Occasions Word Scramble

A collection of occasions word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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St. Patricks Day Word Scramble Puzzle

St. Patrick's Day


ireland, charm, green, irish, coins, rainbow, march, patrick, lucky, shamrock, saint, leprechaun, pot of gold, dance, treasure, parade, clover

Easter Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Easter Day


chocolates, april, bonnet, decorate, spring, pastels, bouquet, easter, basket, cottontail, chicks, jellybeans, peter rabbit, daisies, peeps, bunny, …

April Fools Day Word Scramble Puzzle

April Fool's Day


prank, jester, amuse, funny, april, farce, silly, gullible, spoof, mischief, stunt, gags, hoax, unexpected, comical, humor, bemuse, absurd, fool, …

St Patricks Word Scramble Puzzle

St Patricks


guinness , rainbow , four leafed clover , coins , saint , patrick , pot of gold , parade , mini tour , limerick , holiday , dublin , mischief , lucky …

Easter Word Scramble Puzzle



eggs, easter, hide, seeds, hunt, tulip, buds, bunny, chocolate, lily, sunday, basket, april, grass, chick, candy, jellybeans, nest

Fourth of July Word Scramble Puzzle

Fourth of July


freedom, land of free, liberty, blue, patriotic, music, parade, july, founding fathers, red, hamburgers, fireworks, white, grill, american flag, …

Mardi Gras Word Scramble Puzzle

Mardi Gras


doubloon, new orleans, horses, bacchus, endymion, king cake, neutral ground, chicken chase, king gabriel, lafayette, mardi gras, masquerade, capuchin, …

Holidays & Event Days Word Scramble Puzzle

Holidays & Event Days


independence, friendship, workers, earth day, labor day, memorial, fathers, black friday, st patricks day, remembrance, valentines, halloween, …

Cinco De Mayo Word Scramble Puzzle

Cinco De Mayo


Cinco De Mayo Word Scramble is a fun way to share more about this fun Mexican festival where you celebrate this festival with delicious food and drinks.

Valentines Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Valentines Day


hearts, kiss, love, flowers, friends, holiday, cupid, valentine, hug, card, heart, gifts, romance, candy, chocolate, sweetheart

Fathers Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Father's Day


golf, june, brunch, visit, father, swim, games, grandpa, spring, family, love, sunday, sun, cards, play, ball, fish

Happy Halloween Word Scramble Puzzle

Happy Halloween


full moon, cemetery, haunted house, trick or treat, witch, black cat, mummy, vampire, costume, spider webs, candy corn, werewolf, frankenstein, bats, …

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Word Scramble Puzzle

Halloween Scavenger Hunt


vampire, fangs, witches feet, black crow, superhero, eye ball, strobe light, pirate ship, scare crow, gravestones, giant spider, fog machine, black …

Halloween Word Scramble Puzzle



Word scramble puzzle based on the Halloween terms and other scary stuff.

Thanksgiving Word Scramble Puzzle



feast, cranberries, drumstick, gravy, bread, corn, yams, gobble, thursday, turkey, stuffing, rolls, pumpkin, dessert, indians, dinner

Elf Word Scramble Puzzle



santa, narwhal, nutcracker, maple syurp, christmas gram, gimbels, gumdrop forrest, naughty, angry elf, spaghetti, bye buddy, christmas cheer, leon, …

Christmas Themes Word Scramble Puzzle

Christmas Themes


happy, holidays, winter, season, christmas, hot chocolate, egg nog, christmas tree, wise men, nativity scene, star, snowfall, decorations, lights, …

New Year Word Scramble Puzzle

New Year


music, friends, family, beginning, new years day, dancing, midnight, calendar, fireworks, resolution, new years eve, singing, champagne, laughter, …

The Wedding Word Scramble Puzzle

The Wedding


flower girls, ceremony, ever lasting memories, matron of honor, wedding attire, best man, tuxedo, honeymoon, bouquets, wedding reception, ring bearer, …

Orange Shirt Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Orange Shirt Day


first nations, williams lake, bullying, residential schools, every child matters, survivors, reconciliation, indigenous, awareness, orange shirt, …

Chinese New Year Word Scramble Puzzle

Chinese New Year


dragon, full moon, fireworks, china, zodiac, gifts, family, dumpling, money, bamboo, oranges, festival, lunar, red, calendar