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Solve or unscramble these word scrambles where meaningful words are scrambled in a random fashion. Perfect for parents and teachers that are looking to keep their kids busy while they work on their vocabulary skills.

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Health and Safety Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Health and Safety Day

Health & Fitness

overdose, dizziness, fentanyl, crisis, contaminated, hydromorphone, possession, nasal, emergency, prescription, opioid, samaritan, morphine, …

Historical & National Landmarks Word Scramble Puzzle

Historical & National Landmarks

Cities & Places

kennedy space center, mount rushmore, yellowstone national park, golden gate bridge, lincoln memorial, hoover dam, grand canyon, empire state …

The Holy God of the Bible Word Scramble Puzzle

The Holy God of the Bible

People & Society

jesus, the devil, sanctification, tempted, baptized, stone, bread, obedient, thirty, inheritance, premature, written, worship, wilderness, galilee, …

Henry V and the Conquest of France Word Scramble Puzzle

Henry V and the Conquest of France


france, thomas walshing, agincourt, thomas beaufort, normandy, river touques, armagnac group, burgundian group, bernard, dauphin charles, john the …

English Literary Devices/Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

English Literary Devices/Terms


tone, imagery, literature, foreshadowing, point of view, syntax, diction, mood, juxtaposition, metaphor, simile , hyperbole , allusion, onomatopoeia, …

Zero Waste Word Scramble Puzzle

Zero Waste


recycle, reduce, plastics, bauxite , oil, aluminium , steel, reuse, refuse , rethink, silica sand, glass, leachate , land fill, iron sand

Bible Baptism Word Scramble Puzzle

Bible Baptism

People & Society

burial, death, resurrection, water, sins, remission, believes, jesus, christ, church, grace, added

Womens Equality Word Scramble Puzzle

Women's Equality

People & Society

discrimination, inequality, pay gap, stereotypes, differences, unfairness, gender, progress, social awareness, equal rights, respect, empowerment

Flamingo Word Scramble Puzzle



flamingo, pink, white, red, orange, black, melanism, carotene, shrimp, algae, diet, migrate

Zebra Word Scramble Puzzle



stripes, blonde, melanism, zebra, abundism, polka dots, extinction, poaching, leucism, erythrism, quagga, wild, africa, horse

Las Vegas Word Scramble Puzzle

Las Vegas

Cities & Places

nevada, blackjack, caesars, drinks, golden nugget, tropicana, excalibur, vacation, gamble , hotel, wedding chapel, bellagio, resort, poker, slot …

The Resurrection Of Christ Word Scramble Puzzle

The Resurrection Of Christ

People & Society

risen, punishment, resurrection, hell, savior, alive, eternity, separation, gnashing, damnation, weeping, eternal, christ

British Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

British Vocabulary


knickerbockers, secondary school, bloke, surname, rations, lot, holiday, london, post, professor, blasted, ruddy, underground, parcel, parchment, …

The Reformation Word Scramble Puzzle

The Reformation


purgatory, corruption, clergy, the renaissance, simony, pluralism, nepotism, absenteeism, protestant, bible, printing press, martin luther, …

Heat Transfer Word Scramble Puzzle

Heat Transfer


assess, analyze, convection, absorber, hot, conduction, insulator, insulation, cold, vacuum, evaporation, heat, emitter, evaluate, decide, examine, …

Things to Do with Steel Word Scramble Puzzle

Things to Do with Steel

Tools & Equipment

center buckle, scratches, galvanized, skids, cold roll, sheet lifter, hot roll, rust, overhead crane, pickled, fork side, leveling, safety, camber, …

Lending Word Scramble Puzzle



finance, co-signer, operations, shareholders, cash, stock, underwriting, principal, pre-approval, auditing, analysis, accounting, escrow, capital, …

Atmosphere of a Haunted House Word Scramble Puzzle

Atmosphere of a Haunted House


mysterious, seance, poltergeist, shadowy, phantom, cobweb, unsettling, supernatural, eerie, whispering, ghost, trapdoor, dreadful, creaking, creepy, …

Bear Word Scramble Puzzle



elder kinsman, domesticated, soulful, chet-woot, habitat, perimeters, demeanour, enslavement, omnivorous, benevolence, grizzly, mowgli, bearology, …

Map Word Scramble Puzzle



scale, symbol, west, key, longitude, map, north, east, latitude, mountain, compass rose, city, river, grid, road, legend, south

Orthopaedics Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

arthritis, fracture, femur, hemiarthroplasty, orthopaedics, radius, bone, bimalleolar, clavicle, osteoporosis, tibia, metatarsal, talipes, knee, …