smith, drake, miley cyrus, …

Rock Bands Word Scramble Puzzle

Rock Bands


queen, black sabbath, lynyrd skynyrd, aerosmith, boston, pink floyd, iron maiden, metallica, led zeppelin, the rolling stones, the beatles, grateful …

80s Music Word Scramble Puzzle

80's Music


new wave, whitney houston, music video, billy joel, madonna, elton john, pat benatar, bon jovi, van halen, rock, run dmc, one hit wonder, michael …

Famous Singers and Bands Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Singers and Bands


coldplay, beyonce, harry styles, taylor swift, black eye peas, brittany spears, maroon 5, bon jovi, whitney houston, jonas brothers, lady gaga, tina …

Famous Singers and Musicians Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Singers and Musicians


doris day, dolly parton, nat king cole, abba, tina turner, bob marley, stevie wonder, elvis presley, frank sinatra, the rolling stones, dusty …

Lets Discuss Dance Word Scramble Puzzle

Let's Discuss Dance


rhythm, popping, dance, cypher, tempo, choreography, lyrics, hip hop, ballroom, violin, top rock, salsa, break dance, freestyle, ballet, bollywood, …

Musical Things Word Scramble Puzzle

Musical Things


boom whackers, sixteenth note, sight reading, repeat sign, chords, piano, staff, half note, treble clef, eighth note, band, time signature, ostinato, …

Classical Music Word Scramble Puzzle

Classical Music


wagner, violin, bach, baroque, classical, vivaldi, organ, mozart, brahms, piano, harpsichord, handel, religion, chopin, romantic, hayden, beethoven, …

50s Music Stars Word Scramble Puzzle

50's Music Stars


nina simone, ella fitzgerald, bing crosby, tony bennett, duke ellington, bill haley, louis armstrong, little richard, patsy cline, jim reeves, …

Rock and Roll Word Scramble Puzzle

Rock and Roll


doors, white stripes, aretha franklin, prince, beach boys, james brown, michael jackson, billy joel, bee gees, rolling stones, beatles, black sabbath, …

Micheal Jackson Word Scramble Puzzle

Micheal Jackson


moon walk, dance, scream, rides, beat it, paris, jackson five, rock with you, thriller, moonwalk, bubbles, off the wall, music, jackson, glove, king …

Music Genre Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Genre


country, reggae, popular, funk, hip hop, techno, classical, latin, disco, jazz, electronic, rock, heavy metal, gospel, salsa, kpop, instrumental, ska

Pop Rock Word Scramble Puzzle

Pop Rock


intro, verse, refrain, interlude, coda, fade, tempo, melody, harmony, style, dynamics, beat, rhythm, tone color, form, chord

Lets talk about Dance Word Scramble Puzzle

Let's talk about Dance


beat, break dance, locking, lyrics, popping, violin, rhythm, choreography, freestyle, music, dance, cypher, tempo, top rock, hip hop