Safety & Prevention Word Scramble

A collection of safety word scramble puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made scrambles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Safety Word Scramble Puzzle


Safety & Prevention

reflective vest, eye protection, lock out tag out, excavation, first aid, fall protection, ear plugs, gloves, wash hands, fire extinguisher, confined …

Work Place Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Work Place Safety

Safety & Prevention

ergonomics, falls, tag out, forklift, team, first response, earplug, eyeglasses, bio hazard, ppe, rules, safety, injury, safety goggles, gloves, …

Work Health & Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Work Health & Safety

Safety & Prevention

near miss, notifiable, duty holder, inspector, risk assessment, procedures, work health safety, mental health, officer, health and safety committee, …

Workplace Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Workplace Safety

Safety & Prevention

evacuation route, emergency action plan, fire alarm, shelter in place, evacuation checklist, lockout, tag out, near miss, chemical spill, ammonia leak

Incident Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Incident Management

Safety & Prevention

emergency response, investigation, incident command, assessment, hazmat handling, traffic control, road closure, evacuation plan, responder safety, …

Safety Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Safety Week

Safety & Prevention

procedure, gloves, irritant, compliance, emergency, ergonomics, fire extinguisher, infection control, lab coat, accreditation, risk assessment, safety …

Triggers and Warning Signs Word Scramble Puzzle

Triggers and Warning Signs

Safety & Prevention

frustration, hopelessness, loneliness, commercials, relationships, money, stress, music, smells, withdrawal, isolation, resentments, people, things, …

Fire Safety Word Scramble Puzzle

Fire Safety

Safety & Prevention

gas, fire drill, escape route, prevention, extinguisher, safety, exits, oxygen, fuel, water, alarm, flames, rescue, fire fighter, emergency, siren, …

Defensive Driving Word Scramble Puzzle

Defensive Driving

Safety & Prevention

traffic signal, speed limit, hands free, road signs, suspension, following too closely, certificate, aggressive, citation, speeding, distracted …

Emergency Word Scramble Puzzle


Safety & Prevention

lost child, assault, fainting, fall, fire truck, heart attack, fire, police car, accident, blackout, breaking in, car crash, drowning, robbery, …

Fire Prevention Word Scramble Puzzle

Fire Prevention

Safety & Prevention

hazard, emergency, flames, prevention, safety, fuel, extinguisher, hot work, oxygen, exits, gas, rescue, sprinkler, water, alarm, fire drill, escape …

Zero Harm Word Scramble Puzzle

Zero Harm

Safety & Prevention

safe driving, mask, first aid, courage to care, ground guide, zero harm, steering wheel cover, hard hat, safety shoes, stop work authority, safety …

Road Safety Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Road Safety Week

Safety & Prevention

accreditation, crossing, car, hold hands, walking, listen, look, safe place, zebra, green man, curb, stop

Safety and Disinfection Word Scramble Puzzle

Safety and Disinfection

Safety & Prevention

infection, virus, immunity, contamination, decontamination, sanitation, cleaning, antiseptic, nonporous, wet disinfectants, ultraviolet storage, …