Occasions Word Scramble

A collection of occasions word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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The Wedding Word Scramble Puzzle

The Wedding


flower girls, ceremony, ever lasting memories, matron of honor, wedding attire, best man, tuxedo, honeymoon, bouquets, wedding reception, ring bearer, …

Groundhog Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Groundhog Day


forecast, hibernate, emerge, holiday, cloudy, rodent, underground, prediction, sign, spring, february, pennsylvania, marmot, weather, day, winter, …

Fourth of July Word Scramble Puzzle

Fourth of July


freedom, land of free, liberty, blue, patriotic, music, parade, july, founding fathers, red, hamburgers, fireworks, white, grill, american flag, …

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Word Scramble Puzzle

Halloween Scavenger Hunt


vampire, fangs, witches feet, black crow, superhero, eye ball, strobe light, pirate ship, scare crow, gravestones, giant spider, fog machine, black …

Christmas Word Scramble Puzzle



reindeer, ornament, tree, holidays, presents, gifts, joy, snow, santa claus, sleigh, happy, candy cane, season, mistletoe, gingerbread, stockings, …

Fathers Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Father's Day


golf, june, brunch, visit, father, swim, games, grandpa, spring, family, love, sunday, sun, cards, play, ball, fish

National Indigenous Peoples Day Word Scramble Puzzle

National Indigenous People's Day


metis, indigenous, nehiyaw, denesuline, inuit, dakota, cree, june, history, proud, reserve, treaty, drum, fiddle, traditions, culture, community, …

Remembrance Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Remembrance Day


sunday, armed forces, procession, peace, army, air force, wreath, poppies, navy, cross, flanders field, armistice day, world war, memorial, respect, …

Earth Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth Day


climate , energy , pollution , earth , trees , grass , water , flowers , recycle , animals , smog , planet , ecology , wildlife , forest , …

Flag Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Flag Day


symbol, stars, wave, june, fifty, field, patriotic, flag, stripes, red, salute, eagle, pledge, lower, raise, blue

Patriots Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Patriot's Day


hero, boston, american, fire station, patriot, april, annual, concord, monday, holiday, celebration, marathon, national, battle

Mothers Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Mother's Day


flowers, peace, breakfast, caring, hugs, sunday, light, wisdom, kisses, home, beauty, laughter, knowledge, loving, sacrifice, courage, balloons, …

Things We Do At Christmas Time Word Scramble Puzzle

Things We Do At Christmas Time


watch movies, candy cane, christmas crafts, joy, scripture, angel, coloring book, christmas cards, bake cookies, christmas carols, jesus, gingerbread, …

Holidays & Event Days Word Scramble Puzzle

Holidays & Event Days


independence, friendship, workers, earth day, labor day, memorial, fathers, black friday, st patricks day, remembrance, valentines, halloween, …

Thanksgiving Word Scramble Puzzle



feast, cranberries, drumstick, gravy, bread, corn, yams, gobble, thursday, turkey, stuffing, rolls, pumpkin, dessert, indians, dinner

Hispanic Heritage Word Scramble Puzzle

Hispanic Heritage


espanol, honduras, el salvador, nicaragua, september, culture, bolivia, argentina, october, chile, guatemala, mexico, venezuela, costa rica, corn, …

Holidays & Events Word Scramble Puzzle

Holidays & Events


holi, pride, cyber monday, oktoberfest, christmas, mardi gras, peace day, aids day, ramadan, passover, kwanzaa, veterans, armistic, hanukkah, mens …

Rememberance Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Rememberance Day


memorial, fight, air force, bravery, poppy, november, sacrifice, veterans, army, remember, memory, soldiers, freedom, legacy, heroism, battle field, …

Saint Patricks Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Saint Patrick's Day


holiday, emerald, ireland, luck, saint patrick, pot of gold, legend, clover, leprechaun, rainbow, shamrock, green, parade, pinch, march, celebrate, …

Patriot Day Word Scramble Puzzle

Patriot Day


hero, american, fire station, patriot, september, remember, eleventh, policeman, fireman, brave, honor, new york, service, towers, flag, silence

National Nut Day Word Scramble Puzzle

National Nut Day


ginkgo nuts, pecans, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, almonds, marcona almonds, hickory nuts, butternuts, coconut, acorns, tiger nuts, chestnuts, pistachios, …