Comics and Animation Word Scramble

A collection of comics and animation word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Superheroes Word Scramble Puzzle


Comics & Animation

captain america, mister fantastic, green arrow, human torch, iron man, rogue, invisible woman, wonder woman, thing, storm, spider-man, daredevil, …

Animation Movies Word Scramble Puzzle

Animation Movies

Comics & Animation

beauty and the best , fox and the hound , dumbo , mickey mouse , aladdin , bambi , tangled , toy story , snow white , madagascar , planes , cars , …

Marvel Movies Word Scramble Puzzle

Marvel Movies

Comics & Animation

eternals, captain america, avengers endgame, black widow, guardians of the galaxy, iron man, infinity war, spiderman homecoming, ant man, into the …

DC Comics Word Scramble Puzzle

DC Comics

Comics & Animation

harley quinn, batman, catwoman, robin, flash, cyborg, aquaman, superman, raven, joker, shazam, green lantern, pain bot, starfire, wonder woman

Super Heroes Word Scramble Puzzle

Super Heroes

Comics & Animation

captian marvel, watchmen, black widow, catwoman, hawk eye, green arrow, blackpanther, superman, silver surfer, daredevil, batgirl, iron man, …

Cartoon Names Word Scramble Puzzle

Cartoon Names

Comics & Animation

goofy, scooby, batman, wonder woman, charlie brown, jerry, spongebob, elmer, daffy duck, bart, bobby hill, porky, coyote, micky mouse, spiderman, …

Looney Tunes Word Scramble Puzzle

Looney Tunes

Comics & Animation

foghorn leghorn, buddy, tweety, tasmanian devil, bosko, speedy gonzales, clyde bunny, hubie, bertie, yosemite sam, pepe le pew, marvin the martian, …

Graphic Novel Conventions Word Scramble Puzzle

Graphic Novel Conventions

Comics & Animation

space, graphic weight, mid ground, size, gutter, background, foreground, splash, emanata, captions, line, speech bubble, transitions, color, panel, …

Princess Word Scramble Puzzle


Comics & Animation

jasmine, tiana, aurora, mirabel, elena, pocahontas, rapunzel, anna, snow white, vanellope, elsa, cinderella, ariel, alice, sofia, belle, mulan

Ninjago Word Scramble Puzzle


Comics & Animation

evil, fire, ice, zane, ninjas, lloyd, nya, water, kia, ninjago, jay, energy, earth, garmadon, cole, overlord

Art Vocabulary - Comics & Graphic Novels Word Scramble Puzzle

Art Vocabulary - Comics & Graphic Novels

Comics & Animation

history , contrast , dynamic , design , frame , onomatopoeia , pattern , graphic novel , texture , avengers , mystery , emphasis , superhero , pop …

Beauty and the Beast Word Scramble Puzzle

Beauty and the Beast

Comics & Animation

mirror , belle , dinner , tower , beast , bell jar , love , marriage , adventure , wolves , magic , woods , chip , rose , prisoner , castle , …