Home & Garden Word Scramble

A collection of home and garden word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Yard Sale Word Scramble Puzzle

Yard Sale

Home & Garden

trinkets, tools, toys, gadgets, negotiate, furniture, antique, jigsaw puzzle, lamps, clothes, signs, collectibles, silverware, records, scarf

Backyard Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

shrubs, outdoor furniture, solar lights, swing set, garden, gazebo, bird feeder, fence, pool, hammock, jacuzzi, grill, flowers, shed, firepit, deck, …

Bedroom Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

drawers, books, blinds, television, alarm, sheet, photos, clothes, blanket, lamp, pillow, curtain, closet, chair, quilt, mattress, wardrobe, armchair, …

Living Room Word Scramble Puzzle

Living Room

Home & Garden

poufs, sofa, picture frames, throw blanket, bookshelf, artwork, floor lamp, rug, lamps, television, coffee table, armchair, curtains, side table, …

In the Kitchen Word Scramble Puzzle

In the Kitchen

Home & Garden

frying pan, measuring cup, apron, knife, spatula, grater, colander, blender, spices, mixing bowl, slow cooker, cookbook, thermometer, cutting board, …

Furniture Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

desk, sofa, futon, loveseat, bookshelf, cabinet, tv stand, sideboard, nightstand, armchair, table, wardrobe, bench, dresser, vanity, bed, chair, …

Kitchen Tools Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Tools

Home & Garden

toaster, measuring cup, oven, fork, blender, plates, bowls, pot holder, tablespoon, can opener, spatula, microwave, fridge, whisk, grater, spoon …

Items in Your House Word Scramble Puzzle

Items in Your House

Home & Garden

bed, chairs, table, lamp, fridge, curtains, plants, oven, sofa, television, doors, sink, shower, bath, books

Garage Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

bike, washer, fan, shovel, cords, rack, screwdriver, ladder, gutters, broom, drill, hose, mower, heater, cabinets

Bathroom Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

soap, scissors, wash, plunger, faucet, shave, toilet, bath, basin, tissues, razor, scale, water, flush, wipe, shampoo, floss, powder, mirror

Dining Room Word Scramble Puzzle

Dining Room

Home & Garden

chandelier, spoon, napkin, saucer, teapot, coffee mug, fork, dining chair, dining table, tablecloth, teacup, serving dish, tray

Kitchen Utensils Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Utensils

Home & Garden

fork, apron, spatula, rolling pin, teapot, potholder, kettle, spoon, ladle, measuring cup, chopping board, cooking pot, frying pan, whisk, oven glove, …

Garden Flowers Word Scramble Puzzle

Garden Flowers

Home & Garden

pansy, marigold, begonia, hydrangea, peony, lily, honeysuckle, tulip, hibiscus, gardenia, petunia, rose, hyacinth, lilac, chrysanthemum, orchid, …

Types of Houses Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Houses

Home & Garden

castle, colonial, tudor, mediterranean, cottage, contemporary, duplex, bungalow, split level, mobile home, condominium, modern, farm house, villa, …

Home & Garden Word Scramble Puzzle

Home & Garden

Home & Garden

refrigerator, lawn, flower, pergola, stove, fireplace, kitchen, bedroom, dryer, fan, deck, dining, washing, patio, bathroom, living, heater, …

Kitchen Word Scramble Puzzle


Home & Garden

chop, dish, knife, freezer, jar, apron, bottle, fryer, sink, grill, cabinet, kettle, recipe, oven, fork

House Hold Items Word Scramble Puzzle

House Hold Items

Home & Garden

chairs, lounge, shower, basin, kitchen, bathroom, coffee table, dining room, toilet, dryer, bedroom, bedside table, mirror, fan, carpet, laundry, rug, …

Household Cleaning Products Word Scramble Puzzle

Household Cleaning Products

Home & Garden

surfactants, green, active, glass, stain, hydrophilic, scouring, bathroom, chlorine, mildew, sanitizers, general purpose, pathogens, brushes, …

Kitchen Items Word Scramble Puzzle

Kitchen Items

Home & Garden

dinner plates, garbage can, spatula, cutting board, steak knives, can opener, coffee maker, tupperware, cheese grater, dish towels, microwave, …

Furniture and Household Appliances Word Scramble Puzzle

Furniture and Household Appliances

Home & Garden

stairs, roof, air conditioning, seat, lights, washing machine, bookcase, drawer, barbecue, bin, fridge, heating